Why was no one mad about this?

Why was no one mad about this?

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I didn't watch the final episode because I was disgusted by everything up until that point. I didn't think the anime could actually be worse than the game but here we are.

boys should love boys and girls should love girls but siblings should love each other.

Probably because people stopped giving a shit about the train wreck called Zestiria

>There will never be a Tales game where Eizen and Edna live happily ever after together.

What's wrong? literally the best canon cp for this anime

Full on gay end is the best possible ending to Zesty.

Why would anyone be mad about the only decent thing about this shitty series?

>Season 1
>Decent adaption that improves/fixes/expands story elements and lore

>Season 2
>Bloated with ROSE ROSE ROSE, a rescue mission that never happened, completely rewritten origins and fates of major characters (for the worse), and stuffing the latter half of the game into THREE EPISODES

What the actual fuck happened?

>>Decent adaption that improves/fixes/expands story elements and lore
You mean
It was a travesty because of Alisha and later Rose.

MC and his bro get to be together is the only decent thing of this anime

Season 2 was a fucking travesty holy shit.
>Every single plotline from the game was condensed or ignored in favor of Rose being a special snowflake.
>Moved the final battle away from a SIGNIFICANT location linking Zestiria and Berseria to the volcano for no fucking reason.

Rose is best girl so it's all justified.

I was looking forward to the Zestiria anime so I could watch it whenever I finish a Berseria playthrough instead of playing Zestiria again but no, they decided to remove every single connection to Berseria and fuck up the lore to make Zestiria the X as non-canon as it even gets.

there's literally nothing wrong with gay love.

Just play Rays.

I thought they cancelled that for a new one. Or is that the new one?

I'd rather choke on a bag of dicks than play a mobage.

Oh and let's not forget that all the seraphs became foreground background characters after joining the party. Skits and bants were some of the only things Zesty did right and they just said "Fuck it".

Link is the one dying. Rays is the new one. It's pretty good for a mobage. It's the closest thing to a mothership title you'll find.

I think they did have ideas that they wanted to flesh out
but for some dumb fucking reason they decided to make the same mistake as they did with the game, cater to waifu fags, VA fags, and fujoshits instead of just making a quality piece of work
Zestiria could've been redeemed with a good anime, I was so disappointed with what they decided to do with it in the second season

Why would anyone be mad about it?

Game was crap anyway. I didn't mind most of the changes.

>Skits and bants were some of the only things Zesty did right and they just said "Fuck it".

But Berseria was excellent and Zestiria the X took a shit on that too.

In my case, by the time this aired I was so done with Zesrtiria as a whole. That abd Berseria's cast was better.

Meat to be.

They knew it was shit so they decided to pander to the lowest yuri/yaoifag.
Can't really blame them.

Berseria was average

Not the guy, but I thought it was slightly above average. And if you compare it to Zestiria, it was excellent.

Eh, I'm still holding out hope for a proper Berseria anime, that just ignores Zestiria the X. It wasn't that damaging.

Hell even the anime showcased how much better a show about the Berseria cast would have been, compared the the LGBT community march in Middle Earth that we got.

>Berseria was excellent
How many RPG have you played? How many books have you read?

If nothing else, I'm impressed how much subtext you can read out of the looks and gestures between these two.

Funny how Rose turned into Luke.

To add to this, the Berseria event should be happening in the global version soon. And the entire story of that event is about getting Eizen and Edna back together.

But the game was focused on Sorey and Rose...

Because it was better than the game, at least for me.

How are records of what happened in Berseria so bad by the time of Zestiria? It's only been 1000 years, even our records of Roman civil wars from 2000 years ago are better than their mythical legends and those survived multiple civilization collapses plus there are Seraphim around for whom Berseria is still in living memory.


>It's the closest thing to a mothership title you'll find.
Gonna pick it up then.

When will we get an actual mothership title though.

Time to play rays.

whatever happened to the evil cake?

Literally 10000 years apart

Luke a cute.

To be honest, Mikleo confuses my senses.

Luke was always the best.

>No yuri doujins or pics of them tribbing like rabbits


Because they only exist to remove the competition for SoreyxMikleo, Japan's OTP

>oneshota in tales game
w..what happened to tales?

People would be mad if it ends with Sorey/Alisha. Japan was really mad with S1 ending and arguably Ufotable had to change plans. They're Alishafags so they probably wanted an ending with queen Alisha married to her prince consort Sorey

They've been trying for a while to replicate Hope/Lightning's success. See Jude/Millia from ToX

Why would anyone be mad?

>They've been trying for a while to replicate Hope/Lightning's success
I thought people hated Hope. Not that I mind, he was actually my fav after Sazh, but yea I thought he was hated.

Because it's actually well executed. Unlike those trash anime forcing unnecessary relationships that destroyed people's favorite characters...

I played both and I think Rays it's kind of boring at first but it gets better. It's very friendly even if you don't spend money on it.

Japan love Hope, fucking love Lightning and worship Hopurai (Hope/Lightning), especially women.

>Japan love Lightning and worship Hopurai
Absolutely fucking disgusting. Just when I think jap taste reached rock bottom... What's wrong with those people?

I'm usually on the cynical side of the yuri fandom and don't count all those generic cute girls doing cute shit as yuri but there's something on Rose and Alisha's interactions and body language that make me see it as canon.

She is female Cloud, not that hard to understand why.
I find it weirder that the West hates Hope, he was a 9/10 shota.

AlishaxRose has been a thing since the DLC.

I find it hilarious considering Baba made Alisha to fangirl over how cool and manly Rose was to shut up any potential criticism for the heroine spot but a part of the fandom took it in the "wrong" way

Because it redeemed everything else

Your loss. Playing it now, it's pretty nice.

I find it weirder that she was built to be female Cloud, but her personality and looks are nothing like his

I was never mad about it because it was too slow and boring to finish.

There is a yuri doujinshi though. Just one, as far as I know.

I didn't like the drawing but the premise was pretty hot

It's not hard to see it, because of how often they're in physical contact or talking like a couple.

That's literally the best ending Sorey and Mikleo could've gotten. It would be improved if Mileo had tits, but still, with what we had to work with, it was the best.


Because no one had any spare fucks to give anymore. S1 was okay, S2 was a travesty. The only good thing that came out of it was that hype as fuck ending.

Why would anyone be?
Mikleo was the first Girl (Boy).

entire thing was faggotry +10 and the worst JRPG released by that company ever.
Was so bad that it killed the tales IP completely and some producer somewhere in the company was so assblasted by this that he intentionally ran the fucking IP into the ground in desperate hopes of making it not look like the biggest faggot filled cheaply made cash grab released by a major company in ever.
Same thing happened with SE. Except in SE they next few games based on FF13 didn't suck dick.
Not so with the PREQUEL to that disaster called Berseria.

Haven't watched the anime, but what's so terrible about Zestiria? Other that the weird as fuck idea of an innocent and pure hearted assassin, Alisha being playable for merely a few hours because shitty plot device and camera issues in some closed environments, It played nicely and the interaction between the cast was pretty good. I mean, games like Symphonia had much glaring and crippling issues, yet it is considered a classic while Zestiria is treated like the black sheep of the franchise

It's MC's harem, he fucks them all

Coming from someone who only watched the anime, it was very boring. Some fight scenes were pretty to look at and the ED was great to listen. That's about the only positives that I can recall.

The first season seemed like it wanted to build up to something more, but it died down as the second season continued. The character interactions weren't too interesting in the series. Also this The final battle was very rushed, and lacked impact.

I want it!