You've been isekai'd into the last anime/manga/LN you watched or read

You've been isekai'd into the last anime/manga/LN you watched or read

If there are ways for you to become more powerful in universe, they can be used by you, but you don't start off with any special powers

How fucked are you?

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I am now in Yuru Camp. Forecast: Comfy with a chance of snow.

You had an idea, but you implemented it in the wrong way.
I was just reading shoujo, so unless there is a way to become a cute teen girl, i didn't get isekai'd, i just teleported to Japan.

You dun goofed OP

>Toji no Miko
>Okatana can only be wielded by girls

I was rewatching Gundam Unicorn, so I guess I'm just automatically fucked because there's no realistic way a civilian could get into a mobile suit.

Welp. I'm fucked.

>Atelier Tanaka
So i'm tanaka with no powers
Might as well kill myself right there and then

uh, gonna need that pic without the hand in the way.

>pop team epic
Ok, what now?

>Digimon Frontier
Im not getting any spirit so Ophanimon sends a text to my phone telling me to fuck off back to my house for being a scrub
Alternatively i get a spirit so i get to fight bad guys until i have to give my spirit to Takuja and Koji.

Overall not fucked hard until royal knights arch

Just search Fubuki (from Kantai Collection) on some image sharing website like danbooru and you'll be good to go. I can't help your shit taste, but I can help you get to the image you want.

Good excuse to wear makeup

You should join forces with Saito and fight against the brat menace.

RIP user ???? - 2018

>Hakumei & Mikochi

So am I a tiny person now or a giant?

I'm now a master in Fate/Extra. I hope I get a good servant.

>you don't start off with any special powers

You probably wouldn't start with a servant

You'd know they exist tho, so maybe you could find a way to get one

>Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan
I guess I'll just pal around with Saiki since I already know about him. At the very least, I should be less annoying than his other friends. Except maybe best boy Kuboyasu, who would also be cool to hang out with


>Ito Junji Collection

Oh, oh no.

G Gundam. Guess im just fucked unless i can get stronger by yelling extremely loud and being hotblooded.

I've got nothing better to do on a Sunday evening than to spoonfeed faggots on the worst board on this shitty website.


I'm ok, i guess

i guess i'm getting tortured by cute lolis now ?

thanks user

>cyborg 009 call of justice

Send tazers please.

Looks like I'll be living like a wild animal then.


Well fuck

>Girls und Panzer
At least watching the matches will be fun. Might as well try my luck with Saori after.


Literally me

Fuck. how about manga?
>Molester Man
Shit. LN?
Just kill me already.

>Made in Abyss
I want to do SCIENCE with Bonedaddy

You could always be a fighter for one of those literally who countries.

Not shit quality

>implying you won't be scienced

I'm not a loli, so he wouldn't science me.

>you died in a fire outbreak.

Oh dear.

Sword art online
Double isekai

>all the girls are gay and would never even meet me with their all-girl school

so basically no girls, it's literally the same as real life

So you're a fat degenerate faggot?

I'm probably dead.

oh boy, time to live a normal japanese life.


If I don't start with any powers I guess I'll just have to Rock Lee it.

Not bad desu.

>Master Keaton
great, I've been isekai'd into the fucking early nineties

>there's no realistic way a civilian could get into a mobile suit
we're talking about gundumb here

Nuke nen ability here I come.

I don't think that's possible, user.

>Dragon Ball Super

I'd start learning ki.

>literally just got done reading berserk
Time to go look for Jill and kick start their industrial revolution, I guess.

>Dagashi Kashi
I guess having stronger junk food autism than Hotaru would be powerful.

>got through Candy & Cigarettes thread ten minutes ago
I either get killed by the thugs or get rescued by the loli assassin and old man sidekick

>I'll just have to Rock Lee it.
If you had the drive to make that possible you wouldn't be on Sup Forums

Most likely die if I ever encountered demon in ente isla unless deus ex machina (aka plot armor) in my side.

>ability; blow my surrounding up with the force of a compact nuclear explosion, me who is in the center remains untouched
>restriction; 50 people who have signed a blood contract (willingly or unwillingly) will die with each activation

>finished chapter 20 of Saike
How do I get my own oracle in this?

>Ane Naru Mono
FUCK YES assuming I get Chiyo
If not I beg for a clone of Chiyo to be mine

Good point.

You just get one. It's your job to figure out what it is and how to use.

I would be okay with this. Although slightly saddened that 80% of the literature I'm interested in will be aimed towards the other gender.

>The fucking Iyami episode of Osomatsu-san

I'd skip straight past the industrious poverty gig and go join the Matsus as servile henchmen. Sycophancy was always my true calling anyway, and I don't mind knocking off a few dudes if it means my master throws a little more contempt sushi my way.

Not like there would be anything else to do without internet.

houseki no kuni

i mean i guess i could attempt to teach them about humans for two days and then get super murded by moon spooks

Idolm@ster. The fuck am i supposed to do with that

Appreciate your idol with love. Maybe date them once they retire Alternatively, become a producer.

>Goblin Slayer
I'm literally fucked

>Yowamushi Pedal
Guess I'll be a bicycle racer now

I don't need to race, I just need Miyahara. If I were you I'd probably be in jail for stalking within two days.

Why do the fujo-targeted shows always have the best girls?