Which anime/manga character has killed the most people in total?

Which anime/manga character has killed the most people in total?

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Worst yandere killed whole universes


Zeno from Super.

How many?

6 Gorillion


The Masterminds in Bokurano aka "Well you lose so you and your universe gets deleted."


in the trillions if given each universe he erases has as many sentient lifeforms as your average anime sci-fi



Antispiral maybe? It depends on how long his war with the rest of the universe has been going.

Not exactly anime but this guy's job was literally destroy entire alternate universes/timelines and send it to the void for purification

Destoing the universe counts as one point.


Never he's a good guy.



This faggot and his dead faggot boyfriend.

i think those guys in DBZ that deleted universes

Double Digit amount of Universes


No way he's close


Killy should be pretty up there; that is if you count sillycones, safeguards, and other biotech horrors as 'people'.

Zeno from dbs probably killed around a couple hundred gorillion

Any anime character? Because there are literal universe wipers like Zeno from super as mentioned.


Not a dbzfag can zeno be killed ?

pretty sure he is the god of gods so once goku kills the other gods next show yeah thats probably how its gonna go.

db is fucking stupid

Yeah, but it's a fun stupid.

unironically this.
anyone that hates on yang knows it as a fact and does so just to deflect their own shady history.
millions and millions and millions of people dead for his bullshit imperialistic dream that he doesnt even see


i dont know what she did, but she sure killed my heart

RDG heroine. She killed all of the humans. At least Twice if not three times.

Probably these cunts

Nearly infinite numbers of people and any other life in the universe multiple times with each time leap and each worldline shift.

next to lotgh is probably kingdom, in terms of people dying


Madoka. She's destroyed the world tons of times. Homura has done around 100 resets and if even 50% of them were how it went, then it would mean Madoka would have killed nearly 350 Billion people.

People/Humans, not aliens.

The Ideon has been (violently) ending the universe over and over and over, usually after getting found and fought over.
What else would you expect from its creator Tomino?

Ichise from Texhnolyze unawaringly causes the extinction of humanity


he's responsible for it

DB universes are tiny

correct answer


miyamoto musashi slew 70 men singlehandedly!!!

I'm not even joking. Dandy is a full-on mass-murdering psycho:


the entity that came up with zearth and others like it.




I don't care if they can technically come back, he killed everyone.

All trash get out before I kill you too.