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>its a recap ep

Just finished Zexal I today, will get started on Zexal II tomorrow. Kaito is a great rival and does the "I fight for my family member" trope well.
Also is it ever explained why Kotori always follows Yuma around? This is the world of Yu-Gi-Oh where card games are serious buisness, and following Yuma of all people seems to be more of a danger than anything.

>Also is it ever explained why Kotori always follows Yuma around?
It's in her contract.

Her VA had a contract for every episode for whatever reason.

Blue Angel's face looks off there.

That's her face after failing user, don't you remembef that she got hurt.


I'm glad that despite all problems they still have some consistence regardin the story.

How come akira couldn't log out when he was being held over yusaku's head after kogami specifically said this?

Spectre did nothing wrong.

>tfw ywn fondle Ghost Girl's ghost girls

I'm neutral to blue angel and specter, but I don't think you're topping this.

She is his childhood friend who wants his dick

Spectre did nothing. Aoi was going to be irrelevant anyways.

I just started Zexal today and the soundtrack is really fucking good. Yuma is also no where near as annoying as everyone says he is, at least not yet.

No yet is the keywork here kiddo, though you will get used to him and you will ñrobably end up liking him up a bit like me.

Why are they so big?

Be forewarned he'll start saying kattobingu many more times later. I don't mind, but others might.

He destroyed the flow of the show with his nonsense back story,

strip away the data and what does one find? The desert for some reason.


Don't struggle, just let the threads happen bb gurl.

>Even this snooze fest has more viewers than vrains

They don't even have the budget to hire a proper artists to draw their official art anymore

I seriously thought this was fan art at first. Do they have the budget of a McDonald happy meals or something?

He should be the one getting shit from people not Go

Jesus Christ he is such an awful character that ended up amounting to nothing but make Vrains barely watchable

Even fanart can look more official than this abortion

Is this any good?

Not really

Is Vanguard good?

Man, this sucks, I miss those Yuya and Yuzu drawings, at least those two liked each other

Did he single handedly destroy all remaining hype for Vrains?

It's good but some things take some getting used to like the overall boring presentation and lower budget.
But it's worth it if you like card game anime where the cast is able to frequently chill and relax with each other and have fun

him along with gary stusaku with a personality of a plank of wood

Why do vrainlets like this shitty character? Because he makes wacky generic yugioh faces? There's zero depth to his character compared to previous crazy yugioh villains and has one of the most retarded backstories, which is saying a lot considering this is yugioh. He was still okay after the Blue Angel duel, but he overstayed his welcome with the playmaker one

Also you can't tell me this entire arc isn't based around them saving budget:
>kill off most characters so you don't have to pay their VAs extra
>make up shitty plot point to completely remove riding duels and data storms because master duels are easier to animate
>bunch of reused footage
>recap in the MIDDLE of the fucking arc

Jesus Christ why hasn't this show being cancelled yet?

I stopped watching arc-v after the episode where Rin beat Yugo, the series was going to shit and from what I've seen from the recaps it idn't get much better, How is VRAINS, is it worth watching if I liked DM, GX seasons 3 and 4 and the first part of arc-v?

Also, how are the threads? Arc-V had some real good shit, the drawfags doing weird mashups and "evangelion of card games" edits cracked me up like few things have in this site before or since.

>How is VRAINS

Boring recapland

>Also, how are the threads?

Completely dead, are you blind or something? Not even the nips care about this show

Not Blue Angel

Good to know.

But there really wasn't any hype before.

If this is official artwork. This is just beyond pathetic.


>Completely dead, are you blind or something? Not even the nips care about this show
Hell, that actually makes me miss Arc-V.

Revolver's bullet earrings are on one of those hearts. That would be sort of neat if it wasn't gay.

So Yoshida and Ono went to make a rip off anime or something?

Yes another one, though they are supposely still part of vrains

Another yu-gi-oh spinoff or do you mean a ripoff anime as in a card game anime that is not YGO?

its not card game related. Here is the anime yoshida and ono are working on.
and here is the anime that came out last year that that it looks like its trying to coast off of
there's some obvious differences, but it looks like a cash in.

some isekai restaurant shit

Not to mention it makes zero sense. But i guess they wanted to include him in the image somehow

I wish we would have gotten only BA, Emma, Hayami and Baira instead

Themes be damned they're not main characters I guess.

>Kaiba becomes the protagonist of VRAINS

Would you love VRAINS now if that was the case?

>buys the internet
>blocks hanoi

He would have the AI and the Hanoi wrapped up in 5-10 duels, and he would just buy SOL.

Does SOL have all the governments of the world bought out? One would think they would nuke Den City before they let the world wide network get wiped out.

How can you hold out hopes for romance anywhere at all in this show?

More like how can you hope for anything good out of this show at all

What’s the best place to watch the original anime? Is it on Netflix?

scattered youtube clips.

I can't give up now.

Vrains isn't even as bad as we meme about it. Besides, yugioh shows can go from shit to great and vice versa, the second half might be really good for all we know

Of course nothing is as bad as super scrutiny will make it out to be.

Is this some kind of collaboration?



I can't find any precise source on anything, it just seems to be from animedia.

DM was mostly decent all around except for the final arc which was shit except for the ceremonial duel, GX went from shit to good, 5ds went from bein g the peak of the franchise for its first 64 episodes to first half of gx tier, Zexal I haven't watched and Arc-V went from having the greatest hype for any YGO ever and having all the right pieces to have become the evangelion of card games to badly paced mess with inconsistent tone and progressively more QUALITY animation. Can't think of any series that went from awful to great.

>Kaiba still doesn't have his own spinoff show


Wasn't the dark side of dimensions more about him than about Yugi? Haven't watched it but it's what I've been told.


Flawless and perfect creature too good and too pure.

then stfu if you havent watched zexal

I haven't watched anything past GX and I've been watching Yugioh since 2003.

So you watch DM and GX in a loop or what?

Yes. Sometimes I'll throw in Season 0 every couple of years to really spice things up.

It is like Star Trek. I can watch DS9 and TNG over and over and never give a fuck about Voyager or TOS.

What are you even doing here then
We barely talk about DM and GX

GX came up surprisingly frequently during arc-v threads, that image with neos and Tyrano's T-rex spirit blowing the satellite while Sartorious' sister floats in it is surprisingly exploitable, always lead to an interesting conversation about which writing team had consumed more drugs.

Could anyone stop this madman?

Ghost girl for valentine! the absolute best!

Hurry up and watch the other shows, you're missing out on a lot of good stuff

>that image with neos and Tyrano's T-rex spirit blowing the satellite while Sartorious' sister floats in it is surprisingly exploitable, always lead to an interesting conversation about which writing team had consumed more drugs.


I mostly shitpost.

Only show I haven't watched is Zexal, it's other user who only has watched DM and GX.

Will that dethrone Arc-V in bad ratings?

Only with the eye. Without it he got his ads kicked in Pyramid of Light which isn't canon anyway.

The only thing that can stop Kaiba is human intimacy, the need to issue an apology, and a fear of commitment.

GX is truly the spiciest spinoff.

>not kaito

Zexal sure didn't lack in the girls department.

Kotori is so fucking shit

What the hell happened to Kaito's body?


they really didn't give her any duels though.

Has he really mattered in the plot when he didn't have the eye?

I have the honor of proclaiming Zexal 2 as the best yugioh anime.


best ending.

How is Revolver going to say GO's motivation is stupid?

Weren't they all perpetual losers besides rio?

I prefer Hayami.

I prefer the prediction loli, forgot her name.