Where did it all go so wrong?

Where did it all go so wrong?

Guts left his friend.

The moment Guts abandoned them.

Guts leaving the Band of Hawk

Probably when everyone died

Shut up, Griffith.

Griffith fucking the princess.

griffith finding the behelit

If he wasn't caught without his sword he might have fixed it

When this faggot got butthurt over his gay lover having better things to do.

Guts rescuing Griffith.

>Abandoning your friends is okay
Guts has only himself to blame.

>picking up red stone face thingy
>hmmm yea its not suspicious at all nope not at all
>everyone dies in a horrific mosh pit demon rape orgy

yea guts you dun goofed.

When Griffith said that they weren't his friends, just his employees

This is why you don't befriend your boss, people, even if they do care about you later they'll get vindictive and do all kinds of nasty shit if you hurt their feelings (that they said they didn't have)

I wanna say I want a spinoff where Griffith didn't go full retard and they went their separate ways but it'd be the same thing on better terms and circumstances wouldn't it

That sounds familiar with one other homo. You know, about devils and men.

yeah lets forget the fact that that white haired twink faggot molested the Kings daughter!
off yourselves

>off yourselves
Griffith haters only operate on emotions. There's nothing wrong with fucking a princess if she wants it.

When that sparkly haired faggot couldn't keep his ambitions in check, got btfo, then became super salty and blamed the whole world for his fuckup

When Griffith did everything wrong

This entire post is irony incarnate.

>Call out "Griffith haters"(I.E. most fans who aren't women) on only operating with emotions
>Meanwhile Griffith got so buttmad about Gut's leaving he goes and fucks the princess to feel better.
What was wrong with fucking the princess has nothing to do with morality. It was a fucking stupid thing for Griffith to do, and he should've known better.

He didn't, he got fucked up as a result.

Our protagonist didn't have the Guts to make Griffith screech by nailing him in bed.
If he had given him the d, literally nothing bad would have happened.

>Griffith repeatedly risks his life to save Guts, endangering everything he's ever strived to achieve
>everybody and their dog tells Guts that Griffith cares about him far more than he should
>b-but I heard him wax philosophy to his meal ticket once, better get my feelings hurt and abandon all my friends
Guts was retarded, user.

I thought Judeau was a girl for the longest time until I watched some of the anime, it was weird

gee it's almost like the guy who was raised to be cheap labor by a mercenary who also pimped him out might not know how interpersonal relationships work