What do you like the most about Shimakaze?

What do you like the most about Shimakaze?

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Tight asspussy

The dick

He's a boy and I want to look just like him!

Female Shimakaze is pretty much dead.

She's hayai!

Her loli pussy.

Kancolle is pretty much dead

the abdominal area and chest

Now the question remains, glasses Shimatrap or tanned?

Need the full doujin to do some research and find the answer.

Most her fanart is still female tho.

The thong. Literally no one would care about her if she didn't have it sticking out.


Now, imagine how popular she would be if she didn't have it at all.

But I just started playing

>she was not the anime MC
>still after all these years no kai2 or seasonal potrait
wtf Tanaka

It's been dead since 2014 in the eyes of some people who never watch it yet are always on the lookout for the KanColle killer.

Feminine dick.


Why do you faggots hate Fubuki so much?

her being the main character
ignore and report all trap posters

This is your new wallpaper


I like her hair.

The dick.

Her gloves.

Thigh-high socks, ass, thighs, dfc, hair color, skin color, bunny ears, skimpy thongs, gloves, petite body size.

No, this is.

>ywn have your personal shimakaze keeping your bed warm

Speaking of using her gloves, her thighhighs have the color pattern of masturbation and should used too.

Why are you guys posting shitty fan edits of him without a cute bulge?



faggots pretty much ruined this character, as well as z1.

Shimakaze is a GIRL you fucking faglords.

It's not gay to love girls that have ochinchins

She was a shitty MC.


The butt

Her incredible speed. Her abundant torps.

When she's actually male.

Her butt and her bunny ears.

The tiny, phimotic peepee.

Shimakaze is a cute GIRL!
Guy who

That series of Tsunbeji animations.

chan.sankakucomplex.com/?tags=shimakaze_(kantai_collection) tsunbeji has_audio&commit=Search


Her incredible butt and legs. Also her bunny ears and long hair. But mainly her butt.



It's gayshit, don't bother.

I'm interested

Me too

>less than 10% of porn is trap crap
>LOL female Shimakaze is dead

Fuck off and die.

of course the retard tripfaggot is gay

Plus the girl Shimakaze doujins are infinitely better. I'm glad I stopped being a trapfag.

Her name. Its such a perfect name.

島風, Shimakaze, Island Breeze. The perfect name for a speed obsessed boat from an Island nation. I also live on a breezy island so she was destined to be my wife.

Lvl 145 in KanColle so far, 165 eventually

I really wonder how she's going to look in Azur Lane.

I prefer both versions but the last couple of translated doujins have been trap.

Shimakaze is my wife.

Also her outfit is so insanely sexy and ridiculous. The stockings, the gloves, that hair ribbon, oh god what an awesome design.

>I'm glad I stopped being a trapfag.
your loss then

Sexy loli body

Why wasn't Shimakaze in the movie?

Nah, I got more out of it than what I lost.

Now I need to fap to Shimakaze.


She's amazing.

The iwara videos.

Shucchou! Shimakaze-kun no Heya -Josou CabaClu Hen-

Easily top5 hottest girls in history. She's the main reason why Kancolle exploded.

i really really really like this image

>straightfags acting like they haven't had at least several "shameful" faps to shima-kun in his real form
o i am lafin

Whoa, there quite a lot of good doujins with Shimakaze-kuns. I need both hands.

I want to see them fucking

His soft feminine penis.

That's one of the most popular trap doujins on nhetnai newfag

fucking what?

Well, Sup Forums?

Shimakaze is cute

Please no, Hideri's giant cock would split her in half.

That's a boy and a girl!

I really don't mind all the Shimakaze (male) shit. I honestly just want to see Shimakaze-kun fuck Shimakaze-chan because that's my fetish.

All it takes is 2 tags, you lazy bum

No like what are they fucking tho?

I already fapped to all of that in the panda. I want more.

Anything besides futa is fine really.

Why though


Futa is an abomination and gross.

I like her outfit.

>using nhentai
>calling anyone else a newfag


Isn't that obvious?

I wish /r/thegoodcrack wasn't borderline dead.

The compiled edition has Shimakaze x Shimakaze.

The what?

literally nothing to get out of it
If you enjoy both female and male shimakaze, you are objectively better off as you have more content to enjoy

This is what butthurt looks like