About "moe" slice of life-type anime and your taste

Why does this type of anime gather so much disdain from casual watchers? I have to admit that I used to have a strong dislike for moe stuff since I found most of cutesy anime boring and slow where nothing happens, but lately I've been appreciating it more so I'm no longer searching for edgy action-packed series exclusively. I'm slowly transitioning from watching stuff filled with blood, gore & violence to cute girls doing cute things (inb4 I should look for something in between).
What do you think, did you ever have such a phase in your anime-watching lifetime?

Neck yourself retard
I've been watching anime since fucking forever, and I'm not underage unlike you. Jiggling boobs, cringy shallow conversations and no story were fun when I was 13,like you.

They aren't intellectuals. Seriously though, I'm pretty new to the moe myself but I got prepared for it by watching and enjoying stuff like Shaun the Sheep and Pingu babysitting my younger siblings. Sometimes you just want something relaxing, which K-On etc. fulfills admirably well.
>inb4 Sup Forums is not your blog
For something in between I would recommend Sora no Woto. Cute girls in the military.

Anyone who uses mspaint comics should be ignored.

I know this is the designated shitpost thread of the night, but still.
Why is that nobody criticizes the old school "slice of life" shows?
I cannot fathom the idea that there is a group of people right now, on Sup Forums, that are this fucking new.

Not OP, but that's weird, when I was 13 I only watched 'Seinen' stuff, 'deep' shows and mostly action shows, I used to hate moe, a lot, I used to think it was trash and it was killing the anime industry.
I don't know at what point I started getting more and more into SoL/CGDCT stuff.

guess it's because it's all entry-level anime story/drawing wise. but i enjoy it

You still type like you're 13.

>I'm not underage unlike you
you sure act like one
> Jiggling boobs, cringy shallow conversations and no story were fun when I was 13,like you.
But those things are still fun.
I'll check out Sora no Woto.
Thanks for the bump.

I never really got into moe, but my experience on Sup Forums leads me to think your view is much more accurate.

>I cannot wrap my head around the fact that there are different shows for different people!
Thank god for the report button.

Nowadays I feel like cute girls from SoL anime are the last characters left I can sympathize with, they're just regular people fucking around and worrying about simple relatable things. I see any other type of show and anyone there is a complete fucking retard because the hack writers cannot move the plot otherwise and I can't really bring myself to care.

You need to mature (mentally) to enjoy this kind of stuff. Seriously.

>cringy shallow conversations
Stop using commie-like garbage subs.
>and no story were fun when I was 13,like you.
Uh. Attention please! We have an adult here.
Ps. No, you're not.

Because back then you watched "mature stuffs for mature viewers" merely for approval instead of enjoyment, now that you grown up you learned that execution matters more than the genre/demographic.

>shaun the sheep
Eh it wasn't as good as wallace and gromit

>Y-You mature and g-get used to consuming garbage
Been watching anime for 6 years and still fucking hate moe shit.
Literally made to appeal to dumb virgin otaku.

I try to give more preference to action and supposedly deep shows every season but end up liking moe sol more. I guess sol writers are indeed more competent than 'serious' writers.

Someone post all of this guy's drawings. They all seem seething with truth.

who the hell keeps making these mspaint shitposts

Yeah if you talking about Aria like SOL.

Some SEETHING moe fag autist

Well, you can't expect for everyone to grown up, some people keep stay being a manchild in his life.

Only those at peace with themselves can comprehend and truly appreciate moe.

>dude moe anime is soooo mature
have you even seen the type of people the pander to in japan? it's the fucking definition of escapism, they surround themselves with cute girls to pretend that's the life they live and turn a blind eye to their own pathetic lives

i don't doubt for a second you most of you faggots are the same.


>Stop having fun guys!
>Stop having fun guys!
This forced moe vs GAR fight has been going on for more than 10 years. Give it a break and admit people watch different things at different moments.

>Watches shows about cute shit that makes him feel fuzzy
>I'm the manchild
You're no different than the "muh mature anime casuals".

>Why does this type of anime gather so much disdain from casual watchers?
They're not big enough losers that they've spent enough time watching so many shitty battle shounen that they get bored out of their minds and move to shitty moe anime.

The moe > edgy shit mentality is a retarded one. Especially when coupled with some deranged sense of "maturity" or "enlightenment", it's merely just boredom causing a shift in taste. Nothing deep, nothing elaborate, nothing special. True patriciandom is being a complete shit eater like myself and being able to not get bored of consuming the same shit over and over and thus being able to appreciate shounen shit and moe shit.

>i don't doubt for a second you most of you faggots are the same.
Where do you think you are?

I was watching both. I got sick of CGDCT when japs started making them more like a lucky star and started putting more yuribait.

I'd rather be a manchild than a fatefag.

True, true.

oh i know where i am.

but it seems you faggots are forgetting who you are

But what would be the fun in that? We wouldn't be able to argue!

Nobody saying moe anime is 'mature'. And post your pic too.


if it's not mature, then you're watching immature anime.

so you're a manchild.

Thats not being a shit eater, thats just recognizing that any show from a particular genre can be good, which is something everyone understands when they open their minds.
The problem with "shounenshit" isn't that there are no good shounen series, but that the primary demographic are young children who consume the most generic garbage the genre has to offer.

Who am I?

Shirou is a self insert MC.

>oh i know where i am.
Do you? Coming to a website made specifically to cater to social outcasts to complain about that very group strikes me as normalfag behavior. Maybe facebook would suit you better.

I really like moe shows since I'm 13 and edgy and I still like it. Not gonna deny I'm a sissy though.

for me moeshit needs to be at least funny for it to be watchable.
one of the reasons I dropped Slow Start this season, the humor is just awful
I started love lab yesterday and thats a good example of a cute SoL thats also pretty funny, i'm enjoying it a lot

>Ignoring my post and just calling me a fate fag
I see you have no arguments then bud

But moefags do the same shit. And it sucks that there hardly any manime anymore. I mean only one we have this season is new Garo anime

a pathetic loser who watches anime designed specifically to extort money from people who pretend fictional cute girls like them.

unless you're an election or g@merg@te fag in which you should be killing yourself anyway.

i can be a social outcast that's no longer a social outcast, retard.
the complaint here is about moe, not social outcasts.

>And it sucks that there hardly any manime anymore
"Manime" has always been lest popular in Japan, don't kid yourself.

>Dumb reply for a dumb post.
I see no problem here.

Yeah, that makes sense. The only moe show I've liked so far is Non Non Biyori because the humor is great. Also Garupan, but that doesn't count.

Aria is starting being good from 3rd season.
And it's not even close for being the best thing ever like many says. Stop being elitist.

Then why look down on people who enjoy shows with actual substance and not muh cute shit?

Watch Yuru Camp

>i can be a social outcast that's no longer a social outcast, retard.
In other words you became a normalfag.

Are you for real? You'd find there's more than that if you actually checked the charts for this season. Not even going to spoonfeed you.