Dragon Ball Super

Reminder that Regla de Todos still hasnt pushed 17's button thus Android 17 is still around

Because 17 is hanging out with El Golpe in his personal dimension waiting for the right moment to strike.

How did 17 blow himself up if his bomb was removed?
>toeishills will defend this

SS Keru a thicc.

>How did Vegeta blow himself up if he's not an android
you retard

>Old kai guesses that 17 self destructed
>everyone just assumes that's true


Ese ese chola por favior so estoy passando ay ayay

guess jiren gets no penalty

>cannot even survive self destructing

Let it go user, based Junanago is gone. At least until he's revived.

>not crediting the author in the filename
Bad user!

I have Sup Forums X set to randomize filenames.

What is stopping them from contacting earth and getting them to collect the balls to revive him?

>Vegeta starts to show signs of UI
>Jiren gets scared shitless at the idea of having to fight two of them and immediately knocks off Vegeta as soon as it fades
This is the only way to save 128

>signs of UI
The form literally called "UI's Signs" you mean?

Like Vegeta's eyes flashing silver, basically the inverse of what happened when Goku started losing it.

I love Vados

>3 episodes until show ends and Toei still hides Goku's actual look while using full UI in the opening
>rather than UI Omen/Signs, we are getting a new figurine with Goku's full UI form in a month

>Goku's silhouette is exactly the same as UI Omen, but they still hide it
Goku is going BLANCO and full UI is literally SS Angel, wait for it

I miss Gowasu

>"Vegeta falls"

What's up with shonen and shit titles?


Jiren > UI Goku > Blue Vegeta 2 > GoD Toppo > Anilaza > Kefla > Blue Goku Kaioken > Blue Goku = Blue Vegeta > 17 = 18 > Golden Frieza > Hit > Kalifa > Kale > Gohan

To be fair, Goku mastering UI because he saw Vegeta using it against Jiren before losing is better than him pulling everything out of his ass


From someone show actually knows shit about powerscaling:

Jiren > UI Goku > Kefla > Vegeta > Toppo > Anilaza > Hit > SSB = Golden Frieza > Dyspo > Android 17

>17 stronger than Frieza


If him "killing" Goku was allowed then yeah, Jiren gets all the passes he needs.

17 has been able to take a lot more punishment than Frieza and was able to partially wound Jiren.



>cannot even survive

That seems to be the case. Frieza just exists to get clowned on.

Is comic user back?

Shut the FUCK up.

>Soy Goku
>Chad 17 will return from this and win it all.

Rocky is my favorite super saiyan

Is it wrong to say it feels alright even when jounouchi loses?

Reporting for duty, fellow CHADbrother.

Could Jiren defeat Goku Sanchez?

Omen is literally half white anyway. Super Saiyan White inbound, unless they get autistic about death


SS1(one) Kefla knocked out SSBKK Goku in a single (one) kick. A single kick in regular SS was enough to knock out a Goku who was in SS Blue as well as Kaioken. Kefla managed to knock out SSBKK in one kick, before even transforming into SS2(two). Goku was knocked out in SSBKK by a single kick of SS1(one) Kefla. Kefla can turn SS2(two), but even this is not her full limit, as she has a red aura powerup beyond that. Is there anything about this that is unclear?

r-reporting in.

>is probably raising his wife's son
Defend this


Does someone have a collection of comicfag's stuff? I feel like you'd miss out on so many of them if you weren't lurking these threads 24/7.

Anilaza still stomps her

Seriously, how will Cauliflafags ever recover?

i came as fast as i could!

Jobniraza couldn't even handle 17


>3 jobber robots fused can't even do shit to anyone, later fused with some guy to become some weird monster suddenly overpowering everyone
>people are ok with this

>girls with SS2 and LSS fused with broken potara multiplier as explained
>somehow people are mad at this


Reporting in!

>3 jobber robots fused can't even do shit to anyone
One of them made Gohan run away in fear though


Vegeta should have stopped Paparoni during his speech.

>people are ok with this
Nobody was ok with that

You mean 17 or everyone else at once

Post characters that canonically deserved to fight a SSGSS

Caulifla (fused with Kale)
Kale (fused with Caulifla)
Future Zamasu (alone and fused with his Black self)
Black Zamasu (alone and fused with his future self)

Simple, both were shit

If the robots' designs were female-like people would complain. Not even joking.

I want to hold hands with SS Kale.

>Cell will never combine with all the Androids to create a gigantic monster

Kefla is not canon

That was Holdbackhan though

What do you mean? Many of those characters have fought a super saiyan god super saiyan.

>Cell transforming into a gigantic monster
I don't think you really want it...

Manga is not canon.

jobber robots fused can't even do shit to anyone, later fused with some guy
>some guy
Their fucking creator. It makes perfect sense that he knows how to use their power best, and adding his own power to the mix just made it more of a leap in performance.

The robot was holding back too because you can't kill

What does he smell like

>actually trying to defend this nonsense

How strong would be a Lavos be on DB verse?

Manga is supervised by Toriyama, unlike the anime where he has little to no input other than his outline napkins, and is the true continuation of the original dragon ball manga. The anime is as canon as GT.

Yeah I don't get why people don't get why Kefla was strong.
The fanbase has accepted that LSS was super strong for a long ass time, and everyone know Potara fusion was some of the most serious shit there was. We got both in one character, also allowing LSS to mix with SS2. It makes perfect sense this shit was serious business.

If you squint your eyes it could kind of be a new Cell transformation

That's the point, user. Post more!

Pic unrelated

>CHOSEN successor of Toriyama
>actually follows THE OUTLINE
>Toriyama literally checks the manga and does adjustments here and there in designs, dialogue, characterization for example; NOTHING gets into the final manga version without his approval
>doesn't even bother crediting TOEI in their work because TOEI is nothing to them
>vastly superior characterization, just look at Goku or Jiren or Kale as an example
>powerlevels are more consistent, no autismal SSRage Trunks or Zamasu being uber strong despite weak fusion components
>no asspull powerups like SSBKK or SSRage or MUH BACKTINGLING
>even Kale is shown to be powerful in base rather than relying entirely on some unexplained meme Broly transformation
>deep lore and subtle connections between various plotlines rather than goldfish-memory shit TOEI does, the Zamasu-Babarian analogy couldn't even be comprehended by their simplistic brains
>designed 6 of the GoD's himself, and 2 together with Toriyama

There is no recovery for TOEIpablos anymore.
The sword of friendship finisher from the Trunks arc apparently wasn't enough evidence of literal Fairy Tail tier writing they have going on, so they doubled up on the homages and had Goku literally become Erza and have his impossible achievements since episode 111 when he was limping around pile on and on "Because he is Goku"
Goku even has healing powers according to the anime """canon""". Always had them to begin with since the BoG arc but of course it isn't ever heard of again, and in the Roshi episode Goku heals him with SSB anyway. But who cares about that when you have infinite stamina given how wasting stamina on stamina draining forms is what is making Goku restore the stamina he lost fighting Jiren? Goku might as well be a Dr. Gero android right now.

LSS3 Kale.

If anything, I would have been surprised if they were weaker. They nailed her power level pretty well.

Probably somewhere along Fusion Super Buu tier

>comparing Big Bug to Earth's guardian Zygod


poor zycuck never got his own game, and they made him even less significant in Ultra.

>Die on a planet
>Soul goes to that planet's heaven or hell
>Die in the void

Don't worry guys he just absorbed the attack like Goku did his spirit bomb and went into another dimension or something.
He is going to come back UI 17.

Yeah the same dimension Hit is hiding in right

amas a Vados?

>tfw 17 is now the only Gero creation strong enough to be relevant

What did she mean by this?

She's not a cunt like Jiren.

kys retard

Remember when Toeishills pretended like 17 losing the bomb isn't canon to Super?

So who is fish GoD and why he can't be seen with any of his team members?

>people thinking anyone is getting erased
>people thinking dragonball, a series where most previous big bads are now friends and side-characters, would ever throw away the chance to reuse characters
>people thinking el grande padre is evil

All the people from losing universes will get put into the winner's universe so that king shitkid has one okay universe to look after instead of eight shit ones. El Taco Grande Padre Supreme smirks when people freak out at being 'erased' because they're basically being punk'd, and this amuses him. Tomotoritoeiyamamototechmo is a hack.

>Goku has a single digit IQ
>Power scaling out the ass(Base Vegeta>SS3 Gotenks???)
>SSB Kaioken shoehorned in for no reason
>O My Rage powerup
>O My Spirit Sword
>Zamasu fuses with the Universe for no reason
>Vegeta is a super jobber and gets cucked weekly
>Boring for the most part
>Frieza does nothing despite heavy foreshadowing
>Back Tingles and SS2 asspull
>17 and Kale are Blue level for no good reason, then they're not.
>Toppo is a jobber, even after apparently having God powers
>Dyspo jobbed to a plant
>Jiren has no personality for 99% of the arc and turns out to be a shitty Toguro in the end
>Fake tension and no hype
>No blood or excessive violence, barely any battle damage other than scratches
>Tournament is 90% fodder

>Goku is competent and smart, but not too smart and still keeps his Z personality
>Stable power levels that keep everyone in a tier and make sense
>Mastered SSB was a natural progression of SSB since it's not a powerup, but a way to utilize it to its full potential
>Trunks is helpful, and not retarded with his powerup
>Healing powers were foreshadowed
>Zamasu multiplies which makes sense given his regeneration
>Vegeta is on par with Goku, fulfilling his rival role
>Hype and interesting moments like HAKAI, Toppo one shotting SSB Goku, and Vegeta unlocking God form
>Good fight choreography
>Useless Frieza assassination/master plan plotline thrown out
>Caulifla only gets up to SS by training with Cabba
>17 is around SS3 level like he should be, Kale is already strong in base
>Toppo is beyond mastered SSB level without going God, an actual threat
>Dyspo didn't job his first appearance
>Jiren has a clearly defined set of goals and values
>Tension and no shitty humor or holding back
>Battle damage, blood, broken bones, teeth flying out, and dismemberment in fights
>ToP confirmed to be a lot different by Toyo himself, will make it an actual battle royale

>Belmod getting that fussed up over Jiren's sobstory
>Shut up! You don't understand him at all!
Can anyone explain why a GoD will be this affected by a ningen's past? The whole getting bullied at a young age is absurdly common.

>Blue kawaii vegeta exists to make vegeta equal to kaioken blue goku
>Blue vegeta defeated GoD Toppo
>Kefla as a SS1 is comparable to the spirit bomb
>The spirit bomb was goku's trump card and gave jiren more trouble than KKX20
SS2 Kefla > > spirit bomb > Goku Blue kaioken = Kawaii vegeta > GoD Toppo