RIP Tanabe

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In this chapter, Tanabe negotiates with Misuzu about the price for a blowjob from the latter.

When Misuzu and Tanabe eventually end up married do you think they will negotiate who will be on top when its time to conceive a child?

Goldigger Misuzu back at it.


What the fuck are Carol and Tomo doing?

what did they mean by this?

Title: Steadfast Negotiation
Panel 1
Misuzu: And? What exactly would working for your family entail?
Tanabe: We have a ramen shop! We pay 780 yen an hour! How about it?!
Panel 2
Misuzu: 900.
Tanabe: Huh?!
Panel 3
Misuzu: If you think anything in the 700 range is reasonable, you've got another thing coming.
Tanabe: Oh come on...w-well, how about 800 yen?!
Misuzu: Sorry. Can you go ask someone else?
Tanabe: H-hold on a minute!
Panel 4
Tanabe: 8...830!
Misuzu: Nope.
Tanabe: WHAT ABOUT 850?!
Misuzu: 900.

Gals being girls.

>900 yen an hour
Do they not have a minimum wage? I don't think tipping is a custom either. How do people survive there with the cost of living being fairly high?

going by the SFX looks like carol made a dog shape and tomo made another dog shape and pretended to bite her

Either their restaurants work off the tip system the same way the US does, or Tanabe is trying to stiff them over hard.

fumita actually fucked up.

>Pretended to bite her
Fuck they are cute.

2 sweet!


More like Tanabe will have to negotiate just to have sex.


780 yen is only a few cents less than US federal minimum wage

Tomo is becoming too girly

>US minimum wage is 7.25
Whoops, I've worked my way up, it's been so long that I completely forgot.
But this is what we want.

Yes but it doesn't cost nearly as much to live in the states. Everything is pretty dirt cheap in the states compared to other first world countries.

>tfw Jun hasn’t kissed those lips yet

>Tomo is becoming too girly
But that's a good thing.

Don't animators get paid less than equivalent minimum wage?

they don't work hourly.

It depends on your city.

Unfortunately it’s *nearly* impossible to live in my city with that kind of pay (when you add other costs to it).

>pouting tomo
>double pouting tomo
so, does this make Tomo the male because of the dominant gesture or Carol because her gesture is the one that goes inside tomo's? Yes, these are the things I think about

Too Sweet bro!

Animator pay has a shitty workaround where they are paid per page, not per hour.

So if you're slow as an animator, be prepared to starve.

And work a thankless job where people yell at you all the time and the net hates you with a passion, there's a reason why those who work in anime have to really love it. Anyone sane would never subject themselves to that treatment for such little respect and money. The same goes for being a light novel or manga author unless you make it big, and even then you can become public enemy number 1 just like that

>public enemy number 1 just like that
How so?

Entirely depends on where you live. iirc it's basically impossible to live on your own in like NY or California with minimum wage.

You could go live in Baja california like a king with minimum US wage.


yeah, but that's mexico.

If you pair your lead up with the wrong girl or imply the love interest isn't a virgin your career is dead. Especially if you imply or flat out say the characters had previous boyfriends/girlfriends before finding "The one" with the protagonist.


>what do you mean 'work for us'?
>it's a ramen shop!
I wonder if in Misuzu's mind that was better or worse than what she was imagining.

Thanks dropout
>Kon kon

It's fox noises.

What does the fox says?


carol is shit

I've heard that but there's no way I can believe that people would overreact like that, plus I don't think I've ever seen examples of that happening.


Tomo is a girl!

>there's no way I can believe that people would overreact like that
Is this your first week reading manga/LNs?

i don't know about the extremes, but there was a series where the MC was raped in the middle of it and it tanked hard.

>Kon Kon

Can you not read?


Tanabe's gonna accept the 900yen salary for the three of them and make up the difference from his own isn't he? if he himself makes 780 himself and he covers the 120 for each of them that leaves hims with a salary of...

smoke smoke

KON KON KON KON of course

hehe, 420 maaaaaaaaaaaan.

The last time I remember something along those lines happening was with Seiren's first arc's ending. The sales for that week or month tanked hard. Someone can maybe provide an earlier example, I haven't watch seasonal animu since Summer.

>Tanabe gives up 120x3 yen for three girls because he wants to get into the pants of one
He's a pitiful creature.

Nope, but as I said, I've heard that sort of thing before but I have trouble accepting any significant part of the audience would be so touchy about that, I can't help but think this is just authors clinging too hard to stereotypes. Plus I can't think of examples ( I can ctually think of counterexamples, but they are over 30 years old, so I guess they might be disregarded for the purpose of this discussion).

>I deserve $15/hour!

I meant a salary below minimum wage, what the fuck dudes, do you not think of anything else?


That's what you get when you ask for the cheese on the side.

>what the fuck dudes, do you not think of anything else?
I'm high as fuck right now and shit posting is fun.

well, if it was $15/hr the cheese would be inside the burger, and the buns would not have been in touch with the other buns.

Not right now, user. Besides, the bots will replace so much shit that it's hilarious. I can't wait for the future chaos.

Have you seen the work they do at ramen shops? They deserve all the money they get.

>I can't wait for the future chaos.

Look up kannagi at then very least. Keon also had an incident where Ritsu blushed because she thought she’s was getting love letters from a secret admirer during a preview and Japan flipped it’s shit.

Is this some symbolism for lesbian sex?

Jesus Christ what the fuck is wrong with people

The first good thing this hack author has drawn in a year

No, dumbass.

Tomo doesn't do lesbian sex, she does hetero sex with her female partner.

So I'm reading Angel Densetsu right now
I wonder if fumita has
There's ryona in it so i'd imagine so

Misuzu please, that ship has sailed.

Reminded that in the end, Romeo & Juliet's relationship was very much impeded.

I should have figured i would have to spell it out a little more

780 yen is roughly 7.20 usd and hour. That is shit.

that's actually the us minimum.
but yes.

>When Misuzu and Tanabe eventually end up married

I will kill you if you keep trying to shit up the thread like this. Why are you trying to make others mad, user? Can't we just have a nice thread without you trying to ruin misuzu and drag her through the dirt?

user I'm not him and i'm sorry, but if you think this is going anywhere else you're delusional

Calm down, Misuzu

Because Tanabe is trying to ruin Misuzu and drag her through the dirt.

You realize they are going to be wed one day. Tanabe is a hen picked husband type that Misuzu can manipulate.

There's a lot of those in this series.

Naw, just Tanabe at the moment.

>You realize they are going to be wed one day.

There you go again, trying to bullshit your fanfiction. It's pretty clear, that misuzu doesn't like tanabe and his attempts to woo her will fail once a better man, presumably one that looks like Jun, appears. You keep trying to ruin this good the series with your fanfiction, but I have many years of experience handling people like "you".

of the males in this series, literally the only one that isn't a henpecked husband type is misuzu's dad.

Misuzu is going to want to have a kid around the same time that Tomo does. Tanabe will win by default because he is the only person that likes her at all.

This is probably the same reason that Misuzu's mom picked who she did.

Misuzu is fucking garbage, faggot.

>There you go again, trying to bullshit your fanfiction.
Different poster shitposter-kun. You realize this is an anonyous image board right?

>It's pretty clear, that misuzu doesn't like tanabe
oh user, how cute it is that you think that would matter
> I have many years of experience handling people like "you".
how cute indeed

>You keep trying to ruin this good the series with your fanfiction

She is, that is why her, and Tanabe deserve each other.

>oh user, how cute it is that you think that would matter

It matters since the mangaka treats misuzu with respect, and is the driving force of the plot. Any time the plot advances, misuzu is involved. Tomo and Jun's schtick is that they are too pure to fuck, but Misuzu in all her delightfully devilish wisdom, sees the truth of the matter plain as day. Misuzu is the most fleshed out and developed character in Tomo-chan, because she is needed as the voice of reason. Tanabe is just a tool, used to make Misuzu shine brighter with her antics.

Tanabe is cool.

I'm amused, I must admit.
Can't say I saw this coming after all this time.

You're trying too hard. It's unbecoming. No one likes a try hard.

Misuzu is NOT going to marry tanabe, take it to the bank user; I guarantee it.

For someone who supposedly "enjoys" this medium, you really sound like you hate it.
I would bet my right kidney and assume you are the same moron who unironicaly shills for Netflix's recent co-production efforts.
Fuck off permanently from this website at once, nobody buys into your shit, faggot.

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