Post the best thing to come out of Dragon Ball Super


That looks like something that came out of Trigger

the assblasted dragonball fans

Spic memes

That Mexican tier list.

the credits


Pretty Princess Vegeta

The addition of Goku Black to Dragon Ball FighterZ

Vegeta didn't job to Toppo and Frieza has been jobbing to everyone





Twerk it dyspo

he was better when he was a female Berrus



Easily android 21,she's hot.


every scene with frezie-pop




>best thing in Super actually isn't even from Super itself
Checks out.



>Vegeta LGBT+
every time

Underrated post.


Nothing good came from Dragon Ball Super.

it's nothing but endless transformation that have no build up and are set aside next episode. The Toppo transformation would be a great example


Champa and Vados

This, but only because we got to see him job like 4 times

Memes are not only the best, they're the sole redeemable factor.


The spic and tyrone butthurt when their favorite characters jobbed/underperformed

The shitposting

Whos that chola behind goku


Have we gotten an official name for his new form? Like, Deep Blue or Sapphire Blue?

I hope they don't stick with Beyond Super Saiyan Blue

Literally the only decent thing to come out of Super was Hit

Beerus and Whis too if you count them as Super characters

you posted him

Dyspo is best boi


This plus champa and vados

Does anyone here still remember the "cowpenis user"? The one that did not know how Youtubes's recommmended system works?

Oh yeah, that shit was hilarious

LOL. Who rezzed Raditz?.........Someone should rez Raditz. Put him at God level, then watch the salt flow.

OP said the best thing, not the worst


>happy because others are unhappy

He does his best

Soo cute

Yeah and he posted the best thing. I don't see the problem here



When they bring Dragonball back I want them to use his designs instead of the ones they've been using for 90% of the show.

Good laugh.

>tfw he pounds your ass at lightning fast speeds

Sad lolis

she's so cute

this is the most 9gag tier meme ever conceived and it was ran into the ground here after a week.
then it spread around (it literally became reddit), merged with le ebin ultra instinct shaggy and somehow became even more cringeworthy.