>stood in the path of a gatling gun and came out unscatched
>struggling against a faggy monster with knives for hands

Why's his power level being nerfed?

Can't wait for Saitama to slap him like a bitch again

I remember when this manga was about Saitama. Now, it's about everyone else and Saitama sometimes makes a cameo appearance.

He is still injured.

He was also injured when he stood against Death Gatling and the others. At least by this point, he's had some rest and a hearty meal to boost his energy.

It's called neo post-modern literary oddisey technique.

Read a fucking book one day brainlet.

As it should be. You don't start a joke with the punchline. You build up to it. We've already established what Saitama's role is, now we build around that. Its strange how so many people seem to resent fun.

This is just as boring when Sasuke suddendly got a long as fuck arc on naruto, we are here to see the fucking main character.

>we are here to see the fucking main character.

t. Brainlet

>post the characters you wish to see in the world

well we know Genos managed to land some punches also, so I guess that implies that he can punch in faster succession than the bullets from the gatling gun, or at least almost as fast with less predictable motion. it should follow that other heroes and monsters around that level can do the same


As much as I like Saitama as a concept, there's not much you can do with him alone. The best you can do is develop characters around him, which I think is being done well enough if not drawn out some.

is anyone surprised Garou is only 18? I thought he was like 25 at least

Tatsumaki is literally like 30 and you're surprised by this?

Saitama would lose to Luffy because Luffy is a rubber right?

There's only so many times in a row you can show Saitama being a normal as fuck dude who occasionally steps out to utterly BTFO a threat before it gets dull. It's the kind of joke that works best when you've got a bunch of over the top bullshit happening around him. All of the high flying action, the 3edgy5me tragic backstories, the retarded monologues of abilities and motives, all of it getting noselled by Caped Baldy is part of what makes the series kino. Why not build on it a bit before reaching the punchline?

i cant bleimc

Saitama defeated Evil Natural Water before. Rubber would be no problem.

The webcomic perfectly kept Saitama in the limelight as the story progressed without getting boring.

I want to see Murata draw the SAitama vs Tatsumaki.

t. speedreader
Evil Natural Water survived.

The web comics was like that too around this time.

defeated /= death you raging autist. Take your dumb powerlevel shit elsewhere

>Describing the manga.
>Doesn't read books.
If you guys are going to read books then you should read textbooks, anything else is just a silly hobby as is manga.

Did it never occur to you, that this "faggy monster with knives for hands" is also quick enough to stood in the path of a gatling gun and coming out unscatched? Just instead of punching them away, he cuts them away.

A nap and a snack is not going to restore him all the way back to the point before he got worn down by the A-Team, Genos, and rawdogged by Bang and Bomb while becoming increasingly poisoned the entire time

>reads neo-postmodern literature


it was never about him

>This is just as boring when Sasuke suddendly got a long as fuck arc on naruto, we are here to see the fucking main character.
ONE and Murata made it clear that OPM is about everyone EXCEPT Saitama. Saitama is there to save the day, but until he shows up to conclude the arc, the story is about everyone else "buying time". Essentially, made famous by the entire cast of Dragon Ball fighting Nappa until Goku managed to show up.

From the start and to the end of the Boros arc it was about Saitama

Just because Saitama beats easily everyone in a fight doesn't means it's not about him.

Are you fucking retarded or just baiting?

Garou completely ayy lmao'd Ripper. He blocked his blades with bare hands and redirected them straight into Bug God's face. He also kicked that fucker's shit in easy.

He only slightly scuffed his hand punching Bug God on the panel you posted, dumbfuck. Which most likely hasn't healed since he fought a fuckton of heroes just this morning.

But user, that's literally what the two people behind the series said themselves. It's not about Saitama, because Saitama's job is to come in for an effortless coup de grace. That was what ONE and Murata said, the author and artist duo behind One Punch Man.

Every object moving fast enough and holding it's shape can rip through even the hardest of materials.

They said the FIGHTS aren't about Saitama.

Is that a serious question? Because OP is an obvious baiterfag. A toddler should be able to tell that RR looks like a total retard by actually watching the stream.

>Garou completely ayy lmao'd Ripper
Yup. Remember he's still just toying with them.

No they didn't. They said that OPM isn't about Saitama, not that the fights in OPM aren't about Saitama. OPM refers to the series as a whole, which makes the title ironic, because it's not truly about the titular character. That is the joke.

Yeah, I guess it's the same cancerous faggot that spams his "water is wet" garbage.

You're retarded and can't interpret for shit what they meant. Saitama got the most amount of screentime and developpement of the series. He's also the most popular character of the series, and Murata sometimes says he worries a bit that we haven't seen Saitama for a while, because he's the MC. Deal with it.

What do OPM bros think of Dragon Ball Super?

Most likely. The point is you shouldn’t even bother to reply to his threads because he’s blatantly baiting.

It's complete fucking garbage and pretty much a perfect example of lazy cashgrab.

>it's the same cancerous faggot that spams his "water is wet" garbage

>pretty much a perfect example of lazy cashgrab.

How so?

Trash but I still enjoy it for what it is. There's not reason to take it seriously or give a shit about the abysmal power scaling. Still dissapointed by ayy lmao's back story, but again I didn't expect much anyway.


Don't worry, very soon Garou will go berserk and oneshot army of demon level (fodder) monsters.

dude, weapons and cybernetic enhancements are literally the best way to gimp yourself in the long term in OPM, just look at jobber supreme Genos.

Everything about it is lazy and badly executed. The animation, the characters, the sorry excuse they have as villains, the powerups aka recolors, the "twists". Even the "big" moments are mostly just recycled from DBZ to give a cheap nostlgia wank for the few people that are still defending it.

Will God be the first opponent that Saitama fights seriously?

None of what you said makes it about Saitama. Being the most popular character doesn't the series about that character. Having the most development doesn't make a series about that character. Saitama's individual screentime outweighs other individual characters on a 1:1 ratio, but as the collective screentime given to characters without Saitama is greater than the screentime with Saitama.

It's not about Saitama. That's the joke.

Garou is indeed going berserk in the chapter and unsurprisngly the two faggots had to summon backup.

Don't worry, they'll all die soon like the monster fodder they are.

retarded bait right there

>but as the collective screentime given to characters without Saitama is greater than the screentime with Saitama.

So you mean like pretty much most stories in existence that are about more than one character?

>literally repeated my post
for what


He has shit taste.

Murata is already drawing the next chapter?
The absolute MADMAN