Kakine really is Number One. How could Accelerator ever hope to compete?

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Fake and even more gay than the usual.

Find a flaw

Everyday I pray to Allah that endgame is MisaMisa.I want their first time to be drunk sex with each other.Also throw in Mugino as a dom/sub too.

>The power of Academy City’s #2 Level 5 was known as Dark Matter.

>No matter where the essence of that power or the primary personality ruling it may have been at the moment, “he” was undoubtedly the one who had first brought that #2 power into the world.

>His name was Kakine Teitoku.

>He was currently known as an empty husk because he was nothing but a collection of a few organs including his brain.


>Those few organs began unnaturally wriggling like a worm as if an invisible hand had grabbed a bag filled with water. A pure white and sticky substance gathered around those organs. Details began to form and pale color appeared on the surface. In the blink of an eye, it transformed into something that could not be distinguished from a beautiful human boy.

>“Ghahhh… Cough cough! Cough!!”

>The sea breeze stung at his nose.

>The merciless chilly air stabbed at his exposed skin.

>He was lying atop a strange land made up of the ruins of countless boats. He realized he had several cables attached to his body here and there. He had seen something similar before. That was back when the dark side of Academy City had hooked him up to a life support device and had him do nothing but produce Dark Matter as a material for weapons. The equipment around him now was junk compared to back then, but he thought it was praiseworthy to catch up to Academy City using nothing but junk.

>He heard a female voice coming from somewhere.

>“It looks like he’s conscious.”

>A gloomy male voice answered.

>“That does not matter. I only need to have him produce what we need.”

>It seemed they were indeed after his Dark Matter as material for a weapon. The reason him being conscious “did not matter” may have been because the man thought he could eternally control and restrain his physical body by sending special electrical signals into his brain.

>That was not entirely wrong.

>Or at least, it was not wrong when talking about the Kakine Teitoku who had sunk into the depths of Academy City’s dark side.

>“A new age has arrived.”

>He slowly moved his lips.

>This must have been an unexpected reaction. He could clearly tell focus had turned to him. He heard the sound of some kind of meter being operated, but no change came over him. His smile did not vanish.

>“The old age is long over. I don’t know who you are or what you’re after, but your fate is clear now that the age has left you behind. How sad. If you had tried this exact same thing just a few weeks ago, you might have gained everything you wished without issue. I really do feel sorry for you.”

>The sounds of narrow tubes breaking from the inside could be heard.

>The Dark Matter ate into the objects around him as if flowing back through the electrodes and cables meant to control the device known as Kakine Teitoku. All color turned to white and the electronic devices at the other end of the cables were swallowed up in an instant.

>“Ha ha ha!! Ogaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!”

>It seemed they had set up a parallel processor by constructing a giant system out of hundreds of computers, but it did not matter. It was too late. He spread out through each and every one of the cables set up like a spider web. He devoured all of the computers, all of the power sources allowing those computers to run, and everything else they were connected to. He bit into them, swallowed them, digested them, and turned them all into a part of him.

>“I don’t care who you are. It doesn’t matter what you’ve built up. I’m not interested in what you’ll give to the world. Good and evil? Kindness and malice? Gain and loss? Positive and negative? We can let historians decide that 100 years from now. All I know is what fate you deserve for trying to use me as a tool!!”

Shame that Railgun S removed the track "anger" and "time limit" in Touma's scenes, that's basically his theme.

>A horrible noise continued as if he were breaking every last bone in his body from within.

>Pure white wings extended from his back. They spread out like plants growing in fast forward. They were not merely a few dozen meters long or a few hundred meters long. In an instant, those wings enveloped that giant pile of ruined ships that could be mistaken for an island.

>They formed a dome around it.

>They formed a cage of slaughter.

>“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!”

>The situation was thrown off track.

>The situation tilted and then toppled over in a direction no one had imagined.

>During the Cold War in which both sides had thrust thousands of nuclear missiles before their enemy as a threat, the most feared thing had been an uncontrollable chaos. That nightmare was blooming here.

>And an instant before that chaos arrived…

>An eyepatch-wearing girl unhesitatingly grabbed Kakine Teitoku’s neck in one hand.

>Not even a subtle change could be seen on her face.

>Even with that horrifying result before her, her entire body appeared perfectly relaxed.


>For a while, he did not understand why there were groans coming from his mouth.

>The eyepatch-wearing girl had grabbed Kakine Teitoku’s neck with a single hand and lifted him up. No, she was not just grabbing his neck. Her fingers were digging into it. Those fingertips sank deeply into that body made of Dark Matter. She used pure strength. Her fingertips had dug in deep enough to reach his spine, but she increased that strength a bit further and those fingertips sank even deeper. The sensation of that hard bone being crushed was followed by indescribable pain filling his entire body.

>It only took a single attack.

>The dome-shaped cage of slaughter covering the entirety of Sargasso shattered and floated down like snow.

>“Gh…gbh!? Gagugh!!”

>“I see everything is on schedule.”

>“This is the scientific material needed to fill the gap magic left in the construction of the lance. Any pure specimen tough enough to withstand the development into a holistic esper can be used, so Fräulein Kreutune specifically is not needed. We do not need any combat ability from the device that produces the material.”

>The eyepatch-wearing girl and the gloomy man exchanged a few short words.

>All the while, a cracking sound could be heard as the girl poured tremendous strength into Kakine Teitoku’s neck.

>“Listen, you piece of scrap. I only expect one thing from you. Just one.” The eyepatch-wearing girl spoke slowly to him. “Be of use to me. …If you can’t, I’ll carefully remake everything about you until you can and do. It will be like holding a girl’s head down and beating her face into something completely unrecognizable with your fist.”

>“Ah… Uh…”

>The sounds of breath escaping had no connection to Kakine Teitoku’s will.

>The girl dug her fingertips inside his spine and disturbed what lay within. That stimulus caused his body to involuntarily convulse. He was like a ventriloquist doll made of living flesh.

>“Where’s you answer? Say ‘as you wish’.”


>“Good boy.”

>And with that, a dull sound exploded out.

>This was nothing as simple as breaking his neck.

>It was unclear what force was acting on him, but the object that made up Kakine Teitoku’s human form was compressed from all directions and transformed into a mass the size of a volley ball.

>A distorted pattern could be seen on the surface similar to when transparent glass was forced against someone’s face or someone wore a stocking over their head.

>The eyepatch-wearing girl grabbed the ball in one hand and tossed it to the gloomy man.

>“Do what needs to be done. You should be able to finish this before the same happens to you.”


>Suddenly, a deep noise similar to a dinosaur’s roar burst out overhead.

>The vibration of the air filled Sargasso and a few of the ruined boats rolled down the pile. The girl looked unconcernedly up into the white steam-filled sky.

>“Mökkurkalfe and Níðhöggr. So their turn has finally come. It took you a while to find this one little base,” spat out the girl.

>However, she showed no interest in the enemies surely making their way toward her.

>She was speaking only to what lay within herself.

>“The production of the spear is in its final stages. Bring in Marian Slingeneyer. Have her finish the work with the skills of a Dvergr.”

>that's basically his theme
That's Gensou Koroshi.



Not very creative. Though to be fair, before he fought Accel, he didn't really need to be creative. He could already stomp nearly everyone else in the Dark Side while being uncreative.

Didn't cut his losses and bail when he had the chance in OT15. Accel was distracted by Yomikawa, so he should have just bailed out at sanic speeds to live to fight another day, and come up with a new plan.

but Time Limit and Anger is used in almost all of his scenes where the villain backs Touma in a corner, before he wins.


>VO has 18 characters so far, including NPCs
>only 4 of them are guys
Next character to appear is guaranteed to be a dude. Hamazura, Stiyl, or maybe even Thor would be my guesses.

>yfw it's Kakine
>yfw he is the Dan Hibiki of the game

Shut it, Accelerator would have been a meatball should he have experienced the same situation

Christ it's even worse then what I read it to be. Should Kakine come back, he'll rage harder at the fairy then he would Accelerator. This is definitely setting up a Touma vs Kakine in the future, cause that level of humiliation is embarrassing

>somewhere in the middle of europe is a pissed off kakineball
Whelp he's gonna show up next volume I bet.

>Kakineball bounces up and down menacingly
Too easy #2.

Well shit, I actually agree with this.

Kuroko is so adorable.

Not really

Febri a shit! A SHIT!


>them hips
>It'll only get better from now on
>in a couple of years those hips and thighs are going to fill up with deliciousness
M U H !

What hips?

He might try to take revenge if he knows she's a fairy. However if he doesn't it probably be like accel with Aiwass, where he didn't even try because he couldn't even imagine a way to win.

Just over two hours to go Japanese time.

Timeskip when?

Man I love js06's prose. It's so retarded but sooooo goooooood. If he stopped translating I'd stop reading.

>giving birth
Her mojo back?

he did

>Aiwass did not even attempt to evade. It >stared at Accelerator with its arms still spread
>out. Accelerator charged in and stuck out a hand with its fingers spread out. He just had
>to alter the vectors to destroy Aiwass from the inside.
>But an unexplained shock struck Accelerator on his upper body in a diagonal line.
>It was a decisive strike with something like a heavy blade. Immediately after Accelerator
>was aware of that, he hit the floor and rolled a few times backwards. An unbelievable
>amount of blood gushed out. It wasn’t just coming from the wound on his upper body.
>Blood was flowing from his mouth and nose as well. It may sound like a joke, but it
>seriously seemed like a mystery that his organs didn’t come spilling out of that large
He didn’t know what had happened. People like Kihara Amata and Kakine Teitoku had
>pierced his wall of reflection in the past, but Aiwass was different. That strike had not
>been based on some theory that allowed it to slip past the reflection. Even after receiving
>that decisive blow, he was still unable to analyze what had happened to his own body.
>“Oh, whoops. That was my mistake,” said Aiwass sounding completely calm.

>Something grew from its back pushing its long blonde hair aside. They were wings. The
>wings were emitting a too brilliant brilliance that gave the feeling that it was worse for
>the human body than a nuclear explosion. That must have been what had sliced
>The wings were very odd.
>They were not simply gold colored. They were a palely glowing platinum that had a
>white core. …That wasn’t quite accurate, but it was how Accelerator expressed it in his
>brain. The wings gave him a very strong out-of-place feeling because he could not
>comprehend what he was seeing.

>“Dammit, Aleister. You added something into the snCONSTRUCTIONbozl virus. So you
>embedded an auto defense bseouABILITYgbu into my beuoAPPEARENCEdnm via Last
>Order. Sorry about that. It seems a suicide prevention device has been
>nbspgADDEDnpisr in. These nspidhWINGSgprws move on their own, so you’ll have to
>do something about them if you want to sbgpKILLnapedv me.”
>Aiwass’s words became more and more distorted.
>However, Accelerator was not really listening. His eyes changed to a red even more
>sinister than the blood spewing from his body. As he lay on the ground, his outstretched
hand shattered the floorboards.
>Accelerator’s back split open and jet black wings burst forth. Those wings of darkness
>stood in stark contrast to Aiwass’s pale platinum-like wings. That demon whose upper
>body was dyed red with blood and whose lips and teeth had even been turned crimson
>slowly rose up smoothly as if ignoring gravity altogether.
>“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law, hm?”
>However, Aiwass shook its head while looking at those black wings.
>Accelerator had no way of knowing, but what Aiwass had just said referred to the central
>pillar of a certain magician and had been recorded in the Book of the Law.
>“Unfortunately, that is from the wrong rggrAEONipiregj. Your rsgPOWERnophe is from
>Osiris’s time. With that, you cannot truly hosefOPPOSEqierd one from Horus such as
>A tremendous roar rang out.
>It was a shockwave created by the clash between black and pale platinum wings.

>The shockwave became a storm.
>An explosive wind was created with Accelerator and Aiwass at the center. However, the
>fight was not even. In the first strike, Accelerator’s black wings were torn off at the base
>and the second strike completely sliced them to pieces. A sound that was more of a roar
>than it was a yell reverberated throughout the area. Aiwass swung its pale platinum
>wings again. Red blood flew into the air and was blown away by the explosive wind.
>There was simply too great a gap between them.
>Accelerator’s black wings were quite destructive, but it was a bit like he was simply
>swinging around a heavy wooden club. On the other hand, Aiwass’s wings were more
>like a sharp and famous sword that was being wielded with incredible skill.
>The sound of something falling to the ground could be heard.
>No, it was the sound of someone collapsing.
>“So this is all?” Aiwass said looking down at Accelerator who was lying in the middle of a
>pool of blood.

Of course Accel won in the end


Stupid Junkoposter.

Mikoto a cuteeeee
Kakine a shiiiiiiit

Has been Kakikoto ever a thing?

Shhh, she's sleeping. Try to not wake her up.



They say KAkineMIKOTO everyday, I guess it's real

Why couldn't they have stuffed Mugino in the fridge next to him? They deserve one another.

Is the fridge based on Thermal Hand esper ability?


Kakine is the True Number One fan of Accelerator


Accel is the number one fan of Touma.

It is now pic related's birthday in Japan. Go greet her on Twitter or something.

Could Junko do the impossible, break the unbreakable, and throw reason to the curb?

She's just your average moeshit so no

Can you imagine what a footjob from Saiai must feel like?

Mikoto when?

Silver hair is absolutely fucking disgusting.

Why did Touma think of the Big Bang when Aleister was holding the "binoculars" ?
Wouldn't he normaly think of an missile airstrike or something like that?

Last thread was full of Shiagefucks. Even worse than Toumafags.


Aleister is just that good apparently.

Because they both think the same way.

I want to make Mugino into a mother for my children. I want to fuck her into the perfect submissive housewife.

She's just a normal (and cute) girl.

I assume that's what the magical floating numbers are for. Additional data that's nonsense on its own, but forces people to think of whatever bullshit the caster wants when used in the right context.

Lmao shut up virgin

Deep down she's a bad (or sick) girl. Sad!


t. Mugino

Who is the "Girls can't love other girls!" character in the series?


Vento is a brocon right?

No, she's a screeching turd

White Queen is Kamachi's worst character

Go away, Kyousuke.


I would say Index but she's more like the worst non character.

Improved your Mariydi.


Shut up, Redditor.

February 16 is only half of a day?

It must be Frenda's birthday.

True number 2?


It's right there. She has an hourglass figure

Hamazura ruined Takitsubo character.

What character?



Someone shop SpongeBob in there.

Should've chosen Saiai.

I don't know how.

I want to ruffle Rakko's hair.

I mean, there hardly was a character to ruin, to begin with.

It does seem quite fluffy. I wonder what it smells like.

Has anyone gotten the invoice for Virtual On from AmiAmi yet?

What does Kakine smell like?


The true number 2.