Tell me your favorite war anime, Sup Forums

Tell me your favorite war anime, Sup Forums


Girls Und Panzer

Rose of Versailles

Maria the Virgin Witch

It didn't have enough medieval European combat but what it did was amazing and actually realistic

Berserk Golden Age Trilogy movies are a close second but loses points for having fantasy elements and oversized weapons

Sengoku Basara


I see you are a man of taste as well

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I like my space operas

yeah, and a man of reddit spaces

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reddit doesn't have a monopoly on double spaced type

it's effective in making your text legible and has been used since before computers existed


Escaflowne TV Series


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my man

Macross 7


Shoukoku no Altair is p good

Too bad the production is too cheap to give the manga justice

I really wanted to like Arslan Senki, but in the end it's just a "Narsus outplans and ambushes everyone" the anime

Youjo Senki

tfw Vinland Saga will never get animated


Girls und 404

tfw Gunka no Baltzar will never get animated

At least you guys get translations from time to time because of How's dedication. has to suffer from being volumes behind from the source.

Youjo Senki

Sup Forumsce combat