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Why doesn't Katakuri just copy G4? He copied all of his move already so why not G4?

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because chopper and brook don't just represent their holiday, they represent the season as well. carrot's not only a literal easter bunny, but most of her costumes have spring colors as well

When will she join the crew?

How many chapters left on this arc?

Power Mochi is basically the strength equivalent of G4.

Because he is just a goon, all that hype about him was bullshit.
Luffy's gonna powerup and beat his opponent like always and at that point why the fuck not, i just want this arc to be over with

I have a feeling Ch. 895 will have BIG NEWS.

You mean fleet, not crew.

Never. But she will be one of the leaders of the new world order after Luffy crushes the marines, finds the treasure, and dies.

Less then ten, I hope.

name a non-strawhat with as many costume changes as carrot




please don't hurt him, Nami

Haven't heard this particular theory. Seems like a stretch.

Carrot is joining tho. Oda's written her to be a foil of Jinbe's character across the board and that's all anyone should really need to know whether she's joining or not.

Good point.
The other would be Reiju who I think might have a slim chance at joining given her devil fruit and other reasons.

He wore the same outfit for Punk Hazard and Zou.

When is he going to make an appearance at the Reverie?

Carrot woke up guys

Reiju joining would be too good.

So what do u think snakeman will be?

kinemons entire power as far as we know right now not counting the kurama theory is costume changes user, come on now


Does Hancock deserve to have her love requited from Luffy?

We have to wait and see what Germa does at the end of the arc. Oda's been blueballing us the last dozen chapters.

Either way, I think Oda's going to be wrapping up the crew relatively soon. I just can't see Oda having someone new join after Wano arc.

That really only leaves WCI arc, the mini-arc between WCI/Wano, and Wano arc for new crew members.

has he? i can only think of 2, his pre and post TS attire. what else is there?
her raid costume, her wedding costume, and her bedroom costume. that's only 3
not even close

What about Elbaf or the return to Fishman Island?

Katakuri doesn't copy Gear Second or Third, he merely replicates various moves from it. He's naturally fast and can create mochi to attack with so he can create a Gatling Gun-like attack. He can balloon his mochi up and coat it with Haki so he can create an Elephant Gun-like attack.

He can't mimic Gear Fourth with his ability, at best he can try replicating certain moves from it but he can't replicate that raw power and speed it creates. Power Mochi is what he has used to counter it and it's something separate from his body.

And Kinemon hasn't ever used his fruit to wear new outfits outside of when necessary in the story.

Didn't Vivi say she would join next time they see each other on the sea? Maybe it was a bad translation but that is what I remember. But then again we don't know what will go down during the reverie

Daily reminder we have to have an elbaf arc since it was promised that Oimo and Kashi would be met again

The point I'm trying to make is that we have a very very long way to go until the end boys let's relish it while it lasts or unless Oda dies

Pre skip, post skip Punk Hazard, pic related, Dressrosa open jacket, Zou collar

Does Vivi count? Alabasta heavy clothing, Princess ceremony clothing, Initial appearance clothing, Drum Island clothing, Little Garden clothing, and the Nakama X clothing.

Elbaf is a long way off and in all likelihood the last arc before EOS stuff like Shanks/BB/Raftel/Final War.

Return to Fishman Island will be in EOS given its probably tied to the Final War and its proximity to Mariejois.

Strawhats aren't going to Reverie since they're preoccupied with Wano.

Also Oda hates Vivi and only writes her into the story for fanservice.

I like this a lot and think it's pretty close to what it'll be, but I think he'll mimic katakuris mochi arms with rubber and they'll be snakes. I think basically he's gonna be speed deoxys

pls oda

3 more for Luffy vs Katakuri, another 3 for feeding Big Mom the cake, and last 3 for aftermath and party.

How about Smoothie vs Germa and Judge eyebrow reveal?


The genkiest!

Less than 6 hopefully so the myth that chapter _00 is a chapter Oda wants to finish on, ends.

>Luffy is stronger than Kataku--

thats wat Luffy wanted but kata wants a fair fight between men. Equal grounds

There's nothing unfair about being stronger.

I lost interest in the fight when it was revealed Katakuri's Observation Haki didn't actually have any weaknesses and it was merely his demeanor that hindered it. So basically Luffy is stonewalled and has to "learn" it, which amounts to just being in an "intense fight" (like most of Luffy's fights anyway) getting pummeled for an evening and night. Tiring it out is lame, just like the "I need 10 minutes to recharge my Haki" deal.

I prefer the idea of Luffy having to overcome it and it being somewhat unique rather than it becoming standardized with "there are people in the world who can just read the future with their Haki" and Luffy learning it as he gets pummeled.

He's gonna become like taffy and use twisting attacks and Kami-e to dodge attacks.

I expect Gum Gum Storm to finally make a come back.

because Oda is a hack

The only moves he's copied involve stretching and/or inflating/creating more of himself. That is easy to do with his mochi powers.

Gear 4 is basically elasticity focused. Mochi is not known for being elastic.

it ends on Chapter 900

What is the point of this post? Are you saying Luffy did not get stabbed too?

The point is, Luffy will not beat Katakuri at his full strength and become as strong as a Yonkou commander.

>Luffy can take on Big Me--

The goal was to become stronger. That's why he wanted to fight. To expand his haki.

Which he did.

Do you mean top Yonkou commander/Yonkou right hand? Yonkou commander is a loose term that can apply to any of Whitebeard's random commanders who aren't the top 5.

>Luffy will not beat Katakuri at his full strength
And neither will Katakuri should he win according to your logic because he didn't stab Luffy on his own. He needed Flampe to be able to stab him. Whether you like it or not, Flampe sped up the conclusion of this fight because both Luffy and Katakuri suffered that trident wound due to her interference.

Is Luffy x Hancock inevitable?

It’s weird. Law‘s got everything to make him an attractive dude but I can’t think of him that way.

A criticism of this logic is it has been written in a way that allows Luffy to even get a real chance, because Katakuri was certainly not going to lose to Luffy if he didn't weaken himself and give Luffy an opportunity to use Gear Fourth.

every single frame with carrot is so good

What are the things you faggots are most excited for Wano
>Kaido backstory
>Kozuki Oden and Roger flashback
>Drake's backstory and development
>Kidd finally being fleshed out
>Sulong Neko&Inu
>identity of the lurking legend Oda plans on introducing
>Kaido's first mate being way more interesting and developed than Katakuri
>Luffy Drake Law Kidd Hawkins and Marco vs Kaido
I literally cannot wait for this arc,with every that Oda has set up for it there's no doubt that it will be the best arc in the series by far,i don't even care if it won't end until like 2022

>implying there's a problem with this logic

There was literally only one fag who thought this was a thing. My only hope is that she doesnt become an ally.

>Nami will never say "I will never forgive you" to me
It hurts

I'm excited for all the characters and the feudal Japanese theme

However Momonosuke, whatever sob stories come of the people of Wano may come and the fact that it's another "save the kingdom and restore the benevolent royal family" arc counters this and makes me skeptical of the whole thing.

>tfw (((they))) took that gag seriously

Luffy will still take down Big Meme after he's through with shit tooth

How about I list the thing I despise the most about Wano?


And that's it.

>Drake's backstory
We already had it.


>mfw nobody likes my favorite ship and its just Sana,Luna,Luha,Zorobin,Frobin dudes in here
>mfw there's barely any fanarts for my favorite ship
lucky anons


Daily reminder that LuKa is canon

Was mainly talking about the reason he left the marines and why he decided to infiltrate Kaido's forces.
Ddidn't even cross my mind actually,fuck Momonosuke,we can only hope that his role won't be as big as Rebecca during Dressrosa.That kid was a fucking mistake.

It was found out he abandoned his former Marine father and company and ended up with the Marines as a young man but that's it.

If he was just a Marine now that would be fine but obviously there's more to it.

We're about 70 chapters into the arc, wouldn't be surprised if it went another 10-15.

You'll get your fan arts when its canon

Add Luffy's awakening to that.

Vivi confirmed lesbian

>hope that his role won't be as big

He's the prince and a little kid accompanying the Straw Hats who wants to be brave and strong. Make of it what you will.

It wont be better than Whole Cake
No arc will ever be as good

I hope so user. I can't wait for reverie for more hints


god i fucking hate momonosuke


Honest question. How would the readers react if Oda cucks Luna and Sana shippers by making Nami and Vivi end up together. I know it won't happen. Im just interested in the outcome.

I am not into the lesbian thing desu. I guess some would like it but the majority would hate it.

Wano will be as overrated at Marineford.

At least the crew will probably be complete by the end of the arc.

I'm just glad that it seems like the series is proceeding towards a conclusion.

I can only imagine the cheesy kid-is-being-brave-and-proving-himself-to-be-strong that will definitely ensue. Momonosuke really sours my expectation.

I'm also excited to see what's next after Wano, because after that island we will be reaching unknown territory. It's been a long saga that started since Punk Hazard.

You can use that Luffy gave Vivi the hat like LuNafags do.
But I don't think you are desperate like they are so you won't


I know that chances are stacked against that but the only thing i can do is hope.

good, get ready to see a whole lot more of him in wano

Has Zoro even had a challenging fight post- timeskip? Hopefully we'll get to see him go all out in Wano.

Why are people so against this idea I dont get it, I want her to become an ally so fucking bad it hurts. Luffy and Big Mom are kindred spirits, both pirates that live of instinct rather than intelligence that have a deep, almost sexual, love of food. That and Kat and Luffy can have a proper sparing match. Plus a kick ass party, what more can you ask for.

I have an image for when they are leaving after the party Luffy gives BM the rubbings back and says that after he's done with Kaido he's gonna bring his entire crew and have a real fight and the entire family burst into laughter. I don't get why people hate that idea so much.

Of course it won't happen. With Nami's juice being the best Smoothie's ever drank and Nami realizing she's a vore fetishist it'll be love at first taste.

This. I hope we get a kunoichi to join. I don't care if that means having 3 characters with Japanese fighting style (Zoro with katana swordsmanship, Jinbei with karate, and then ninjutsu), we gotta have a ninja to join.

And NO MORE freeloader after Wano. Too many non-crew members have been getting on board.

>mfw we're getting an intentionally dragged out arc just so autistic Oda can get his big climax on chapter 900

get ready Grande Madre....

After i destroy billion berry man


smoothie is going to make carrot-juice and you know

I want to see BM get btfo by Luffy in a real fight not this friendship shit that has been done to death in this arc, and will happen with Katakuri soon.

Will EOS Sanji have better haki and be stronger overall than Katakuri?