What do Safeguards need those disgusting wide hips for?

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Also is this the that weird new series that's being published or something?

your thinking of Tsutomu Nihei's APOSIMZ series. The one I posted was a BLAME movie manga tie-in drawn by another artist.

As a third observer, I just thought it was fan-art. It looks like shit, and the text doesn't make sense in the context of Blame.

>BLAME movie manga tie-in drawn by another artist.

That's what I meant, I had just heard about it, didn't know it was supposed to be a move tie in.

I'm tired of waiting for a new Blame!, should I make one myself? (I'm an ok artist)

>should I make one myself?

Is APOSIMZ any good?


Oh well, guess I'll just read it to fap to nihei art. like with everything nihei does.

My boy Killy is 2bigforme now. Artist is SEKINE Koutarou

It's okay so far. Instead of black ink of BLAME!, or mixture of Inks and Tones in Sidonia no kishi for APOSIMZ he spams screentones now.

And it has male/female MC just like BLAME!

I just wish he tone down the cute girls. It's like following Kentarou Yabuki's transition BLACK CAT to To-LOVE Ru Darkness all over again.

There is no stopping Nihei doing moe now.

Well, this work seems to confirm the fact of the existence of the contagion in Blame.

>Nobody knows how long the world has been like this.
>All that is known is that, at the time at which humanity's connection authority to the Net was lost due to the contagion, the growth of The City had begun.
>And that humans, seen as illegal residents, were exterminated.
>I was born a very long time ago.

I don't like that he's drawn to be a fucking Nightow or early Hirano character.

He's been doing it for years.
Even found a way to make dicks look moe.

Wait, it's Nihei? I thought it's a doujin or something.

It's not Nihei, it's the guy who did the Ninja Slayer art, but it's a licensed movie tie-in.

Into the trash then!

How powerful are Safeguards?

Why does Niheis backgrounds get progressively worse as the his series' go on. The scale in the first volume of Blame was amazing, but it got considerably less detailed as the volumes went on.

Same thing happened to Sidonia.

First master volume of Blame is the best manga ever created

Why put effort into it, if it'll be sold out anyway?

It's his change to digital primarily. Also he trending towards more light-hearted stories and settings.

he just got tired perhaps?

It's just disappointing because his grandiose scale, and brutalist architecture fused so fucking well with the bleak atmosphere.I can't think of another manga author who so perfectly imagined the world he built. But it just got worse and worse.

>APOSIMZ chapters are nearly nowhere to be found
Is Nihei finished?

>nearly nowhere to be found
Yeah, why is that? Because it's licensed or something?

Why NIhei's girls are so fucking good.

They're cute!

Nihei is actually a girl.

pls don't ever post this shit in a BLAME! thread ever again, it's disgusting to look at and newfags think it's actually Nihei.


>tfw she still remembers Killy in the afterlife

Sanakan a best.


IIRC, she doesn't remember his name, but she knows that a man is looking for her, and she is waiting for him to join her again.

I'm still waiting for porn of these ladies.

the movie was good


I enjoyed it.

We know you have shit taste. The movie was pure garbage, and fucking ruin the power of the GBE.

I was posting some bits of it only because it was recently scanned - by my count, on February 9th. I'm not OP; I just wanted to give some basic thoughts on the work. I can't exactly criticize its art without posting its art. I can't reliably tell you that it affirms the disease information without posting the page that affirms the existence of the disease. And so on.

>newfags think it's actually Nihei
That's very much their own problem. Are you condoning posting while being new?

Are you condoning posting while being new?
I'm more concerned about it giving a terrible first impression on Nihei.
>hey, let's look what's in this thread
>uhh, abort, shit art.

If the thread had more nihei's stuff that wouldn't be a problem but when the first properly-Blame!-representing picture is just ~30 posts into the thread it's kind-of problematic.

>I'm more concerned about it giving a terrible first impression on Nihei.
That's their fucking problem. You're not even doing so little as condoning newfaggotry; you're encouraging it.

>it's kind-of problematic
Oh, ha ha. Leave that tag off next time. It gave up the gimmick.

>It gave up the gimmick.

I uploaded a resampled version (x1200 jpg) of the Kodansha Comics english release of Aposimz Chapters 01 to 11 for the gatekeeping anons who hate everything Nihei that isn't BLAME! and to those new people into Nihei stuff. Give it a read. If you are a fan of sentai tv series, this would also tickle your fancy.

Why exactly would a resampled version endear his new works to those of us who keep the faith?

Moreover, looking at it again made me recognize certain strong similarities to A New Hope.