No woman in High School dxd can beat the perfection that is Rias Gremory

No woman in High School dxd can beat the perfection that is Rias Gremory.

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>best body
>best personality
>best wife
Asia has them all beat!

Objectively wrong.

>touhou ripoff

Rossweisse is better than all.


For you.


I see there are fellow Asia fans!




I want Sona-kaichou to scold me!

Have a cute Kaichou instead.


I wish she had a bigger part in the anime. She seems like my kind of girl but we didn't really get to know her very well.

Ahh I see ravel, I instant get a boner.



>pantyhose dxd
i didnt know perfection existed

With no panties makes it even better.




My niggas!

[I-It can’t be! According to the information, [Crimson Extinct Dragonar] should be the combination technique with Rias Gremory!]

Xenovia held the holy sword Durandal while wearing the Sekiryuutei’s crimson armour and spoke with a powerful tone

[Yeah, this is similar to the technique with Master Rias. —This one is called [Crimson Destruction Dragonar]!]

Seeing that, Rias-neesan — revealed a bitter smile at Xenovia’s transformation.

“That girl, even my privilege…. Fufufu, but that’s also an interesting move.”

Rias sure is gettig the short end of the stick these days.

>wanting Harvey's leftovers

3 times in the latest translated chapter
First for Grayfia's reveal, she was the only one to know it was her, but probably all the girls are going to feel intense despair when they find out
Then for Gabriel, and again, all the girls are outmatched on that front
The only time it was just for her was Xenovia's part
And the new dress break, is nice but useless against Rias, and Akeno as well since they refuse to wear clothes most of the time



posting best corpse

Stop posting sluts and post pure, modest maidens


We need to see more of Momo Hanakai.



Who does Sona like?

>Rias sure is gettig the short end of the stick these days.
She's going to get the short end of the stick all the time lol.
>Akeno gets first baby and names him Crimson
>Asia gets to be recognized as all the sons and daughters mother
>Ravel gets to be with Issei all the damn time on the road, etc etc.
What's her advantage? Being the head of the Gremory family, first wife, and head of the harem? Lol that does nothing.

Best girl.

Who is this?

Ise will bang her right?

Ise obviously.

No. She wants to stay human. Probably either going to be Motohama's girl or have Matsuda involved for an open relationship threesome.

She's still awfully hot for a nerdy perv.

>head of the Gremory family
Nope, not that, Millicas has that
As for Asia, all the kids see all the wives as mothers, Asia is the stay at home mom so the kids like her more because they actually spend time with her
I'm still unsure what Rias in the future
Millicas runs the family, so she's probably just runs Kuoh, and she doesn't have actual day to day administration unless she just shows up in the mayor's office and tells the mayor to obey her
Sona probably isn't doing that anymore because of her school, so Rias is probably just a full time mob boss in the future

How is anyone of the three perverts virgins with someone like that in their class?
How is she not gangbanged 5 or more times a day by them? Maybe not after the story started but definitely before

Being a perv doesn't mean being a chad

How can she be so lewd and so cute at the same time?
Is this the power of perfection?

reminder - dubactor is a fat old cow that edits your chinese cartoons to fit her political agenda


Definitely the power of perfection.


Even then as a VA she's okay. Everything else about her is awful

Don't want to derail, but what happened?

Potenaly anyone not saji not old or already taken
most likely orbits Issei and Rias is okay with it

>Sona forced to swallow her pride and accept to marry a man that can't beat her at chess
I wanna see that

The best.


Reminder Rias is boring and stale and has nothing going for her other than big tits which are outshined by everyone in the series. Ironically worst girl.

Koneko is superior.

You pretty much hit rock bottom when your unmarried being called Oba-san by your friends kids unless of course one of them is secretly yours

Koneko has a personality of a brick.

What do you think Sup Forums?

Ise is fine, Rias looks like shit.




Something involving the Maidragon dub.

Don't think about it.

Looks generic and mediocre.
I hope Rias loses popularity by this new design

Another reasons of why she is a shit loli character?

How would that happen?
If anything people get mad at the character designer

Don't worry, she already almost lost 2nd place to Ross last year.


Mobage popularity results. Rias and Ross were toe to toe for 2nd, Ross lost due to a whale spamming Rias votes.


Didn't think Rossweisse was thst popular. Is that still the current standing?

Popularity poll happens in the later part of the year, this is the latest one for now. Before Ross was introduced Xenovia was a solid 3rd for the previous polls.

Rose has had some tremendous lookng cards compared to most of the girls I've seen lately. I hope shencan keep that spot.


why is everyone in this show a semon demon?

You sound gay and ass hurt because rias is shit, boring and useless.

I haven't read the series in awhile. Has Rias been relevant again in the grand scheme of things in the story or no?


You need to define both relevant and "awhile"

Think the last volume I've read was when Sirzechs, Azazel, and the rest of the gang were sealed alongside Trihexa. And the relevant one being "doing more things in the overall story than just 'I'm taking a back seat so that the other girls can get a spotlight or two, or maybe none at all'". I dunno, kinda hard to explain that one personally.

They aren't all demons, Irina is an angel.

She hasn't fallen yet has she?

We are sorely lacking in Gabriel cards.

She hasn't and doesn't want to
she still loves Iseei though so she has a extra dimensional sex room where she can be lewd in

She will have to make an appearance in the anime first.

Can't fucking wait!

Ise is now a King, so the newest volumes are currently following him and his new peerage more.

that's a really lewd pose

Is the translation for Slash Dog finished? I actually kinda wanna read Tobio's story before he got dragged in the DxD shenanigans.

She won't make an appearance in season 4. So no cards sadly, unless they animate the three factions sports day side story as an ova

Haaaaaah~, oh well. An Sup Forumsnon can dream, I guess.

Nothing is really happening in the story
It's just a big shonen tournament arc and Issei proposing to the girls
Rias and Issei are now officially engaged, well even more than before
And Rias is competing in the tournament arc and got a bunch of ridiculously OP guys to fight for her, like Crom and Vasco
She fought a few battles and lost against Vali, after Issei lost against Dulio
Basically Ishibumi is really hammering home the "lack of experience" for the entire main cast and personally it's getting a bit repetitive because it's nothing new, we already know this from volume 5, and now there's another wedding Issei needs to crash
In his shoes I'd be paranoid as fuck at my own wedding in the future
They animated Riser's comeback as an OVA for season 3, sports day is the side story immediately following that

So basically another retread? Oh man really? It's volume 5 all over again I see.

I hope they do animate it as the extra episode.

Best breasts in heaven right there.$pagemax=40$getcnt=0$pagecnt=1
I need that wall scroll where get


Best Pantsu in series.