Boku No Hero Academia

Friendly reminder that pic relate is end game.

Friendly reminder that you should kill yourself.

Reminder that phoneposters are people too

Eagerly awaiting Mirio x Eri stuffs from user, hopefully something involving his cape


How do we improve bnha?
Hard mode: nothing sexual and you can’t remove characters or change quirks.

la creatura...

Name of the girl?

i just want deku to become the mad-man again

>only American in the series is a mutant
So... this is the power.... of 56%.....
...el goblino...

Make a pseudo second protagonist like Watchmen to focus on street-level and mundane stuff

Read more.

More focus on All Might during his prime and what the world was like before he stepped in to slaughter AfO's villain empire

he have 3

Street level and mundane, like slice of life mundane, not monster of the week with a half-assed, who-gives-a-shit SoL

i mean crawler help old ladies cross the street and he pick up trash i don't think you can get more mundane than that

Tsuyu is the traitor


The other way around. The only people doing such fanart are inevitably gonna be westerners

Erio want's the Diku

>belinda drake

>Erio want's the Diku
Why are Dekufags so delusional?

More Bakugou

>touches herself and cries herself to sleep thinking about Deku
>runs away from Mirio (leaving him behind near death all alone) just see Deku again, because she's worried about Deku
>the first guy who ever touched her with love was Deku

>Erio want's the Diku

Make that when Overhaul went full kaiju he was using the trigger drug.

Power Couple Ochako and Deku. Like, immediately. Have them be dating, don't spend too much time on it.

Reminder that Mitsuki is best BNHA girl

the main cast are 20-23 year olds instead of dumb idiot teenagers

You are more correct than most

She gave birth to Bakugo, so she can’t be the best.

Best girl has worst kid I fail to see the issue

No one said she was perfect perfect girls are waifu bait she is just the best in the manga

>blames son for getting kidnaped.

Yea but her is Bakugo so he deserves it


Typo fuck

How can mutant boy even compete?

Less villains of the arc and stop adding characters every single arc that only show up for the arc. Cast is big enough as it is.

>deserves to be called weak bitch by your own mom cause you got kidnaped by a dangerous criminal organization that almost killed a bunch of your schoolmates
Did bakugo kill your parents or something user?

Well maybe if he didn't act like a villain all the time other villains might not figure he's one of them and kidnap him.

I mean if she was being 100% serious sure i'd have issues with it but she was not being 100% serious

Me and my dad had all kinds of banter when I was Bakugos age we'd take every chance we could take to make fun of each other but we hardly ever serious

Loving banter no matter how harsh is still banter

>couples of chapters later Bakugou is destroyed and crying while saying he was weak and everything was his fault
Well he took it seriously

It's not his mom's fault that her son is cripplingly autistic and can't handle entry-level bantz

Thats down to it being the truth not his mom being a tomboy

But it wasn’t because he’s weak, it’s his fault because he’s an asshole. All he had to do was not act like a raging lunatic and the VA would never have tried to kidnap him.

But Seriously, Where the fuck does UA get all the fucking funding necessary to build and maintain rows of five story dorm buildings, several literally city-sized model cities, and several coliseums, one of which is so massive it contains several smaller coliseums dedicated to entire environments?
is UA secretly funded by ((((them))))? Is the head honcho of UA being a rat a secret nod to a certain group of bankers? Is Nezu's last name Goldstein?
It just doesn't add up. Where is all the money coming from?



It's all funded by AfO


You have a lot of beautiful males, and you choose the mutant. What's wrong with you?

Fucking bitch. She should thank God everyday for birthing such an alpha son.

> There is a man so fundamentally powerful he can create an entire industry with some of the most embarrassing concepts to play out his personal fantasy of superheros vs supervillains.

Who is the jew of HeroAca?

>UA is controlled by an ambiguous, vaguely rat-like character with an elongated snout
>Said character's special ability is being smarter than all the normal people around him
>Said character has been demonstrated to be manipulative and sadistic when dealing with those less intelligent than himself
>Said character is an extremely uncommon elevated member of his species, "chosen" if you will
>Is able to afford seemingly limitless, massive scale construction projects without any sign of financial constraint
Nezu is a blatant zionist caricature confirmed. How on Earth did Hori get away with it?

Make it like a thinly-veiled Samurai Flamenco, but with addition of blood and gore and legit treason inbetween.

Some focus on DekuChako and their evolutionary relationship as a romantic subplot behind the scenes would be interesting.

Equal male to female ratio in terms of fighting scenes.

Zero asspulls at all, not that hard in battle shounen.

Nezu is the victim.

>Nezu's backstory is one of persecution and mistreatment, not to mention vague "experimentation"

Few TodoMomo moments will be nice.

stop adding characters, Hori already has a massive cast and developing the existing cast is a massive boon the series needs.

have to different characters excelle at different points in the story instead of three or so characters maintaining the monopoly on OP PLS NERF test scores and Hero powers.

other stuff
>reveal why All Might dropped Mirio for Deku
>Bait and switch traitor reveal to keep us on our toes
>Ochako gets a powerup so she can be relevant instead of generic love intrest #4388
>All might dies being a hero or some shit



>reveal why All Might dropped Mirio for Deku
We know this, he gave OfA to Deku before he even knew about Mirio

I just wanna see Deku stop being a fucking bitch. I hope Hori has the balls to put him through a villian phase. Deku losing his shit and taking the black pill would be amazing.

Why not?
But he is one of the good ones, some mutants are worthy of love



>generic love intrest #4388
There exists heroines in battle manga that act more than just MC's love interests, you just haven't digged into it.

user everyone has a sore spot. Bakugou is being weak/needing help. Remember the reason why he hates deku. Cause he helped him. Notice how everyone else was all kacchan was fine but deku was “are you okay?”bakugo doesn’t want to be someone who needs help after all he was better than everyone else so why would he? How dare deku that quirkless weakling think I need help I’m just fine damnit. His mom may be all not as tough as you think you are punk and just think she’s attacking his ego but she doesn’t realize the true depth. Not only did him being weak cause trouble for UA. Him needing to be rescued and that being the thing that ends his idols career. It hurt. He was the best? How could he let this happen? It’s also why he’s still mad about the slime incident. Honestly the poor kid needs to learn it okay to rely on others.

Shhh go to sleep GOYIM! We’re your allies, THE greatest allies! Remember 6 Billion died for your sins!

>I want to amass power and money
>Because I can, that’s why
Who else could it be

"The poor kid"

Dude's just a fucking faggot. Oh woe is me, I'm so STRONK!!! Yet I feel the need to bully others and yet somehow I'm still the victim! Bakugou and his fanbase is fucking retarded. He needs to get anally raped by Jamal and humiliated so badly that so he finally comes to terms with the fact that he's a vagina.

>Why do you want to be a hero, Ochako?
>"for money!"

All Might also picked Deku because he acted despite having no quirk.
Do you really think he would pick a guy who didn’t despite having the perfect counter to a guy he was facing?

This is a fine specimen of “getting anally raped irl”

Who hurt you user

>bullies deserve rape
Also user you don’t have to like him just understand him.

why is everyone else who hates bakugo a fucking loser
its just them projecting their experience in high school onto him

Have you never been a teenager? Of course he takes shit like that too seriously. You only realize later when you've grown up that not everything your parents say is the truth or meant 100% seriously.

yeah but useless Heroines are far more a staple than capable Heroines ever were in Shonen.

its why Good Heroines are always a nice thing to have as an extra instead of what should be a standard.

wasn't he the choice before he knew of Deku?


Yeah, he was Sir and Nezu’s choice. All Might never got the chance to meet him before committing to Deku.


Nigger I hate Deku even more for not standing up to Bakugou's bullshit and instead licking Kacchan's balls. The worst part of this manga is how everyone is totally OK with Bakugous reason for bullying Deku in the first place. The dude didn't even have a tough family life cause his parents were great. I honestly dont understand how people can self insert and sympathize with the dude. I figure its just kids who got bullied in HS and have fond memories of their bullies and wanna be like them.

So I just finished watching all of the anime a few days ago and I gotta say, that was way funner than I expected. It's just so different compared to other action anime series I've seen so far.

The plot fucking moves with little filler compared other shows where 2-3 episodes are spent just talking or going into a character's flashback; the characters are interesting and have their limitations in terms of power.

And fuck, All Might IS like a way more interesting Superman. Love when he's on-screen, either powered up or not. I was put off by Deku at the first few episodes but becomes tolerable.

he was not the next all might, but the next Midnight all along

According to anonymous posters on the internet the weird relationship deku and bakugo have is because japan has some bizarre fetishistic cultural perspective on bullying unlike anything considered rational in the USA, but no one can ever expand on that further with sources or anything other than "Nips have a weird perspective on bulying"

i can't wait until mirio finally ruptures and stretches eri's reverting cunny

Not him, but you need to take a deep breath and take a step back. You're taking a manga way too emotionally you fucking faggot.
>I hate Deku even more for not standing up to Bakugou's bullshit and instead licking Kacchan's balls.
When though? The minute he got OFA he kept saying he was going to beat Katsuki. Then he proceeded to actually beat him. He admires certain qualities about Bakugou - such as his drive to win - but always says that he's a total jerk.
>The worst part of this manga is how everyone is totally OK with Bakugous reason for bullying Deku in the first place.
Nobody knows about it in UA. Deku doesn't talk about it aside "Kacchan is a jerk" or "Kacchan calls me Deku to belittle me", Bakugou doesn't bring it up, so everyone thinks they just have a bad history together.
>The dude didn't even have a tough family life cause his parents were great.
What's your argument? Bakugou is a shit because he has an inferiority complex that stems only from his own issues. We know that. So? Did you expect him to get the Hollywood treatment of "my parents were mean to me once so I'm gonna beat Deku up?" How realistic is that anyway?
>I figure its just kids who got bullied in HS and have fond memories of their bullies and wanna be like them.
You can like a character and still hate or condemn actions they did, which is called nuance. It's not like Endyfags had their mom beaten up in front of them either. Also, it's literally fucking fiction.

Would be cool if you make a recommendation thread on /wsr/ about capable heroines in shounen battle manga. Theres a ton of it and it looks like its increasing in recent years, as seen in stuff from Gangan, Shonen Champion or Shonen Ace which are worth a look.

You know about zero tolerance? Where if kid A starts beating up kid B and kid B fights back, they both get in trouble?
In Japan, even if kid B doesn't fight back, it's generally considered to be partially kid B's fault for letting it happen. I'm not sure if kid B would get in trouble, but people really wouldn't be sympathetic.

Nothing. Trust the process.

Steel yourself user, All Might and Deku are destined for suffering

Joel pls go

I always thought of Jirou as some cold tomboy friend to me but after ch. 169 I am slowly falling in love with her, help me before it's too late.

You need no help, user, you're finally on the right track, towards best girl, where you belong- come home, join us. Join Jirou-san

>if he doesn’t fight back then the kid deserves to be bullied
Thank god for Japan’s strict gun laws, otherwise they would rival America for school shootings.

Kaminari pls, be honest with your own feeling

She’s always had a sweeter side, I’m glad you’ve finally realized

>Shyly pulling down skirt

Kacchan is getting a happy end. Deal with it, extra.

I've asked this a lot of times already, but how is Jirou exactly a tomboy? what about her boyish? I just don't get