Air Gear

Who here remembers/misses this banger. Season 2 when??

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Should've been porn

They honestly covered my favorite parts mostly, especially with the ovas. Wouldn't mind though.

hope not, ending is a big pile of feces

What I remember from this was the MC suddenly becomes a tornado.

But porn MCs have large penises

Ogure Ito didn't care for the manga in the last third.

I'm sure he's a grower, user. Oh Great couldn't possibly give his MC a raw deal like that, right?

The manga went downhill after the point where the anime ended, so maybe that wouldn't be a good idea

>toei anime
>who misses Toei anime
no one lol. Maybe I miss the manga but that's about as far as I'm willing to go.

Check this shit out.

No one that sells their soul to Toei cares for their manga. Aside from maybe the One Piece guy and even then that fucker uses his characters to promote gambling among children. So he has no real soul either. He never cared to begin with.

The OP pic always reminds of Fire Candy and how it will never ever be continued.

It doesn't need a season 2, it needs a remake. But that won't happen studios tend to stay away from series with rush endings.

low blow

You're talking about the country where the male porn actors have artificial penises to accentuate their size.

The man who was cucked to death

I only read the manga I up to around the middle of the arc that got adapted into an OVA.

I didn't really drop it, I just kind of never got back to it. Did it end well?

Based Ogure Ito, sad that he's so batshit insane tho

Kind of weird that at the start of the series, the flying technology seems to be a niche thing most people don't really know much about, but by the end it is THE most important thing in the world.

>SUDDENLY remember Fire Candy

holy hell, that throwback. I remember liking it, but forgotten all about it. i should dig up all the short-lived mangas i burned on DVDs & re-read them.