Best Rin thread

Let's settle this once and for all.

this one

Feet clear winner

You forgot this one

Why is Ereshkigal so unpopular on Sup Forums? Lack of material?

As an old man, which do I choose?

That’s bayonetta.

The one with that is undefended and in need of money.

What about Extra Rin?

But her shoes don't look shooty enough.

Best Rin by far.
Can't wait for the super lewd futa doujin coming this summer.

Extra Rin

Please be futa on female

Hard to say. Kawaraya flip-flops between doing Futa-on-Futa and Futa-on-Female.

As long as it's not on male I'm satisfied

The original obviously

Saberin is clearly the best.

Didn’t like Rin as teenager, now I’m 29 and she’s almost ideal. What happened? Never read a doujin of her.

All of them are sluts

Childhood is liking Saber, adulthood is realizing Rin makes more sense. Enlightenment is realizing Sakura is best.

Ereshigkal isn’t interested in sex, no?

>Ere and Ishtar are sharing the same Rin
>instead of one using EXTRA Rin and the other using FSN Rin


>Ishtar: Dad, smite Gil’s butt buddy sidekick to death or I’ll blow up the underworld and flood the Earth with zombies!
>Anu: What? But your sister lives down there!
>Ishtar: I don’t care. I’m fucking crazy!

What are you trying to say? That Ishtar is thirsty?