Is it possible for someone to both be worst girl, and the comfiest at the same time?

Is it possible for someone to both be worst girl, and the comfiest at the same time?
Aqua on the exterior seems worse than Megumin and Darkness, but she looks like she'd be a lot more fun to be around.

That's the reason she's best girl.

Aqua and Kazuma truly are deserving of one another.

>more fun to be around
>fun, in the dwarven sense

>literally sleeping in the same bed as a goddess
>not raping her

Her lack of self control is the only problem. If she didn't cause such a shit storm everywhere she goes she would incontestable.

as long as it's tender, loving rape


And Konosuba wouldn't have lasted this long

>worst girl
Bro look at this dude

Yeah. She isn't even a girl.

I actually think she is best, I just wanted to avoid Aqua hating spergs from flipping out by saying she was the best in the OP

But a goddess

Megumin is best, but I like Aqua too


I like all the girls, but you take Aqua out and the show wouldn't be half as fun.

apparently Aqua is so stupid that it killed Kazuka's boner everytime he hears her

boners for Megu and Darkness work just fine, it's just not the case for Aqua

Aqua is simultaneously Kazuma's greatest asset and the thing holding him back the most. She's been instrumental in defeating most major enemies and has brought Kazuma back to life multiple times, so he would literally be dead without her.

On the other hand, when Kazuma went adventuring with a regular party he excelled. His most impressive feats have been performed alone or with Chris, and Aqua's luck is literally the only thing keeping him from being constantly incredibly rich. He would be in a more comfortable and well off situation without her, easily.

Sounds like erectile dysfunction to me.

like I said it's Diamonds with Megu and Darkness and all the other females

just not with Aqua


>Worst girl

the others can't even absorb OXYGEN

>complaining Kazuma never banged her
Did you even watch the series?

"Comfy" can mean literally anything these days, so I don't see why not.

I like literally all of them except for Darkness desu

I highly doubt Aqua is the reason Konosuba lasted this long.

I deserve Aqua more!

No you don't

>but I do

I really like Aqua and enjoy seeing her be a total idiot but I relentlessly bully her on Sup Forums.

I experienced this in real life. I met a super cute girl.
The more I hung out with her, the less I like her. She's fucking retarded and all she does is bitch, whine, and complain all day long while stating wrong things as if they're fact.

She's literally kazuma's soulmate it's sad that he ended up with chu2

This, they're perfect for each other

>Megumin and Kazuma started dating
>Aqua insisted on tagging along
Was she intentionally cockblocking?

why is aqua so /comfy/?

>it's sad that he ended up with chu2
Where/when does it say he ended up with Megumin?

Does this word even mean anything anymore?

>More fun to be around

Yeah, if your idea of fun is swimming in debt, dodging her puke, and being blamed for crap you didn't do.

>is it possible to not want to fuck someone but still enjoy her company

Why the fuck can't we get a protagonist that isn't a massive pervert

it's not quite there yet but the LN is clearly heading there

Watch more shows you fucking retard.

she's the worst girl, but the best bro

Aqua is why these is a Konosuba. She and Kazuma are required, everyone else, sad as it may be, are expendable.

We have Yunyun for that, my fellow Sup Forumsxis.

>she's the worst girl

I really like Aqua after watching S2. Best girl.

See? She's even the best at being worst!

>2017 AOTY
>"Aqua is best girl" was in the pool
>she got plenty votes there.
megameme instead hadn't even an entry.