Little Witch Academia

Did her plan ever make sense to anyone? Or was it completely pointless in the end?

She was an evil gay scientist. Like most yurifags, it only makes sense in her head.

>Create technology that runs out of nay instead of yay
>make technology/magic that runs out of yay obsolete
>produce lots of nay
>have a monopoly on magical energy
>Hump Chariot

Makes me wonder what the purpose of showing us quick clips of what Croix was up to in-between episodes. They don't even bother explaining the purpose for these "tests", like with the suit of armor.

She was testing how strong could negative energy get. Her plan was just collecting a lot of negative energy and use the Noir Rod to force the Great Triskelion open.


She wanted to hurt everyone and get the energy to fuel the machines that hurt them off of the very fact that they were hurt.

Also she wanted to try to tell the world that it was wrong and she was a great witch, but when she discovered the world ran on yay she had a mental breakdown. She also never made her machines incapable of feeding off of her own suffering because she probably thought she was way too in control and badass as an adult.

Yeah I got that the three times I've seen it, but they never explained that negative energy could break the seal, or that Croix was making a laser? She just went to the seal and shot a laser, no monologue or anything.
Also, what was the point of Croix having Akko climb Wagandea?

She just brute forced it. Negative energy is still kinda just magic. Her machines were the real problem

Nothing gay people do makes sense, their existence is a redundancy.

>Also, what was the point of Croix having Akko climb Wagandea?

Just fucking with Akko & Ursula. You know she only does it in a half-assed way though. Like a half-baked spite (which isn't quite malice). Just like her relationship with Chariot - she cares for Chariot deeply on some level, but ultimately her jealousy, self importance and pride gets in the way of that.

>Also, what was the point of Croix having Akko climb Wagandea?
Did you miss Croix's entire characterization? She's angry because the rod didn't choose her. So she wants everyone chosen to fail, and even the rod itself to become irrelevant.

Sort of what this user says that whole episode was just a mix match of emotions.
Croix tells Akko to keep going up, but keeps fucking with her. But sort of doesn't because of Ursula.
I know she's angry about the wand but Croix's actions seem contradictory at times, which I can only guess is because she's a wannabe villain.

>wannabe villain
This is exactly what she is. All her "evil" is basically just spite towards Chariot. And even then, spite born of of jealousy and affection.
If she didn't give a shit, she wouldn't have dived like a madman to save her during the Wagandea episode when she fell off her broom.

Reminder that Croix is my wife.

was disappointed with little witch in general. the short movies were better, but little witch series was too cheesy. I like Akko but she got annoying at how bad she was at everything

>people unironically thought the 2nd movie was good

It was about 7 or 8. Original was a 9. TV series is a 7 (but a low 7).

You say that, yet in the end she still got the girl (Once she's out of prison anyway).

Her plan worked, tho. She got the stick, it was just useless to her.

A tribbing Chariot is her magic.

She wanted to skip the Words bullshit and brute force the Seal with an artificial Claimh Solais. So she started dicking around with emotion magic and figured out that anger had the best returns. Then she harnessed the pissed-off-ness of a soccer riot and used it to fuel her fake Claimh Solais.

It was pretty straightforward.

Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen any art of them doing so.

Yeah straight forward. Just expected some deep explanation as to exactly what the purpose of her tests were. Probably wouldn't have fit in a kids show, but neither would politics.
We just got actions instead of words, so its fine.