Fap to nudist beach

>Fap to nudist beach
>get to this part

I mean sure you're suppose to insert into glasses MC but this was my biggest rage towards a non-NTR property since Distance's My Sister.

I'm glad shiwasu's newest set is ending soon, haven't liked it much as pisu/nudist/film/aibuka

Shiwasu is best when it's the guy dominating girls

I like the JC ecchi the best

What’s so rage worthy about it?

Don't worry. They all got exotic older women at a different part in the end.

She literally cucks herself, it's so stupid. At least all the other guys get invited to the orgy in the end.

>nudist beach

>girl prevents all guys from getting erections
>switches glasses-kun so he can
>proceeds to fuck every girl in the class

I mean there's what I said and but I couldn't help but think of a scenario where other male classmates had crushes on one or two girls but they get fucked in front of him because he was drugged.

This, the dudes went to town on those foreigners while the girl was force to watch the guy she like fuck all the girls in class raw.

They wouldn't have fucked them anyway

Dude, you’re imagining a NTR scenario out of thin air. It’s a harem.

>My Sister
Is this the one where the sister gets together with some old ass guy out of nowhere? Cause if it is fuck you for remembering me about it.

>mfw fapped to this a retarded amount of times and didn't even know about this plot point
Is it shameful to speedread hentai, Sup Forums?

>its no-rise
>retarded jap-fu makes me want to read it as no
>get confused
why am I so retarded, Sup Forums?

reminds me of the wolfman one, the one where the teacher uses his animal pheromones to make the girls ovulate and neutralize the boys erections

For me it was the same issue as Pisu

Created an entire class worth of girls but only a fraction of them have scenes

It's more shameful to really care about a hentai's plot. Probably the biggest issue of Okina works, too many pages where no ones fucking.

that's pretty understandable actually

Stop this self insert meme you faggots, Christ.

I did the same thing

Porn with plot > porn

The worst part is it limits the scenes you can have because its the same guy fucking different girls. I cant beleve Im saying this but you need variety in guys too so you can get especially hot combos like
>Size difference
>Chad and Nerd girl
>Nerd and Gal
>Hot for teacher
And ect, by removing the other guys the writer just ended up making an insanely hot hentai that got boring after a while because of the lack of fresh dicks

If you care about dicks just go read gay porn.

You should unironically read both. Bigot.

That's because you are a fucking cuck


>Read manga for nudity
>People start fucking almost immediately
I hate this shit. I love vaginas, but I don’t care anything about sticking penises into them.

user what are you? I’ve only heard of the opposite issue.

This was the best girl.

He's a virgin, obviously.

Eh. My ranking:

1. medium short haired girl, forgot her name but it starts with D
2. Gyaru who cheated on her bf
3. chubby otaku

Nudist beach part 2 when? I'm dying to see the teacher get fucked more

What manga is this?

The OP tell you most of the title already.

why does she look sad about it

Why is this author so famous again? His stuff doesn't really stand out to me as anything special.

What manga?

I’ve always been like this. I’m not asexual but I’ve never liked sex, only naked girls. I’m surprised there’s not a word for people like that.

>Giving a fuck about a hentai's plot instead of jerking your dick to the sex

I hoped this manga would be a great orgy between all girls and all boys in the class. So plot with only one guy was pretty disappointing.

How is it possible to be this retarded?

Boku no pico

but when a girl fuck someone besides the mc, it's NTR

>suddenly broken Finnish

Boner lost.

Fuck off

She was cute but I love the chubby fujos so much. How can you not love them? I kinda feel bad their club member skinny otaku dude didn't get any but I'm sure he still got laid.

how am I supposed to immerse myself in this when the guy cums like literally 30 times
also for an h-manga about a nudist beach the sex happens in a private tent which is horse shit


That is actually covered under asexual. It's not an absolute lack of interest in anything related to sex.

I enjoyed seeing the second girl in the tent regretting squandering her chance to get laid .

who cares i just need more enjou nii chan

>implying you wouldn't cum 30 times when you get to fuck all your female classmates

He's a nu-fag.

By that definition then /e/ is a board for asexuals.

>Why is this author so famous again? His stuff doesn't really stand out to me as anything special.

Well that's like, your opinion, man.

Unironically this.

Excellent taste.

Artists tend to go way over the line with the
>one guy fucks every girl
meme. It's fun to self-insert as a dude who fucks hot girls, but when you take it over the line it just becomes pathetic and not exciting.
Wish fulfillment is only fulfilling when it's a bit grounded in reality.

How is that rage worthy?

You're missing the heart of the material. It's about one hung man, fucking as many ladies as you too have wanted to fuck. The hot ones, the too young ones, even some of the ugly ones. Its about creating a single, continuous fantasy based on a single character you can connect with. Doing it your way seems redundant, why not just explore other porn to find those new combos?

Regardless, his work in "Go Ahead and Film My Hard Penis" addresses some of your concerns, if you haven't yet read it.

One of the few authors that can do big tits and still stay proportionate with good breast physics (mostly).

Any% route is the only way to go about hentai.

Because in the author's mind the only to way to make it an even playing field is to have the others be told that the race is the weekend after. That's the brand of Japanese SIs. Hentai or otherwise.

>"Go Ahead and Film My Hard Penis"
fucking hilarious title


It's a fucking great hentai as well.

The sister chapters in the new series was one of his best stuff to date

This all looks too risqué for weekly jump

I felt like that tank could've had more debauchery and raunchiness. Yeah, it's a dude fucking every girl in the dorm but there's no taboo. Pisu Hame had girls who had to compete to keep their virginity. Nudist Beach was voyeurism, orgy, exploration. Aibuka had a school setting be more open with erotic idols, had girls who were unconventional in their looks being idols, had a lesbian forced to have straight sex, if only it had their fans able to fuck the idols. The trapped deserved to be dicked at least. I don't think I need to talk about Shining Musume, Sei so Tsui Dan Sha or Nosewasure.

Go Ahead and Film is sweet and cute, but a bit too vanilla normal sex. If the final chapter had the guy fuck the main girl nonstop for hours, without knowing she was being filmed, I think that would have been a better pay off.

Which didn’t happen in Nudist Beach.

Nothing wrong with nudist beach. Well besides the fact the girls switched from semi-realistic shy girls into complete sluts for no apparent reason.

>Manga called Nudist Beach
>There's no exhibionism in it
This is why I use Sup Forums instead of /h/, good manga with straight up exhibitionism are surprisingly common, while hentai with at least some public exposition are a rarity.

>Manga called Nudist Beach
>everyone's nude on a beach

What exactly is the problem here?

NTR is shit, even when it's reverse NTR

>It's about one hung man, fucking as many ladies as you too have wanted to fuck
There's nothing wrong with stories like that, but I don't think it's executed well in this story. It's just the same guy fucking girls under the same exact circumstances in the same exact tent. It's ridiculously repetitive and the excuse for it being just the one guy is bizarre and off-putting.


Teach fucking foreigners? Or am I not remembering correctly?

There’s no NTR in nudist beach.

Teacher and her foreign friends fucked the other students once their dicks started working again

Basically this The premise is dropped really fast, I just wanted a happy classroom (or even just one boy was ok) doing sexy stuff in public, I expected something like nanako-san, but instead I found another run of the mill h-manga.

Main girl loaded up the class on impotence pills but had the guy she liked left out because she wanted to have sex with him

Then he had sex with every other girl in the class before her

Saving the best for last

No one gives a fuck. Now fuck off back to

>hot girls with cute/non-disgusting salarymen BBM

This is a rare breed but by god this is my fetish.

What’s wrong with that?

But didn't it end with all the other guys in the class getting to fuck a bunch of foreign hotties?

well at least one girl cheated on her boyfriend, i really dislike cheating that much that even when you are supposed to empathize with the bull it kills it for me.

I like that girl. Cheating made it even hotter.

More like bank robber

OP feels bad for the entire rest of the class who get drugged and forced to watch in impotence. It's still NTR even if it's not happening to the main character.

Harem fantasies are one thing but when it gets this excessive and overwhelming with giving 1 guy everything and shitting on every other guy I can likewise start to get a little annoyed or uncomfortable. It just makes me think of how pathetic and bitter the target audience of this stuff is that they fantasize not just about getting to fuck girls but in actively taking away everything from every other man in their presence, like their real life feelings of inferiority and jealousy are just so intense.

If I remember right, the one who cheated on her boyfriend is listed in her bio as constantly changing boyfriends, and she was blowjob only until they kind of bullshitted it into the guy forcing the issue not her

The other one had the out that she'd broken up with her boyfriend recently.

My only real issues were 1) one guy 2) all happens in the same tent 3) that many girls and none are into butt stuff

Still one of the hottets doujins out there

I was annoyed at that cunt but it's just faps anyway.

>Distance's My Sister
Which one was it again?

Butt stuff is gross

Hey to each folk has his preference, I'm not judging I just really hated it, which is a common hing with this author, he does a lot of "nice" work but something on the work us sully puts me off from the whole thing. Personal preference is everything, for example I like gentle femdom but I'm sure a lot of people hate it.

Bruh its a harem hentai, the classmates get to fuck with the foreign women in the end

Or maybe you just want to see some good pornographic action, and don't really care about a bunch of mob characters in the background?

I know this board likes to self insert but good god almighty

This. Why are people even self inserting into the background characters. It was a good porn and the story just turned out that way. The MC nor the audience had the mindset to „take everything away and shit on the others“.

That was nice