Why is this so popular? It's terrible in almost every way possible

Why is this so popular? It's terrible in almost every way possible.

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Because many people like it

Artistic otaku pandering

Because you are wrong

The best fan service anime in the past decade. Nothing else even comes close.

So does pic related but it isn't shit.

Nadeko was the only good part.

>Nothing else even comes close

I thought the dialogue was really interesting

The dialogue was extremely pretentious

>some poorly drawn bazooka tits with puffy nipples
..yeah. nothing even comes close.

But pic related is mostly just lolis and it's not very subtle.

It's got fun writing

Great loli doujins, jerk off to the Tanabe Kyou ones on a regular basis.

Don't care much for it personally though, limited animation with 2deep4u visuals doesn't do anything for me.

you have the attention span of a donkey

>It's pretentious

The characters are interesting enough, it looks pretty good for 2009, the eccentric story means lots of unexpected content

But most of all it gave us some of the greatest lolis ever seen

It caters to the lowest common denominator. Evidently, if you point out its faults people will try to defend it and fail miserably.

I like everything about the visuals, and hate everything about the writing.

But it's not, Kyoukai no Kanata killed it 5 years ago

Truer words were never spoken

First season was interesting, it was a downward spiral from there.

All anime falls to ruin once they realize they can sell more if they pander to waifufags

>Nadeko was the only good part.
Allow me to correct you. Shinobu, Hachikuji and Nadeko are the only good part.

The books were well written/translated... The anime? 6 out of 10 at best


>muh pretentious
>lowest common blah blah
We get it you are normie. Back to MAL.

It went downhill after the first season.



neither is any of the *monogatari

it's a weird simulacrum of an indie romcom where arararagi dates these quirky girls and turns a fat eye to most of them being prepubescent.

it's like garden state for pedos suffering from heavy chuuni.

But user it's fansecvice with long and DEEP dialogue, so it's unique and thought-provoking!

A sage in Sup Forums once asked "why is the OP faggot?" The answer was obvious. Because he is.