Anime/Manga forgotten by Sup Forums I'll start.

Did they fuck yet?


Time to pick this up again, I guess.

As it should be.

I dont know if you will find the chapter where they bang translated to english yet. But in case you're wondering it's around chapter 98.

the winner of rape island gets to hold hands all night long with a big-breasted manhating virgip, and a complimentary chicken dinner.

dont bother its fucking garbage

Ah yes this show...I remember when I watched it the first time it had so much anti western propaganda that it made Sup Forums wet in the pants

They dragged the story and it makes em less interesting

Still waiting for that S2


forgotten by the author too


It hurts

I haven't got around to reading this.
How was it out of 10?

Mou Ikkai

I completely agree


How could Guilty Crown be forgotten when it almost invariably comes up during Beatless discussion? Or when it had some of the most fun threads on Sup Forums in a long while?

The anime is a shitty and rushed adaptation, VN is kamige though. Also, who is going to sing the Aokana Zwei OP now that Kawada retired?

I will never forget about this glorious trainwreck

10, anyone who says otherwise is unironically a moefag, a shitposter, a hxhfag or bnhafag, or some retarded amalgamation of all three

trust me i'm not even joking


Probably KOTOKO: she's already did EXTRA's OP.

S2 just came out too

Only retards who haven't seen Battle Royale watch this garbage


The plot was confusing as shit.


I thought it was okay at first. Then the manga started dragging on far too long.
It's shit now.

And then she ended up being best girl.

Was this monthly? I can't remember when I read and dropped this. And it's only

I dropped it immediately after the first episode
and from what I heard, it only slightly improved, but was still dumb as fuck


something something huge boobs

I was rooting for Mana to end up with the MC.
And yes, I'm NOT a incestfag.

>suddenly ghosts
This fucking manga. kek

>Not being a HxH fag
I don't get how you can like an intellectually satisfying work like Vagabond and still be a brainlet