Mitsuboshi Colors

How would you help this loser get good at video games?

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She can sit on my lap while we play

Kotoha was always my favorite but why did she suddenly become even more adorable and beautiful and cute and perfect when this scene happened?

The solution to the problem is a shaving kit.

I don't want my daughter good at video game, i want her good at real life.

Only fucking losers are good at video games. She's already the perfect girl no need to screw it up.

You don't ACTUALLY believe Yui's lies, do you? She said it herself, this episode was a work of fiction. Yui is a crybaby who'd put others down to make herself feel better, but Kotoha has no reason to lie to you.

>Italian man playing videos games on the streets of Italy.jpg

Is she actually an oujo?


>playing video games
*mashing buttons

>Double peace sign already

Nono > Yui > Scatchan >>>> Koton00b




how did this shitty meme originate?

How can you be so into games if you are that terrible in it? Does she rage quit and try a different game when she fails to finish the game shes currently playing?

>How can you be so into games if you are that terrible in it?
Have you seen Sup Forums?


Modern games aren't hard, only costly.

I've played Smash for years and my win rate at For Glory is still around fifty percent.

there's terrible and then there's kotoha terrible

The solution to the problem is stop doing enjo kosai

>mfw someone tells me I'm bad at video games.

>is an S but can also be very cute when you playfully tease her
>incredibly pretty and her smile lights up the whole room
>charmingly precocious with a wicked sense of humor
>/fa/ as fuck
>Elder God-tier gap moe
Dare I say, best girl of the season?

As expected of my wife.

Sattchan would be best if she weren't too cute.

She can sit on my face while she play.

mustache yui is just too damn good

I already liked her, but this delicious weakness made her absolute best.


>it's a me, Kotoha!

How can the other Colors even compete?

Why can't Kotoha press X to win?

What an old device. Why doesn't Kotoha at least have a DS Lite?

Praise her all you want but besides that please refrain from getting close to my girlfriend.

I would reward her with kisses whenever she progressed to a new level.


That's right. I confessed my love and she shyly accepted it.

>did you see that!
>did you see that!
>i beat the level!
>... can i get a reward?

Here ya go kid.

Finally we get to see the hobos of Ueno

I can't believe I've been watching Kotoha playing vidya and saying GAME CLEAR for nearly half the season already only for it to be revealed that she's actually shit at it.

Are dorks still allowed to be best girl? Are we even allowed to love dorks?

Ueno hobos are Slavic?

Since last thread archived before I could reply

>How the fuck is that overleveled, the archive alone gives you several hundred thousand souls. Unless you sprint through areas or drop souls like a motherfucker you will probably end up around that level. Levels don't mean shit anyway, the game is too easy because you can mash r1 like a retard and roll halfway across the map. Not that any other game in the series is hard.

/vg/ is like this guy, beat the game at a retarded high level, basically easymoding it because at that level your defense and HP makes you unkillable unless you have brain damage, and then claiming it was easy.

>Levels don't mean shit anyway,
It's the difference between having to play skillfully and just spamming attack because your hp/defense lets you tank everything. 35-45 is the optimal level range for beating the game.

Why do they sit like that?

They forgot their tracksuits and vodka.

Maybe their butts hurt.

So Saito can get a good view of Satchan's pantsu

from what?


>Are dorks still allowed to be best girl?
Why wouldn't they be?

That's not a dork. That's a slut.

why the budget is so inadequate

That's how most people seem to be based on my experiences with online gaming, myself included. I never rage quit, just withdraw cooly.

Don't kid yourself, bub.

Pffft. Dumb user can't even make WEGs right.


Who's the most halal Color?

I'm too old and jaded to kid myself. If I'm no longer having fun, I'm just going to play something else.

Saito's beheading uploaded to Youtube when?

Explain. Does the animation quality reflect the current state of the IS?

Why aren't the Colors as popular as Hazuki?

Aren't lolis haram?

Hazuki wishes she was as popular as the most unpopular Color.

>against degeneracy
>puts the corrupted into their place
>for the usage of natural products
>is cute
>is modest
>is family-oriented
>is a loliphet

>knows the scientific names of fucking plants
Is Blue a fucking savant? Pretty much amazing at everything she does except vidya.

>tfw flowerfag
We were meant to be.

God I wish that was me.

What do the sandrunes say?

And who is the most unpopular Color?

I hate to drop the truth like this but it's Yui

Yui went too far, even Satchan thinks she crossed the line

yui is my favorite

Meme girls are always the worst girls.

What is this supposed to be

Sacchan is my spirit animal!

But the budget still so inadequate

Sacchan is the biggest meme girl, bub. Don't kid yourself.

The fuck is this

Is the final episode just going to be shaking pictures of the manga?

So I'm guessing /vp/ is the Colonel?

No, that's Pop Team Epic.

The Colors

anyone give me a BLUE trembling gif

So when did you realize that Kotoha was pretty much perfect Sup Forums?


Cheeky. Now that's the kind of autism I want for a weg.

It's because they're terrorizing the townsfolk

We're only about halfway through the season now, so there will still be time for Yui to destroy Kotoha.

This episode was just Yui trying to be forthright and help Kotoha grow. The next time, she won't be so benevolent.
There's a reason Red is the captain.

Who will survive the apocalypse and repopulate the planet with Kotoha?

I want to be an animal with Sacchan.

blue was dapper as fuck this episode

>Colors' Last Tour

Remember that part in the OP where she strikes a pose for no reason? Then.



But more importantly, ass