Love Live

>Fucking idiot
>Orange hair
>Loud and obnoxious
>For a leader, she isn’t really motivational
>If anything, she’s annoying as fuck
>Her friends are better than her in every way possible
>No talent at all

Why do people consider Honoka as best girl?

Pic unrelated

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Both Honoka and her are fucking horrible. I don't get how people can like them.

>sunshinecucks still mad their anime and idols are forgettable and are complete losers even in their own story

I love this adorable, annoying autist.
The other one too.

chika is very pretty

>>Fucking idiot
because she sucks at school doesnt mean she is stupid
>>Orange hair
ginger hair is the best
>>Loud and obnoxious
genki and funny
she was student council president and group leader at the same time
>> For a leader, she isn’t really motivational
fuck you, she managed to bring group to love live final and win
>>If anything, she’s annoying as fuck
she just cares about her friends
>>Her friends are better than her in every way possible
well, she has the best leadership skills among them
>>No talent at all
she can dance, sing and be leader

Your post is complete bullshit. Without honk muse would never existed

Shut up, Justin

my fucking heart

Honoka actually saved her school.

Chika is still CUTE

another day, another buttblasted rehash fan

I love YOU

Reminder that Chika-chan went crazy when some (or all) her friends died

But there is a movie coming up

Where is that one fag who likes the rip off of best goddess

Crypt of the necrodancer adaption.

OP, I sincerely want you to die 'till death.

>Otonokizaka is closing
>Moose perform at Love Live to save the school
>the school is saved

>Uranohoshi is closing
>Aqours perform at Love Live to immortalize the school
>the school closes

What did they mean by this?


At least you aren't a nicofag

>got turned into a walking meme
Why Sunrise?

>dislikes nico
It's like an actual, physical manifestation of retardation.

can't always win i suppose

Very, very pretty

Say something nice about this prostitute.

She doesn't have a lazy eye.

I miss her so much rikobros...

Filthy heretics. Having taste this shit should be illegal

Its not like I like her or anything baka

Left or right?


me on the left


bigger version

What else would you expect from a namefag that posts fucking thumbnails?

Better couple.

Reminder to report this person for meta shitposting, spamming and bad evading.

He has been using the /u/ archives to try and "bait" people into other threads for the sole purpose of starting meta shitposting and attacking them in live threads.

He's a massively pathetic bitch who will just spam images in live threads, but will act extremely obnoxious in the archives because he knows he can't get banned there.


You are just so fucking insane, !Akemi.
Seriously. There has never been a worse poster than you on this site.

cute pic, jimo ai.

Welcome back, ack.

Stop replying to yourself, !Akemi.
>xddd upboated
Yeah, this isn't reddit. Fuck off.

"ack" is not real, and you, !Akemi, are the only person who thinks otherwise. You are FUCKING OBSESSED with "ack" because you are not used to not getting your safe space. And "ack" is the first thing you ran into when you started using this site. And it has literally changed your life.


List of ships that are better than YoshiRiko

Watanabe You is my favorite idol! She's the best!

Nico has and always be the Number 1 girl for me.
Kotori, Chika and Dia come at Second.
Rest are just Backup dancers, Jk they are in the lower tier list but I do love em all and don't hate anyone

Jimo Ai!

more like eyeless.

Imagine being so pathetic that your whole life revolves around trying to harass people over the internet.

I.... I love Riko-chan!
She's cute, sweet and very talented! I love her!

>!Akemi is still trying to pretend "ack" is real
>!Akemi is still trying to delude himself into thinking that anyone who disagrees with him is the same person
See, what it actually is, is that you get extremely upset by people calling you out on your samefagging.

>makes dozens of posts screaming about how much he hates YoshiRiko
>tries to pretend to be a bunch of different people
>gets mocked and laughed by people because of his insane over reaction to shipping shit in a shit series that ships its own characters
See, don't you get the irony here, !Akemi. You attack "ack" because you think "he" over reacts to shipping (he (they) don't). But you are such a blatant hypocrite it's funny.

imagine being so pathetic that your whole life revolves around trying to harass people who harass other people over the internet

Good thing my life doesn't revolve around that, only yours does. Because you're upset you can't have your safe space catered to.

When will we have Ruby's verison of this?

Both of you just stop fighting it isn't rocket science. Direct your hatred towards things that deserve to get hated on. Like reddit or this rikofag right here

not even the person you are talking to
3/10 could be worse

>Direct your hatred towards things that deserve to get hated on.
Like retarded attention-whoring namefags such as you?

>not even the person you are talking to
Thanks for confirming you are that person.
There's one one person on this site stupid enough to try and give their word as proof of something.

You can't like maki and dislike Nico at the same time, they are a pair, you cunt

A normal day on an Idol thread

Not really, it's beyond the usual idol shitposting.

>all these newfags who have no idea what is going on

I mean, it's really obvious because it's self explanatory. You're not the first shitposter to have ever been obnoxious cancer, !Akemi.

ACK, quick!

How the fuck did you get this screwed up in the head, !Akemi. Seriously. You have major problems.

are you ok? ACK?

>It's a ACK hates Love Live and Idolm@ster so he decided to shitpost in both threads episode again

He's in the imas threads? I thought he ignored them

does im@s even have popular yuri ships that could activate him?

In the /vg/ threads right now.

Someone should make Madoka and Gabdrop threads

I honestly found nico unbearable. Only redeeming quality in my eyes was that she and maki where basically 2 sides of the same coin so I had to bear it. Unlike Maki 2.0

>Everyone else except Chika

Don't mind me just posting my opinions.

There is literally nothing better than YoshiRiko

I guess yoshiko is alright.

user it really doesn't matter. Just don't let him bother you ignore him and get on with life. If he wants to fuck his own life up that's his own decision. Then again we are on Sup Forums.

She looks too flat.

In other news, Lantis and one of the other Bandai subsidiaries will merge in April to form a new division called Bandai Namco Arts. The Lantis name will be retired afterwards.

RIP Lantis.


>pretending to be ESL-kun

That one involving Hibiki?

You call this normal?

we are on Sup Forums I mean normal for me is [s4s] so this type of shit is pretty common for me


Chika will never be as incredible or talented as Honoka and even she knows it.

Honoka is god. Chika is just an ugly rat.

>not liking every lovelive girl
Pleb, all of them are talented.

Jesus Christ, and here I thought you couldn't get any more pathetic. Is this even English?

Nozomi is best Muse
You is best Aqua

This is a fact

For them!

Jimo ai!
Jimo ai!

She is pudgy.

There has never been a single worse person than you.
You need to end your life.

And it's nice for the eyes.

i think you meant to say pic related

honoka is pretty good though


for me it's Dia

No of course it isn't. Its Scottish.

She was the reason I started to appreciate flat chests. My life changed thereafter.

forgot the name