Cell should have been chosen, not freeza

Cell should have been chosen by Goku as a tenth, not freeza.

Cell is stronger, smarter and all around a drastically better villain and character than freeza; The second something goes wrong freeza descends into half-retarded insanity while cell is always cool and calm.

Additionally, cell was quite amiable when talking to goku despite wanting to kill him and would be drastically easier to work with than Freeza; Cell loves a good fight and would have been more than happy to work with goku to avoid deletion without killing him in an underhanded manner.

not to mention that he's drastically more powerful than Freeza due to having both Freeza's DNA and goku's DNA.

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>cell is always cool and calm
Except for, yknow. When Chadian kicked his ass

But yeah sure.

Cell never drew a dime.

And the dimes don't want to draw Cell.

>anime is now animated by lazy, over rushed animators
>expect cell to be animated with all his spots

This is why he wasn't. Super was already hurting in the animation quality. Cell would have killed it. It's would have to be animated like the FighterZ game to make Cell a viable character to bring back.

I never understood why everyone has such a boner for Freeza when Cell is literally the best villain in the series

Cell likely reincarnated. Frieza was too full of hatred so his soul will never go to heaven.

sad that despite bringing the show back they chimped out on quality and anime from 10 years ago is better animated.

Cell and his arc are shit and only liked by Americans. Prove me wrong.

>Good enough to not still be stuck in hell

The guy who said he was going to be the end of the universe and drank people.


Cell is an artificial creature created by a mad scientists. When he was killed his soul didn't go either to heaven nor hell.


>cell is always cool and calm
He wasn't so cool when a 9 year old kid beat his ass

Because unlike Cell, Goku actually likes Freeza

>telling lies
>/threading your own post

Can't, because it's the truth
Everything after Freeza sucks

Cell and Frieza both fall apart when they start losing. Their "cool and calm" image is just an act. Or did you forget I'M GOING TO BLOW MYSELF UP BECAUSE I'M A BIG MANCHILD Cell?

Buu is probably the "best" villain if your scale is who stays the most consistent even when they're losing, but that's just because he's apeshit nuts from the beginning.

The point is mute since cell can survive self-detonation.

>wanting to drag perfection into the clusterfuck that is Super

He didn't know that. Cell was surprised he survived the explosion. His plan was to suicide bomb everyone like a big loser baby.

Key issue here: That tactic actually WORKS.
One really has to wonder WHY.
its like he has a gay crush on freeza or something, unlike all the other villains he's killed and forgotten about.

>artificial beings don't have souls
This post is so intolerant and hurtful towards robots and AIs

Cell, Super Buu, Frieza, King Cold, Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Android 17 and 18 should have been the team

Not to mention Cell has the perfect theme

cell is only bearable as abridged cell. past that he's a flat character.

That's really weird considering he killed his best friend Krillin.

>watching abridged


Abridged is 100 times better than kai or the original english dub.
I hope it continues on into super.

It really isn't.
It was kind of funny in the bits on Namek that didn't have Goku, and I will say that Imperfect Cell was funny, but as soon as Semi-Perfect Cell showed up, the series turned into a shitty fandub with a bit of unfunny humour tossed in.
I much prefer my Dragon Box quality versions with the Japanese Broadcast Audio synced up. Abridged is just low quality American 'lulbacon' humour with nothing of substance to offer

>Dragon box
>Cropped washed out faux hd

The highest quality releases of Dragon Ball, were the level sets. Those got discontinued in favour of upscaled versions of the atrocious orange bricks.
The Dragon Box version is more in tune with the original colours of the version aired and has less issues compared to the blu-ray and season sets.
And it is definitely superior to the Abridged version.

I'm an American and I don't like Cell's arc.
He's the best villain but his arc is a mess.
Kill yourself.

Can anyone give me a quick rundown of everything that happened in DBS after the Frieza movie? I honestly don't have the time to watch this shit.

Goku fucks up EVERYTHING: the show

You're saying that like it's bad. Japs and Spics have awful taste.

But you see fucker Kai is better than all of that

>being retarded
>/threading your own post

That doesn't sound right. Toriyama loves Goku.

One tournament arc, Universal Final Solution, another tournament arc

>Champa arc
Universe 7 (Goku and friends) fight Universe 6 (the jobbers and Hit)
They fight, Vegeta befriends the only good Saiya-jin in that entire fucking universe (every other one is annoying) and Hit is so powerful you don't even know.
The thing ends with Beerus making a wish on the Super Dragon Balls that has no lasting effect on the series
>Goku Black
Time travel stuff happens and it makes no sense. Nozawa's Black is great though, and you should watch it specifically for that. The whole arc is terrible though as the time travel makes no sense, and the villain is shit when you think about his character. The manga is vastly superior
>Tournament of Power
Goku fights strong dudes and everyone except Tenshinhan gets a bullshit power up. Skip to around Episode 124, that's where the plot starts.

Is there a even character that’s close to being as perfect as Cell? Let alone be him. And I'm not talking about Perfect Cell. I'm not talking about Super Perfect either. Hell, I'm not even talking about SSGSS Golden Cell. I’m also not talking about SSGSS Golden Cell who fused with 9001 SSGSS Golden Cell Jrs & obtained Beerus & Whis' DNA. I'm definitely NOT Talking about SSGSS Golden Cell who fused with 9001 SSGSS Golden Cell Jrs & obtained Beerus, Whis, Champa & Vados' DNA after absorbing enough Spiral Power & Getter Rays to use SSGSS Golden Tengen Toppa Getter Emperor. I'm talking about SSGSS Golden Cell who fused with an infinite number of SSGSS Golden Cell Jrs, wished himself immortal with the Super Dragon Balls & obtained Beerus, Whis, Champa, Vados, Zeno, Madara Uchiha & Ultimate Kars' DNA to obtain Requiem versions of every Stand (including but not limited to Gold Experience Requiem, Made in Heaven Requiem, The World Over Heaven Requiem & D4C Requiem) after absorbing enough Spiral Power & Getter Rays to use SSGSS Golden Tengen Toppa Getter Emperor as he pilots Elder Demonbane with Cosmic Armor, Power Cosmic (all of it), and Omega effect, the Anti-Life Equation also flowing through his veins (because that's apparently how it works), his Taikyoku value being beyond infinity, while he does 101 Push-ups, 101 Sit-ups, 101 Squats, 11 km run per day as a park ranger for over 4 months inside the sun after ingesting Kryptonian DNA (to somehow obtain infinite power from a finite source) after consuming Popeye's Spinach while riding the writer's cock to battle.

It really isn't. Some of Kai's redrawn animation doesn't look as good, and the amazing insert songs are left out (I'm still mad about Gohan's Super Saiya-jin 2 transformation lacking that amazing insert song).
And I remember there was an issue with the Buu saga and that there was a green or yellow tint to the whole thing? Not sure if that was fixed.

> tfw you're now aware that 17 could take out Cell, Dabura and Buu with no problems.

I used to think that too but the fact that he killed himself to be able to destroy Earth means he would care more about killing everyone than saving the universe.

Because Cell wouldn't have enough time to train to become stronger, Frieza already had God ki.

Even more amazing insert songs got used like Tada Kogoeru Elegy, Chou Super Dragon Soul, and TOKUSENTAI TOKUSENTAI TOKUSENTAI TOKUSENTAI
The redrawn animation looks better on BD, but I haven't gotten the final chapters on BD yet, and it did air a bit blown out.

All he needs to do is blow himself up repeatedly, that seemed to work for a massive power up last time.
Yeah, well, goku basically gets the majority of reality erased due to being a retard.
He's probably going to reverse everything with his wish on the super dragon balls, but he still fucked everything up in the meantime.

>Goku fights strong dudes and everyone except Tenshinhan gets a bullshit power up. Skip to around Episode 124, that's where the plot starts.

don't forget how Jiren is literally hax as a character.

The tournament of Power never should have happened. Dragon Ball super should never have happened. Heck, Dragon Ball GT should never have happened. Heck, the Buu saga should never have happened. Heck, the Cell saga never should have happened. Heck, the Garlic Jr. Saga never should have happened. Dragon Ball should've ended with Goku being proven strongest in the universe after beating Frieza who is now only second strongest.

Super is basically the exact same premise of the afterlife tournament from after the cell games of toriyama trying to fix the problem of Goku being so goddammed OP by saying "there's TONS of beings just as strong if not stronger than Goku out there!".

only problem is its looking to do the exact same damned mistake that happened there with them immediately having goku surpass the Gods of destruction in power by a drastic marging.

Kill the people who are trying to kill you is to be a big manchild
Look at this cuck

Hyperbolic Time Chamber and self destruction

Super doesn't even make any sense considering this scene of freeza and the others in hell

honestly, hell's not that bad if you ignore the greasy german ogres down there.


Dragon Ball should've ended with Oolong getting panties from Shenron

forget freeza man, why the fuck did Goku pick Roshi over yamcha?

Dragon Ball should've ended with Goku stealing Bulma's panties.

dragon ball should have ended with bulma hitting goku with her car

The time travel in the Goku Black arc makes more sense than in the Android/Cell saga for what it's worth. They at least take the time to explain how it works in a simple manner, contrary to confusing people with four different timelines that requires a chart just to explain what the fuck happened with Cell's conception.

Dragon ball should've ended with a monkey kid in the wilderness.

Non-canon anime filler. There's a lot of stuff in the DBZ anime that didn't happen in the manga, which is why people in the fanbase are so autistic about what is and isn't canon. Such examples in DBZ include the peanut gallery watching the gang fight Vegeta and Nappa on television, Goku meeting Princess Snake on Snake Way, Gregory's entire character (created solely for the anime by Toriyama), the mini-arc where Vegeta and Nappa take over a world of bug people and then blow up their planet, Fake Namek, Chi-Chi's impromptu attempt to go to Namek and save Gohan, a lot of other shit, and all of the movies (barring History of Trunks and the Bardock tv specials). Thing is that it's not just that they didn't happen, but that they also outright conflict with a lot of stuff in the series (in particular, Trunks being present in most of the movies)

>wanting yamcha on your team
I don't even know what to say user.

Cell is weaker than Frieza, no matter what spicks tell you with their fanfic "SSGSS Golden Cell" shit

cell has both freeza AND goku's cells, he should be drastically more powerful than freeza since he has all of his DNA's benefits.

sacrificial character to defeat Jiren through disqualification.

He got beaten by fucking Gohan.
He was a jobber's jobber, this is a level of pathetic not even Yamcha could ever hope to attain.

I agree.

This. Gohan is the Yamcha of saiyans and ultimate jobber, if you get beaten by GOHAN, you're fucking pathetic.

Good god, Goku should be too ashamed to be seen in public due to having gohan for a son.