Would you eat you're waifu's booty?

Would you eat you're waifu's booty?

Wife, mistress and daughters.

Fuck yeah

Of course

Only if she does the same to me.

Of course

No, because that is where the poo poo comes from.



Yes I would.

Of course. I mean, there's obviously something wrong with me if I didn't.


That's what I'd be doing 24/7

Let's just say that with me, she'd never need a bath/shower to wash her ass

God no. Poop comes out of there, that's disgusting!

That's kinda hot.

only if its clean

reminds me of that scat fetish club that got raided by that human hunter

If you're talking about licking her buttocks, yeah sure whatever.
But if you're talking about tossing her salad, the answer would be "no" unless I'm drunk off my ass and/or coked to the gills, and even then not unless she'd cleaned in there properly first.

I would be my entire female family's toilet.

Anus Licker, no thank you, no amount of washing will help the fact that shit comes from there.

I would lick armspits too


I'd eat her ass like I was starving.

Yozora got ruined when she cut her hair

She is ASKING for it!!

thats a boy