Would you watch a runescape anime?

would you watch a runescape anime?

>buying gf

it would just be poll the anime

>mindless grind: the anime

I would watch a cute girl get fire making to 99

>Congratulations, you've just advanced a Fishing level.


I seriously doubt it.

Hell yea

>Makes a thread about videogames
>not everyone on Sup Forums is into games
>100% of Sup Forums is into games

I wish Sup Forums people were just permabanned from other boards, all you fuckers do is bring your shitty memey culture (look at JoJo. It's so fucking shit, but Sup Forums keeps memeing it up) along. Please stop posting.


>everything I dont like is reddit or Sup Forums

But square enix should unironically produce a FFXIV anime based on the adventures of Hildibrand

only if it's like bikini warriors but with one bald bearded dude named zezima

I would.
Runescape is comfy.


I would watch and Adventure Quest anime

It would be the most horrible or greatest thing ever

this thread is making me nostalgic
>tfw your kid self was too poor to afford WoW so he had to settle for RS

>tfw your adult self is still too poor for WoW so he has to settle for sleeping pills

>fishin lvs?
>I'm an iron man
>god swords

It would only work with osrs.

I actually preferred RS to WoW, WoW never clicked with me, but my favorite mmorpg was pic related before they killed it.

Cute girls scamming people and luring new players into the wildy.

those thighs can PK me anytime

>armor trimming
>Falador Massacre
>Quests like Monkey Madness
>Gnome Kid

imagine how great the knight's sword episode would be

They should also make an elin anime after the Runescape one is over.

Yes. Since RS is pretty open-ended of what you can do in the world, I'd imagine a series of anthology episodes of the many aspects of RS.

Episodes of quests. Make them out to be even more epic for quests like Dragon Slayer, Swan Song, Ritual of the Mahjarrat, etc.
An episode for minigames like Castle Wars, Barbarian Assault, Pest Control with characters raging at each other over what to do
Fun slice of life episodes with characters interacting at skilling spots
An episode on the aspects of trading like scamming, armor trimming, and flipping.

There are tons of things that would be cool to do.

>One Small Favor episode

>MC dies during quest
>comes back without the quest item

Depends, are we talking full in game anime, or from the perspective of people playing the game?

If the former, I'd rather there be various adventure charterers instead of just one, or the one charter we do follow changes his appearance every couple episodes. Also becomes a woman for sometime because they can.

If the later, then it should either be a veteran or a complete noob getting into the game trying out all types of play, pking, pvming/bossing, skilling, shady shit like scame and lures, quests, autisic grinding for exp, etc.

then there's the problem of which game, osrs, or rs3