Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai

Is she pregnant? Anyone have raws/link for this?

>slutty daughterwife won instead of best autist

the mad still persists to this moment

It gets worse
>Best autist finally realizes shes in love with him and confesses
>OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE he goes "oh guess I dont love you I wanna fuck my niece"
Fucking Japan

I thought the Author died.

They did didn't they? Might be something written from the author's notes.

Is there a way to read the original? I'm pretty sure the novel is untranslated and the anime ends too soon.

The ending to this series was equally or more infuriating than Hanagi's ending.

>Spend whole series lusitng after senpai
>senpai admits her attraction to her
>nah im gonna fuck Haruhi instead
Thats a straight up copout

At least he fucked his blood related niece.

It doesn't count if she isn't best girl.

Miu should have won.

Didn't the author kick the bucket?

I thought he fucked the NBR one.

Just go fap to the Clesta doujin.

Could they for once have the mc as a father figure to his nieces and be in a relationship with a thicc older girl? No, they couldn't.
Fuck this gay earth.

But Haganai ending was great, especially for the shippers tears.

Nope. His sister married her father, who already had her and Miu from previous wives. Hina is this only true blood niece.




He died after the novels already finished. Liver cancer must suck.



>people mad best girl won


Author received divine punishment for not letting best girl win.

She was the blandest.

>not autistic old fattie


The ending this got is on the level of suck Canvas 2 had.

I have no idea how notTakane didn't win.

> Fuck this gay earth.
Not gay, INCEST. Fuck this incest earth.

Why didn’t he fuck the blonde sister.

Thats called self-insert user. They need to appeal to the females, so bland-girl always wins because she is the self-insert-character. Just like how bland male MCs (kirio, touma etc) in other series always get a harem for no reason other than "you self-insert and so you want a harem so that you buy more of this obviously gargabe shit".

They couldn't even get the incest part right.