Hey, Sup Forums... don't you think there's something... weird with mechazawa?

Hey, Sup Forums... don't you think there's something... weird with mechazawa?

user, you can't make fun of someone for being short.

He may be a bit rigid at times but he a cool lad dude.

He might be a can of hot air sometimes but he's got a heart of gold and is the best man I know.

Listen, just because you're jealous of his barrel chest doesn't mean you can start insulting him. Hit the gym if you want his iron-clad physique.

You guys think Mechazawa goes on /r9k/?

fuck no Mechazawa is 100% cool

hmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmm hm hmmm hmm hmmm hmm

Looks pretty normal to me I don't see anything weird.

Alright i'll come out with it. I have noticed something strange with mechazawa, I've always wanted to mention it but I was worried about hurting his feelings. This may change our friendship with him... maybe I shouldn't say it afterall.

Why would you even ask that?


Remember when anime was this good instead of isekai shit and the latest Fate-flavored turd?


Oh, I've heard of a song like that before. Remember the name of it? It goes hmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmm hm

I see nothing wrong with him.

It's been a while since I've watched this one. What was Mechazawa's eye color again?

I ... think he has an eating disorder. You know like those ones where you can never get full? Maybe that's why he's so fat.

Oh for fuck's sake, he's a bloody robot, anyone can see that. Moving on to more important things, my name is


his eyes are too far apart. i think he might be an ayylmao

Take that back you asshole!


Sure, he's going for a tan and wrestling wouldn't you want to oil up?

Metal can't get tanned, it can only get rusted.

His uniform is a bit too small

Mechazawa may be a tough guy but saying he's a robot is an asshole thing to do, but saying he's rusty? Get out of here faggot

t. Manlet

Go dunk him into water and you'll see how rusty he'll get.

Are you saying that we should murder him? That's fucked up

I'm calling the fucking police, enjoy jail you jackass

>you will never be a japanese delinquent

We're in agreement that Dub > Sub, right?

You can't just make a claim like this.
They're both equally good but for different reasons.


user, Mechazawa is too cool to browse /r9k/, not to mention Sup Forums as a whole.

Yeah yeah, and next thing you tell me there's a gorilla in the school, or freddie is riding a horse or something.

The guy is hitting the gym, it really shows.

The gorilla is a known fact though, it's more like saying a tough guy like Takenouchi-san gets car sick or something, like some sorta pansy.