Darling in the Franxx will be a future classical masterpiece. Mark my words

Darling in the Franxx will be a future classical masterpiece. Mark my words.
It is a rare thing for me to consider an anime to have enough meaning outside its own individual world that it is worth looking at from the standpoint of literary analysis.
Most of the time, anime is a very self-contained thing.
It's is not only a deconstruction of mecha (like Evangelion) but also a deconstruction of life itself.
The primary theme is a contrast between supernatural, spiritual, judgment and the will to stand and fight against it. This is a relatively common Japanese theme also seen in Xenogears and it’s remakes and uncommon or at least different in the rest of the world.
The theme that made Darling in the Franxx stand out was its meta-commentary on the giant robot genre as a whole, specifically its use of children as giant robot pilots and actors in war.
Life doesn’t always give you a reason to hope for the better, but you should still do it.
Connecting with other people is hard, and trying to do it is painful, but there’s something worth trying about it.
The show takes people in a situation where they can’t find happiness nor successfully connect with others, and shows them continuing in their determination.
Too often, we use science fiction as a simplistic medium, one detailing invaders who attack solely because they view us as filth not worth the planet we stand upon.
We treat ourselves as a race that can do no good in a nihilistic, godless world, and one that would either be wiped out by invaders who decide we are too large of a threat, or perhaps that we aren’t even worth coming in contact with.
Darling in the Franxx will be a future classical masterpiece. I'm already starting to invest a lot on Darling in the Franxx merchandise because I know they will cost me fortunes in the future.

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Reminder that Darling in the Franxx is an allegory of Karling the Frank, first emperor of HRE.


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Darlingin the Franxx is a bread-and-circuses carnival (disguised as “The Rapture,” a young otaku fan told me) that is intended to keep millennial audiences docile. Maybe that explains the cartoon's unavoidable sell and Sup Forums's desperate genuflection. Love of ecchi is not love of anime, just consumerist habit. The Otaku Generation — that unfortunate rabble primed to see these cartoons at the precise moment they were becoming culturally responsive — are not necessarily the audience the anime brats deserved; they’re spawn of Baby Boomer affluence and narcissism. Darling turned their natural curiosity and wonder into self-satisfaction, artificially dependent on fan-service and merchandising (a tragedy also evident in Ghibli evangelism).

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