Is this the ultimate pleb filter anime?

Is this the ultimate pleb filter anime?

nope, this is


here, Popuko
let's be friends

except all the plebs like that

here you go again

Nah. Plebs can still enjoy Umaru. They were unable to go further than ep2 on PTE.

I would actually say this is the most pleb normalfag tier anime out there. Parodying, while not being funny, is just bland, boring, and uninspired. It's only selling because of merchandise, same as konosuba.


this, its one of the most pleb series out there

I would actually say this is the most un-pleb patrician tier anime out there. Parodying, while being extremely funny, is just unique, insane, and plain absurd. It's only selling because of how good it is, same as konosuba.

The ultimate plebfilter

Yep. Admitting you watch this trash is like tattooing "I eat my own excrement for fun!" on your forehead.

No this is

I would actually say this is the most average anime out there. Parodying is funny about half the time, and ranges from tasteless to tasteful. It's selling pretty well because even though it isn't great it isn't that bad, and merchandise, same as konosuba

More like pleb magnet.
Pic related is a true pleb filter.

ITT: plebs

This. Recent PTE threads really opened my eyes to just how low nu-Sup Forums has sunk. A shame really because I used to love this place.

Is the use of the term "pleb filter" the ultimate pleb identifier?

The amount of Fraxxfags really disheartens me a bit.

But still, it is tougher to carry anime adaptations, especially ones that are already popular, threads than anime originals. It has hit that point that the initial hype has died down and most plebs have retreated to whatever usually attracts them.


My man, one of the best anime comedies of the decade by far

Joke's on you, I'm enjoying both PTE and FranXX this season.

>YouTube clickbait thumbnail


more like ultimate reddit anime

its an ok show, some stuff like bob epic team are pretty cringy, but the refrences and occasional skit can be pretty funny.

doesn't hold a candle to the comic strip, which is a Sup Forums favorite.

Bob Epic Team is my favorite part of the show though.

This. They make every single bkub's original jokes better.

You don't belong here anymore. You're old now. Go yell at cars or something.


how? its just gross out artstyle and badly translated jokes.

yes, because only plebs watch it

Oh god make it happen

No this is

Only a select few are worthy of maximum tanoshi.

I think you mean pleb filler

>pop team reddit
>pleb filter

This is, prove me wrong.

>dumb frogposter

youtube is currently plagued by EPIC MEME ANIME PTE reference compilations, its as fucking IRONIC NORMIE XD as it fucking gets.

meanwhile no one actually knows what umaru is about, or the fact umaru transitioned as a normal slice of life series in its second season with her mostly hanging with her friends in comfy fashion, something normies cannot meme about, they didnt even watch it.

y'all fags need some pingu in the city. Only patricians watch that.

just because its shit on purpose doesnt make it not shit

they did the exact same joke in another episode.
these hacks are repeating the jokes already in different animation.
this anime is a money laundry scam.
and before you ask yes, i am okotta you faggot.

The greatest pleb filter is
70's anime

It's basically Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff the anime.

>References stuffs from 1970s and obscure anime in the West
I agree.


But why are you wearing a bra?

OreImo season 2. If you liked season 1 and then disliked season 2 you're a pleb.
Is this position anatomically possible?

>Is this position anatomically possible?
Yes I tried it just now.
double dubs check'd

This is definitely a pleb filtering thread.

Or rather pleb magnet, user.



who were the va's this last episode?

Kaji Yuki, Shimono Hiro

>you are the pleb
>no your are the pleb!

I'm actually invested in the Hoshiiro Girldrop previews


Guys, i'm sorry, but anime is dead now. You are all plebs. I don't even watch anime anymore because it's better and more niche to spend my time shitposting on a site where people would rather be off-topic and talk about anime on the boards that have nothing to do with it. Sup Forums is ded, and so am I.

What are you talking about? This show was made for plebs

You're right

No u r the pleb

Why is she sitting like that?

what about the grills

They can't watch it because its unwatchable garbage and nobody cares anymore, and season 1 was memed to death exclusively by normies

Humor is subjective. I guess if you're severely autistic you could technically enjoy PTE. If anything this show makes me cringe.

It's very similar to Gintama: there are jokes you can laugh at without knowing anything, but being able to fully enjoy it requires a vast knowledge of eleven culture (anime, manga, games, 3DPDTV etc). While I have absolutely no problems with that stuff (since I have spend so much time listening to seiyuu stuff (especially everything related to Sugita) and watching 3DPD variety shows), ironically the few western stuff references are total mysteries to me.

It's impressive how they manage to make such repulsive animation at times (eg. the alien acting as a cat), but otherwise they aren't as funny as the original strips since they often extend the jokes and replace the original compat absurd punchlines with boring repetition. .
To me SBAHJ is more interesting visually since instead of being drawn consistently badly on purpose, it's very basic stuff forcefully arranged into new forms with as little new material as possible (which makes it even funnier to have a sudden new clearly drawn basic picture after all the messy copypaste and compression artifacts).

It’s certainly a certified pleb magnet anime

I enjoyed Konosuba unironically

does pleb filter mean plebs like it

Now fuck off and don't come back.

It's always fun when a Sup Forums favorite goes "ultra popular"

bkub was already popular long before the anime idiots

Means only plebs didnt drop it, so yes.

This desu.

It also shows Sup Forums is full of plebs, because umaru threads get spammed by autists(or maybe one autist, who knows), who only saw memes and maybe 2 episodes tops and think Umaru is as insufferable as they are.
They don't know what the show is about. It is the pleb filter and if you don't know what we are talking about, congrats, it's you. You are the pleb.


Every culture needs a cesspool to contain the undesirables in. PTE has this function for now. Enjoy it. Buy the BDs. You deserve them.

You are correct, but that wont stop me from liking both.

Is phleb filter the new excuse to use when watching bad shows that are popular for (x) reason (design, 'memes', etc)?
I don't remember it being shitposted before the sister hentai artist show and MLP friends.

Pop team epic a pleb filter? Quite the opposite. It's just an anime thats "Western cartoon" inspired. Ex: Rick and Morty, family Guy etc.

They use the same situational comedy. It's the ultimate Western pleb anime.

how can I be so cool like you?

>Western cartoon

american cartoon

It was only my immediate thought process after watching an episode. It's also fucking genius. If that's hurts your feelings. Im sorry sweety.

the manga was fine, it really didn't needed an anime, too bad i am going to hate it now because it's popular, Sup Forums too


How is it a pleb filter if plebs can just choose to not watch it?

>not deman

No, this is

fuck off
it was in the 90s

Literally everyone love to shit on it, especially ironic weebs who think they are sophisticated intellectuals for hating it.

The big bang theory of anime

I will never understand this.

It’s the /mlp/ of anime. Pay no mind to it

MCs from Eureka 7

Thank God, I dropped it after the first 3 minutes, I was right then.

It's a cute little show (a bit boring sometimes) but I find its popularity a bit ridiculous.

the real problem with nu/a/ is this obsession with who is a pleb and who isn't
what it really comes down to is that you're all autists
kill yourself

Are they fucking yet?

No. Ebina wins.