Koi wa Ameagari no You ni

Just watched the first 5 episodes of this and it was pretty good. Anyone else watching? What do you think?

Posting a few eye screencaps because they look really nice








latest episode wasn't anything to write home about.

Sweaty Tachibana tho

WIT is really doing well with the art in this series

Athough I did find this frame funny
>Toradora all over again




>a few

That said, the scene at the park was pretty and cute.


Keyframer did his job well. I can't stop taking screencaps, it seems.

She's so cute.

It didn't have as much drama as the previous episodes, but it laid the groundwork for some important developments later.

Tachibana, you are young and free, you have no reasons to hang out with an old man like me.

Do you have the angry_eyes webm? Or a webm of the scene before that one? (12:37 episode 4)?

Easily AOTS and it isn't really a competition. The source material was already excellent and the anime uses all the strengths of its medium to escalate the story past the source material.

You couldn't ask for much more.

VEG does the theme of love between young girl and old man so much better.

I love how they've cut out almost all of the internal dialogue from the manga and just let the character's expressions speak for themselves, showing instead of just telling.

You're not even going to get a (you) from me for that bait, user.


Sure, you're the only one watching the best anime this season.


Really great adaptation. Wish the manga were finished so that ideally the whole story could get adapted. Assuming the whole season were able to maintain the quality so far, it'd be a case where I would actually recommend the anime over the manga.



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I want to lick her scar and tell her she's still beautiful.

I picked this up based on praise like this and I really don't get it. I got four episodes in before I gave up. It seems extremely simple, to the point of being stereotypical. There doesn't seem to be much depth to the puppy love or to the characters. Besides the giraffe necks, the show looks like every shoujo-styled anime ever, and the direction has been standard with a few jarringly bad cuts in places. What do you like about the show?

It's my AOTS along with Devilman Crybaby.

easily AOTS,
I wonder how much how the manga will they adapt? will we see Kondou's ex-wife and his old writer friend?


I always knew Sup Forums was one person!

I'm not baiting by the way, I genuinely want to know what I'm missing with this show. Are there any particular moments you like that show off clever direction, or anything about the characters or episode stories that really engaged you?

For me, it's the age gap


>much depth to the puppy love
Manga is onging and it moves slowly. The focus isn't on the romance but how each comes to terms with the unusual relationship so if you were looking for some quick resolution in 12 episodes it's not happening.
>looks like every shoujo-styled anime ever
Name your top 5. And that's bullshit. Character design looks nothing like Ikeda, Tanemura, Kusanagi, or Chiho Saito stuff. How many male protagonists in the 2010s look like characters from fucking Patlabor?

Episode 4 sold it for me. Just the framing of it, how the two dates were uncomfortable but for different reasons, the way the manager subtly kept trying to make himself look bad so Akira would be turned off because he’s too spineless to outright reject her, the shot at the end of the Akira/Manager date where she fantasizes about kissing him but instead she walks away. The story is simple but I like the way the anime tells it.

Generic shoujo shit, didnt even survive the 3 episode rule.

Don't let faggots oversell it to you. It's not a groundbreaking show by any means, but it has a chance to be a cute little "romance" story. It's just taking its time to do exposition.

I dropped the manga around 30 chapters in (or whenever the running drama was solved), because at that point it became obvious the romance wasn't going anywhere. The anime looks like as good as an adaptation can get, though.

I like it so far but it seems really hard for the two main characters to have a conversation. I do like that Tachibana wants to get to know the manager, though. Next episode should be interesting.

Post angry Tachibana.

I got a change in the workplace, so I can watch anime while @work.
This is the first time I watch anime seasonally and OMG is this anime top notch. Scenes, characters, emotions.. Everything is at it's pinnacle. Is every season as good as this one?

No. This season alone is better than the whole 2017.

It's has by far the best visual direction this season and kinda puts VEG and Franxx to shame, but due to it having no big names on it to catch people's attention just gets ignored.

I read the first few chapters of the manga and it didn't really hook me, the anime seems to be doing a better job with the characters.

>chapter 49 and 50 finally being released

Why is she so cruel?

I like it a lot more than I was expecting. Already am up to date on the manga so judging from that this adaptation is going to end up being quite low-key considering the amount of episodes.

I am reading the manga and I like this story because it's much more than a romance. It touches very beautiful moments of introspection, and it deals with topics like identity crisis and depression. I like these stories.
Anyway, I just reminded of an Italian comedy movie with Adriano Celentano and Federica Moro, with a pretty similar premise: a teenager who falls in love with a writer who is over 40 years old. The movie is called "Segni particolari: bellissimo" and it's a classic comedy of the 80s. It's a comedy tho, while Koi Ame is more a drama, and way more mature. Anyway I wonder if the mangaka could have seen the movie, because Tachibana looks like Federica Moro. This kind of comedies were pretty common in Italy during the 80s.

Yui is adorable so she's allowed to be cruel

Tbf, it's the manager's fault. If he didn't smoke like a chimney he wouldn't smell so bad, and it's perfectly reasonable for a non-smoker to complain about having to smell that all the time.

Why doesn't Tenchou just make love to Akira and call it a day?

I hate how smokers smell too