It's her birthday

It's her birthday.
Say something nice to her.


Dumb lawfag

Fuck you, rulesfag.



I can't believe she was a meme waifu, ffs. Thankfully, the meme has died and now everyone stopped giving a shit about her and realized how much of a shit character with no redeeming qualities she is. Fuck everyone who ever liked this bitch for real.

Stop that.

Kero kero

Happy birthday.

Get me those digits for tsuyu





Hey,frogs can be treated like a delicacy as well. Neat.

nice thread on /c/ with tsuyu in it

why did people start hating on her all of a sudden, is it because she's popular or too earnest?

Best girl, nobody else can compete.

I can't get that one fucking image out of my head with her and deku, her character has been ruined for me

It's because she's a shit character. If you've ever actually read the manga, you should have already noticed.

Might be the first one.

How so?

A complete worthless character. I like how she did fuck all in the latest arc. There's literally nothing to her character other than that she's a frog girl.

She's been playing the lawfag card every single time. Didn't want to let the guys rescue Bakugou when he was kidnapped, and instead she lectured them on "how breaching the rules would make them like villains" and shit like that. She's the kind of a girl who would let herself be raped just for the sake of obeying orders.

Best girl deserve best boy.

>general memester niggers

>24 replies
>9 posters
Good lord, you're fucking pathetic.

At least she has morals.

I think is the place for you.

>At least she has morals.

You salty memesters should go back shitting up your generals. Just saying.

she kinda takes the batman approach which doesnt fit in with most peoples beliefs and is pretty much wrong
but I dont think that makes her a bad character and certainly not unlikable

Bakushit fans


>reminder if you even have the tugging feeling of saving your friend you are LITERALLY on the same level of killers and kidnappers


She has the power of making the manga better by killing herself


There’s butthurt shitposter who keeps trying to force his shitty meme, Tsuyu is great

you are all idiots

>the same two shitposters
Everytime, you make it easy to point you two out fampais.

You could be an hero as well.

Tsuicide when?


hung herself with her own tongue


happy birthday frog girl, I'm so sorry your endgame is going to be worst boy

How though?

Naw, sty in denial. Best Girl with Best Boy.

Its been planned.

1 sketch vs frequent canon interaction


You're pretty slow. Grapejuice is for LoverLove.

She's ugly. Best BNHA girl is Ochako, NO QUESTION.

I don’t like this at all




She tastes for not liking best pairing.

Tsuyu's favorite flavor is grape, and she gets mad whenever he shows interest in other girls.

Most accurate



I don’t think they’d be into each other, it’s weird

oops it looks like you both forgot about the real best girl


Bakugou is for the only girl he's ever had an actual positive interaction with


I find it amusing and interesting how Paintbro's drawings and memes were basically what made the general start hating the frog. Before he and his anti-mutant memes arrived, she was one of the few characters who was almost universally liked.

He didn’t start it, he just threw a lot of fuel on the fire. Some autist was making his own anti-Tsuyu stuff before that.

I think it was more that content of her became oversaturated, it's like a popular song on the radio, people eventually turn against it

To be fair, attention whores like paintfag just take ideas from other anons. Memesters, will meme. Thats just how it is.

The anti-mutant meme was something relatively new as well as the Tsuyu hate with the last arc bringing in a lot of shitposting from the start of the arc.

>from the start of the arc.
Start of the Mirio introduction, and general crying grapefag and such. So for all anyone can guess redditors throwing forced memes around to see what sticks.

Things I could do without in these threads:
>anti mutant shitfits
>ochako is fat
>NTR bullshit
>endless arguments about whether or not one should like Bakugou.

Posters could also ignore the bait.

The mutant thing has been really forced lately, but it’s easily filtered, so whatever. The rest of that list isn’t going away unfortunately.

I miss Ochakofag. That was some wholesome waifuing.


Black Magician Tsuyu


He was a bit needy

Threads often hit bump limit just from excessive anti-mutantposting and eugenicsposting. We need a "sage eugenicsfag threads, report eugenicsfag posts" type of meme to counter them.

Friendly Reminder

>posting your own posts

It’s not worth it

Fuck no



Fuck yes

Accept it frogfags, your waifu is shit

Posting reddit infographics?

I wonder if Hori will ever address her obvious crush on the teacher

To old for her to ever be canon, but cute to tease the shippers. Shonen shippers need to be pandered to.


Best waifu in training.


Is it just me or bakugo's costume is amazing? It looks great on anybody

It is easily one of the best, it looks cool and provides added benefits. There aren’t many other costumes that do both among the 1-A kids.

Why settle for a frog when he could have a girl that he can stand being around, makes him laugh, and subtly puts him in his place?

These reddit pics are cringe.

honestly once you see it on Momo it looks bad on Tsuyu. Without anything to fill it out Tsuyu's head just looks really huge for her body.