White Album 2

Can we thank the lords there won't be a season 2 of this? It ended at the perfect time.

Also it flopped

I'm glad things wound up the way they did, now we get more Saekano.

which is even worse

No, it didn't actually.


Is closing chapter worth adapting?

It sure is.

t. idiot.
It's trash.

It did pretty well. Too bad the chances of getting another season of cucking is pretty slim.

What was the deal with the first White Album?


Only if its Kazusa's True End.
I want to see Setsuna's suffering animated.

VN translation fucking when? I was desperate enough to read through the partial but that ends right at the end of closing chapter.

What the FUCK is your problem?

Sorry Setsuna, you can have Chikashi though.

Can we all agree that she is the worst girl of all time?

Not even worst in her own show.

Yes she is.

Senpai was much worse.

How so?

She's best tho.
Man the rotoscoped scenes in WA1 were cool, why didn't 2 have them?

How can a sociopath be best?

Also, budget limitations.

The senpai was a cunt. Manager was just a good manipulator. Nothing wrong with that.

You mean aside from ruining everything?

Also, you didn't provide any explanation. "sh-she's a cunt" is not an argument. Shows how worthless your input was from the beginning.

>ended at the perfect time

>idiotic tripfag disagrees
Definitely ended at the perfect time.

Me in the middle

>Anime adaption
>Mean anything

The anime adaptation was perfect, and replaces the IC VN flawlessly.

Not adapting CC is a good thing because it's bad.

>The anime adaptation was perfect
No, it wasn't. It made Setsuna (and Haruki to some extent) look like a plain character.
While I can't deny, that it really was a good adaptation, I still don't like some things, which could look much better.

The hell are you on about? They're exactly the same in the anime as they are in IC, minus the MC's internal thoughts. That's actually an area where the anime is superior because the viewer isn't presented with a text dump during an emotional scene like the one near the taxi.


also fuck setsuna

What, the adaptation is basically IC 1:1

By the way, who the fuck am I to blame for us never getting a CC and Coda anime adaptation?

>see Setsuna's suffering animated
This. I laughed so hard at the ending scene, oh god I need more.

Who's buying the Extended Edition that's coming out on Valentine's day?

>Only if its Kazusa's True End.
Kazusa is shit-tier character. MC don't deserve Setsuna anyway.

>implying anyone on Sup Forums can read japanese

>>implying anyone on Sup Forums can read japanese
Go home herkz.

Why would literally anyone like this purple haired bitch?

In the same way like people loves Kazusa. Same character.

Same VA.

Well, that's one way of admitting you're retarded.

Why does the anime keep trying to make the viewer feel for the MC?


It would have been better if it was 1-cour and only focused on the main 3 characters, just like WA2.

Instead it's 2-cour and it has like 5-6 different girls after the MC's dick, and he's mentally retarded.

I wanted the rest of the VN to be adapted as well.

Setsuna did nothing wrong.

Good thing it wont be

Kill yourself. Setsuna was a great girl. Kazusa is backpedaling garbage.

>3 timing 3 different bitches
>asks the student affairs cake out to dinner anyway
>sees the ugly manager bitch walk in while at said dinner, pretends to go to the toilet and enters her car
>cake is left miserable
This guy is something else.


Setsuna is a better girl than Touma.

Setsuna is a better person than Kazusa.
That said, Kazusa is best girl.

Fuck off


Why not? Watching that manipulative bitch suffer and mind you, doing it all the way till the end even when MC had enough, was sweet sweet justice. Hnghhh

You are stupid.

Let this thread die already. We're going to have a good one on February 14.

You are a retard.