Yuru Camp

Is yuru camp japan's revenge for nuking them twice?

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are you mad?

Pinecones actually release mustard gas when they're set on fire.

Oh wow

I love nadeshiko

estupido japon

damn mexicans think they can just nuke people all willy-nilly

I need the story behind this.

News sites taking Sup Forums as a reliable source.

Some guy took a picture of a wildfire and pretended he started it for laughs. Then it got run into the ground.

I wonder what fire that one guy from /k/ caused.

Fuck off already.

That was a mexican though.


That first picture is very close to the fire and makes me want to believe he did really start it.


Who has the most fanarts?

not a question of who has, but who should have

is this appropriate camping attire?


Why would I be mad about spending Christmas with my girlfriend, Aoi?

This is boring. Why do you watch this? Why does Japan like this? Do you like purposefully wasting 24 minutes of your life without any entertainment at all?

It's fun.

I find it hard to "camp" when you can literally see a city a few km away.

Fucken japs pretending to not live on an island.

It allows for more transfer of body heat when snuggling with her in a shared sleeping bag

Are girls soft? Is it actually a comfortable thing to do, to snuggle skin-to-skin with someone?

Yes, perfect for wicking sweat away on hot, humid, heavy panting nights.

Daily reminder

Girls are soft, but if she is crushing your arm you can kiss good bye to it's sensibility in the morning.

I don't live in Mexico so no.

That's a pretty small fire and they're pretty close. I believe whoever took the fire started it.

Man, if I find a grill sitting alone in a camping area I'd say hello and sit a few tables away.

>took the fire

This seems to be very useful not only in camping.

But I never tried buying on Amazon JP

Rin has a flawless taste


3rd party seller, wont ship international.

The cartoons are working, Abe!

But user, Aoi is my girlfriend, and we already have extensive Christmas plans, sorry.

>Can't follow instructions
>Blames the people who made the instructions.




My girlfriend Aoi is so cute and soft


>The Cup
>First class
Man, Mexican news sure is weird.

The boobs talked.

Why are the yurus so lewd.

That's the bra talking. It's hard work supporting those Aois.

Aoi a troll

>her low-key voice the entire skit
Jesus, she's adorable.

As expected from boobs.

Chiaki is cute

>Aoi has a boyfriend

That was a fake posting from a Mexican. /out/ took it as a meme. Sup Forums just is easily baited for a meme


>You will never be a cute anime girl so legit warm that you effuse pink flowers directly from your face
I don't even want all this oxygen.

based satan

Please tell me that she's lying

Such a tease.

ruh roh

All anime is Japan's revenge for nuking them twice.

Ah hahaha... hahahahahha...

That landscape looks cold and uninviting to me

Why does Onee-chan always look lonely?

3D truly is inferior

Do one at Nazca next!

Rapidly approaching cake status, with no hope in sight.

I'll have her.

No no user, please, allow me.

It's fun watching cute girls doing camping stuff, and it resonates with my European genes for the outdoors.

But hey, Black Panther is showing soon, so that'll suit you.

user already was there.

BBQs are always handy, as power can go out and whatnot, and you've got a ready to use fire box ready to go with wood and matches/lighters (coals are better, but if you don't have them).

This is just a portable BBQ.

I want to cheer her up

>not titanium
Not worth it.

She looks like she needs someone to be with her, cheer her up, and make her smile.

reminder rolling girls was aoty


She looks rather content to me.

She's probably got a typical busy life, so the driving an watching out for her sister when she goes places, is probably much needed rest.


Just another anime with trash ending.
Kyoto and Nagoya episodes were great though.

I don't understand what's happening in there.

chihaya a best

"run-down shelter near bake-oven knob, which is a popular make-out spot for local teens"

Southern california or Africa. Pretty much the same


What does this say?

Can't Christmas camping, getting slammed by boyfriend instead.

Aoi: Christmas camp?
Chiaki: Nice proposal.

Aoi: I'm spending time with my boyfriend on Christmas so I can't…

Nihongo is such a beautiful language

I got the booklet signed by Hanayumi. Lol

Whoops forgot to attach the pic

The next episodes should be fun going by the comic

>drunk camper girl

>stamped sheet metal
>no hinges
>no welds
>69 USD

Holy shit and here I thought REI charged too much for camp gadgets...

camping gear in general is absurdly overpriced.

>stamped sheet metal.
Japanese,metal folded 1000x
On seriousness, lightness
>no hinges
It is a burner base, not a pot
>no weld
Precisely, it can be folded to less than 5cm thickness, portable.
>69 usd
China can help on that, if it is popular

Cooking stuff in a natural fire wrapped in aluminum foil works well for being cheap, and it's also simple.


yeah that's a good one, to me 90% of 'camping' gear is like buying 'gamer' stuff for your computer. It's mostly completely unnecessary garbage sold to people who don't know any better.


something I've been fairly curious about. Why do all of the girls wear scarves over their uniform even inside the school? Like I know it's winter and it's probably really cold outside but can their school not afford standard heating or something?