What series have women die heroic deaths?

What series have women die heroic deaths?

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heroism, courage, bravery, strength are not qualities of women

Schwarzesmarken - also lots of unheroic deaths

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But they wished her back.


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>dying bravely

Read Wolfsmund user

Risa and Lan Fan from FMA both were at least willing to die for a greater cause, and the author could have had them die in that fashion. I fucking hate that they just forced Mustang to bring her back. Why did they have to go through the effort of finding candidates if they could just force them to bring people back?

There are many women who understand bravery and courage. Humanity as both sexes understood those for the greater good. I believe there's history of female fighters and soldiers sacrificing themselves to save their children and country.

Sora no Otoshimono

not really at all, but isn't it nice to think so?

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>I said it's true because I said so that women are weak



Do... do we count this? It is a valid answer to your question at least.

to live out your full life until you die of old age in a apoclyptic world where you are the last humans that remain, that is most heroic

Stone Ocean

Zombie children soldiers with butterfly wings fight beasts on earth while living on floating islands.



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On the actual topic though I think Code Geass had some examples of heroic female deaths. Shuumatsu could qualify as well.

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Darling In The FranXX when 02 dies.

>Why did they have to go through the effort of finding candidates if they could just force them to bring people back?
Its easier to use people who don't know that they're being used. And forcing it required Pride to be brought close to death

Should have been Yoko instead of Kittan.

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at least give me the spiel about germanic and gallic camp women, jesus christ


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One example. In today's world women are at risk of getting raped and sexually harassed in the armed forces.

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Mahou Shoujo can be quite heroic.

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Yeah, especially when the american armed forces are involved. Go read a book.

Doesn't every Sailor Moon season do this?

If they have control over the majority of the military - and thereby the military prison camps - wouldn't it actually be easier to frame the prospective candidates into prisons, then force them to do human-transmutation there where escape would be impossible?

This way would both ensure the candidates would all be within the country-wide circle, as well as reducing the need to seek anymore out. Keeps things in one tidy area. All you need is to have Sloth or another homunculus to keep them there.

This seems to be a flaw in an otherwise great series.

>nu-a believes that women are human beings
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Wasn't heroic but it was a great death scene.
Nana did really good.



Not traits we value in literature and culture at least. Beauty and kindness being the more common. As a result, most women who can succeed within this culture will adopt most of the valued traits to their sex, this being why most are not heroic nor strong.

Granted, its is case-by-case. A woman herself can choose to pursue masculine values, especially if this woman falls through culture's cracks and can no longer succeed with female values. I think of Casca as a popular example of such a character. A visible outsider with her black skin, who when her farmer culture failed her, the only people left she could live with where mercenaries; she worked herself into being within that culture, and found success there, working around her lesser female strength with technique, loyalty, and strategy.




Hilda from episode 4 of Outlaw Star.

Gets caught in a sun's gravity and is told she will be unable to escape. Instead of accepting death she uses this to grab and stop the space chink pirates from killing the protags. She then tells the MC to never go down without a fight and blows herself and the pirates up. Sultry rock music plays as this happens.

Heroic af. Show never recovered without her being there.

Hilda was too good for this world

Agreed best female pirate

I could've posted the Soviet snipers as well, but the algorith didn't like me. Bravery is a human trait, something you fucktard seem to know nothing about.

Nah, anywhere is rather likely.