Ichigo gets cuter every time I see her

Ichigo gets cuter every time I see her
I feel bad for bullying her now

she's gonna die

Patrician's choice

I hope 02 dies.

I just can't wait for 02 to turn Papika and Ichigo go full Cocona

I just want Hiro and whoever Ichigo's partner is to die so 02 and Ichigo can pair up

Nobody will remember her in April

2cour, dumbass.

Ichigo exists solely to get cucked

Fuck you.

>literally fails her crush
>Every time she's led her squad into battle, they've been beaten
>Name me one time Strelizia hasn't come to their aid
>doesn't even try to feed Hiro like the heartless bitch she is
>rarely smiles because miserable bitch
>Cucks best boy goro whenever she is in the same room as Hiro
pic related


I'm an 02fag and even I realize this is going to happen


She's cute.

Is she popular in Japan?

You see, she get cuter the more she is bullied.
Of course she is as cute as a button!

>Ichigo gets cuter every time I see her
She kind of brought it on herself this time. There's nothing in life for parasites and there's only one Pistil Hiro can pilot with.

Wow, how did I fuck it up that badly. Not only did I quote the wrong line, I also forgot the "but piloting" after "parasites"

The wifest

My daughter Cocona is so cute!