Tfw completed my backlog

>tfw completed my backlog
Now what?

That's it. You've finished anime.

Fap to all the characters you now know.

Only one thing left to do...

thanks for playing

Sort AB by most popular downloads and scroll down until you find things you haven't seen yet. Or sort in reverse and be a contrarian that spends all their time talking about things nobody else has seen.

Wait for the next episode of whatever you're watching

Update your MAL of course.

If your backlog is small enough that you can conceivably finish it in your lifetime you are not watching enough anime.

Don't lie to us.

You can't sort AB by popularity, at least not reverse it.

Either way I could go in blind, but I've already read every single summary when it boils down to that.

This kind of shit doesn't make sense. Not "enough"? What about having standards?

Update how?

When I look at total time I've spent on anime I could easily do it in a couple of months if I were to watch anime 16 hours a day.

>You can't sort AB by popularity, at least not reverse it.
You have to pick a category like TV Series/Specials/etc but after that you can sort by snatched, descending or ascending.

Oh I see. Well that gets me shitty children's cartoons based on relatively well known novels and cheaply unprofessional half-way subbed toy commercials. Really not the way to go.

>Update how?
Score and review.

Now work on watching more than 20 anime.

I don't think someone with only 20 anime would watch something as obscure and artsy as c3.

I want to stick my dick in a cube

2 of them were one piece and detective conan

Okay. Then watch more than 21 anime.

You know what.

Now read manga. that shit is endless.