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Why was the exposition at the beginning of episode 5 so bad, Sup Forums?

Also VEG thread I guess.

How was it bad?

Because in a character driven drama where we've previously been lead to believe that the main characters development is the key focus it's awkward to tell us, rather than show us, a fairly major development.
I would blame episode 4 more than anything though. We could have been given a reason why she's suddenly popular but instead the episode was poorly handled in several ways and we get an awkward timeskip.

>"blah blah blah countries you haven't heard yet nor care about blah blah political drama blah blah"
>"N-nani?? You mean the southern part of the country and all these specifics and this isn't how people talk at all?!"

>"oh generic princess-sama, we can not have any subtle aspects in this series so I will have to explain the gimmick of your character to the brain-dead neet audience at this very moment."

Oh God, there was a time-skip? I could barely register anything like that. That explains some of it, I guess.

You're not making any arguments, why is it bad? If you're not interested in the worldbuilding that's more your problem than the show's.

They say "you've become quite popular these last few months" or whatever. I suppose you could take that to mean that the previous episode have been over the span of a few months rather than there being a timeskip?

Try not speedwatching next time, retard.

You misunderstood me because I was shitposting. I don't dislike nor am I not interested in worldbuilding . I just felt it was very poorly handled. It doesn't feel like people talking. It felt like any other bad anime exposition dump. That's pretty disappointing to see from the supposed AOTY or AOTD.

As ironic as it might sound, it's actually an argument if you read between the lines.

Her becoming a proficient ghostwriter isn't the point of the story nor her character. We do not need 10 episodes of her getting good.


That's a first, got a good laugh out of me.

How was it poorly handled? It's a military man explaining a veteran, now civilian the implications of the job his dolls are about to take.

Yet it's set up as a major part of her character development in the first 3 episodes. It may not be the overall point but to say it's fine for the story to just glaze over it, especially after wasting time trying to establish Iris as a character, ends up feeling very weak.

The major part about the first four episodes is about her struggling and eventually understanding about people's feelings and what they mean, not what they say, and that's what we got, her eventually getting good at her job was the implication.

shiritai no death

>Her becoming a proficient ghostwriter isn't the point of the story nor her character.
The thing is though, the anime spent 4 episodes building this part of the story up only for the resolution of it all to be skipped over. What purpose did these episodes serve if we're not supposed to be witnessing Violet's growth as a human or as a writer?

The way I've seen it justified by sourcefags is that it helps bridge some gaps between the first and second LN volumes. However, it ultimately makes for just a sloppy narrative from what we've seen in the anime. I'm not sure why they decided to go this route. Look at Mushishi, where Ginko is a competent professional right off the bat from the moment we're introduced to him. We don't know much about him until a couple of backstory episodes, and over time we come to learn just a little bit about his personality and what kind of person he is through his interactions with the people who seek his help.

I can't help but feel like this would be a better way to approach this type of story. However, Violet herself also happens to be bland as shit so it'd probably be just as engaging (that is, not very much) of a story either way.

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The great irony in all of this, for me at least, is that Violet Evergarden has a message that is meant for the usual underage edgelord and wannabe tough guy that posts on this board and on the internet as a whole, the 4th PV even ends with a message explicitly saying that the show is for those that do not know what love is.
But because said people are so hard to get to the show fails to communicate with this intended audience.

And for what I've seen so far, the people that enjoy this anime the most are those that have either lost somebody dear to them or failed to express themselves to an important person in their lives before it was too late.
This is also why I think episode 5 is widely considered to be the best yet, the whole message of having to say goodbye to a motherly figure is something almost everybody can relate to.

VEG is unironically ahead of its time.

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Thanks for proving my point I guess?

>the whole message of having to say goodbye to a motherly figure
This is definitely not what the message of the episode was

>ep 5 bad
u wat

You can't possibly be this emotionally impaired.

It's a tiny aspect of the episode. The entire point of it was to give Violet insight as to whether or not love could exist between people with such a huge age gap because the Princess' experience parallels her own with Gilbert.

Only in VEG threads can you find this much autism.

Not him but the tiny aspect of the episode was actually that one, not the conflict(s) between the princess/maid/prince.

Did I say it was bad? Quite the opposite actually, I was really enjoying the sappy romance shite unironically throughout. But certain things really stood out that made this episode "just good" and not great.

Absolutely not. There are two big messages in episode 5.
1. Dolls can't actually express what you feel, if you want to understand somebody important to you just use your own words
2. Saying goodbye to those that gave you their very being is going to hurt a lot

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how is violet only 14? I thought she was 16 or 17.

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Kidding, I dunno. Maybe we'll find out soon. Or maybe not.

Considering how autistic she is, I wouldn't be surprised if the major told her age once (14) and she simply believe that she would still be that age because the major never updated her age every year.

>What purpose did these episodes serve if we're not supposed to be witnessing Violet's growth as a human or as a writer?
We've had two episodic plots where the central resolution was explicitly a direct result of Violet's learning to write. What else do you want? I also feel like the character development has been a little choppy in this regard; we're not really seeing a whole ton of personal change in Violet's actual character. I'd like to see some more expressiveness, or something, from her, indicating the changes she's going through along with her increasing skills as a ghostwriter. But it's really not a huge deal; I don't feel like this takes away from the story very much.

I'm struggling to comprehend what it is, exactly, that you're trying to say.

>We've had two episodic plots where the central resolution was explicitly a direct result of Violet's learning to write. What else do you want?
if the goal is to show violet learning to write, then that's fine. what's not fine is that getting through the "first step" really shouldn't be good enough if she wants to be a doll, something that the industry has created a prestigious academy for. we see the first step of the beginning and the end, but miss out on all the actual meaningful development.

now would a show about violet learning how to become an amazing doll be entertaining? probably not, and the half assed way that the whole academy conflict was written gives me no real hope for a storyline of that kind. what we're left with has so far just been a ton of horribly executed ideas.

To put it simply, Violet Evergarden has a message that is meant for people like the average Sup Forums poster. But this message fails to connect because people like the average Sup Forums poster have this shield built around them to avoid getting hurt, and so instead it connects with people that are way more open and honest, despite that not being the original intention.

The progression from drunkard brother, to Iris, to writing for royalty was choppy. I think so too. But they're just trying to fill episodes. I don't blame them for it. This is still by and away better, and more thoughtfully conceived, than 9 in 10 anime.

Courses, it's not an academy, people can't seem to understand that, she's not getting a PhD for writing a 2 sentence letter.

>the progression was choppy
the whole point of the series is to expose violet to an array of social situations/conflicts, of course it's going to have a bit of tone whiplash being completely episodic

Kyo-ani with the high-quality anime original girls like luculia and charlotte.

courses, academy, makes little difference. the prestige is what matters.

>This is still by and away better, and more thoughtfully conceived, than 9 in 10 anime.
debatable but saying it's better than by the book haremshit or isekai isn't really saying anything. i'm comparing it to similar shows like mushishi, kino, or natsume yuujinchou and so far it pales in comparison to all of them.

But we are seeing a great deal of personal change in her. I don't want to type a wall of text so I'll try to be brief here;
Robot with a single wish of her own on episode 1.
Robot hurting others unintentionally on episode 2, learning that words are far from being everything.
Actually empathizes with another person on episode 3 and acts on her own for once.
The concept of rejection enters her little world on episode 4 and she shows frustration with herself for not being able to understand people. "I love you" is now recognized as a hard thing to say by those that understand it.
Timeskip, showing her reading a bunch of romance and data while doing a bunch of smaller jobs is not necessary. Yet again she empathizes with another person and acts on her own but this time around she goes against her own company's rules, something that she did not dare do on episode 4. She witnesses Charlotte's love come true and feels happiness for the first time in god knows how long.

And then just as it seems that she's going to be fine, bam. Her past comes back in the form of her old master telling her that she's a monster completely unfit for the job of uniting people.

I found that quite boring. "Whacky city of the week" with not much story or character otherwise. At least an episodes or two were really very good. But Kino as a character just can't carry a whole series.

That's all true. However, what I was referring to in particular was the princesses request for emotion from Violet, at which point she physically forced her face into a smile. It felt contrived, forced, and behind the pace of the rest of the plot.

Not him but that was just like 10 seconds, "behind the pace of the rest of the plot" seems like an overstatement and overly nitpicky, it was just shitty attempt at comedy.

I see that as Violet just trying to obey a client but failing miserably at it because unlike letters, actual emotions are something very alien to her.
Personally, when she tried to force those emotions with her metal hands it felt very unsettling. It was like staring at a machine trying to mimic human behavior after being told to do it, which felt well done because not a minute ago Charlotte made a comment about how talking to her doesn't feel like talking to a person.

It was supposed to be cute and funny waifubait shit. She's supposed to be adept enough at her profession, here, that she's been assigned to work for royalty. This gag was out of place imo. Not a big deal, but still.

Given that most of the premise of this show concerns emotions, I disagree with you on that scene being there for comedic purposes.
Or maybe I'm just a special kind of autist that gets hit by the uncanny valley when a broken character forces itself to smile.

I think we already know that Violet can discern true feelings of others but can't show any of her own, we didn't need that scene to make us realize that. I can see your argument -though it would've made more sense if her arms were uncovered- but the way they did it was mostly for comedic effect.

Great visuals
Shit show
Therefore still a Shit show.

I think calling it "shit" is a big overstatement. It's not bad. It's not for everybody (i.e. idiots and children), but it's not bad.

>maybe I'm just a special kind of autist
It was intended to be cute and endearing, not creepy

Well fuck me then, it gave me the creeps.

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Figures when?

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are we going to see her again?

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She appeared for 4 seconds last episode

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Only idiot can be deceived by polished turd.
For a show with 'drama' & 'mature' as its main genre, this show is absolute garbage.

Just look at its pathetic 1 dimensional main character, for god's sake.


>Only idiot can
every time.

MC is unconventional, but not one dimensional. You're probably simply unable to pay close enough attention to understand the characterization or the developments

Pausa guy?

Your wording is just a little off. A little juvenile and reddity. Never hurts to point it out.


I don't go there so I wouldn't know. Sorry user.

Long story.

>it's not bad

As said by a person who can't distinguish shit shows from good or mediocre ones.

VEG is a slog of melodramatic bullshit that doesn't have any meaning at all. There's minimal to no message to be taken in by the viewers.

After you watch it, there's nothing left to discuss about it. If they're bringing in interesting conundrums then it might be a different story. However the predicament that Violet has doesn't even resonate with anyone.

Take Oreki for example, he at least has a character quirk that is down to earth. A person who does not want to take responsibilities as much as possible.

How about Violet? Describe to me what she is and what her conflict is that makes it relatable to the viewers?

You are forgiven

> melodramatic
There's that word again.
So what shows are you funbags watching this season?

>there's nothing left to discuss about it.
Meaning no Fate waifuwar bullshit for the most part

>makes it relatable to the viewers
she's austistic

>There's minimal to no message to be taken in by the viewers
Is there in most anime? Something pretty good gets made and all of a sudden people's expectations shoot through the roof and everybody becomes a Shakespearean literary connoisseur

It's pasta, don't reply.

Why is Violet such a cutie?

>Describe to me what she is and what her conflict is that makes it relatable to the viewers?
She's a damaged individual who means well but struggles immensely to relate to or understand functional people in society around her

Violet is an abused character that tries to help people around her convey their emotions while she herself is the one that needs help the most. If you pay enough attention to her you start seeing cracks on her robotic mask, emotions leak and hidden intentions show against her will.
And memes aside she's not autistic, she's legit broken.

As stated by another user ITT, she is unconventional but definitely not one dimensional and I find her fascinating.
Does that answer your question?

she's not damaged, her mental growth has been stunted. totally different.

this is why 2d never becomes 3d

This is a show that will change Sup Forums forever. It will captivate the shitposter and make them reflect on their pathetic lives. Touch the deepest strings of their tiny souls and resolve their boiled up hatred and frustrations.

This show will be a Violet, writing a letter expressing the thoughs they cant express of all the haters and trolls. The first step to resolving their grievances.

They are blinded, possessed, they hands tremble so that they cant type the words they really want to say, instead spewing insults, baits and gibberish.

But Violet, the Auto Memories Doll, will be there to do it in their stead, writing a letter of their soul, giving them a way out.

The first words of the letter will be
"Mom, i am sorry."

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>people missingi the actual message of episode
>Leidenschaftlich manipulating two countries to do it's bidding as Winner of war, while sending notirious and feared by enemies Automate Assassin Doll and Cattelaya the Butcher to indimidate them to make "right decisions"

Cattleya is a slut.

Will the anime cover the prisoner chapter?

I thought ep5 was best of all of them
>Implying that till ep4 everything was shit

I really hope so.

Fuck this Anime is boring

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I find this to be a bad show and I must tell all of you it's a bad show.

The stained with blood bedsheets after first night of Prince and Princess where put on public display on main square of the Capital, for all citizens to see and rejoyce that alliance of two countries was successful.

Thank you user

Violet looks at it and says
"Is this love?"

>angry violet noises