Did Kohaku deserve her fate?

Did Kohaku deserve her fate?

Yep. The fact is, she did indirectly cause the deaths of dozens if not hundreds of innocents.

shes the one who decided to kill herself so, yes?

She certainly didn't deserve a happy ending.

Why not

Kohaku definitely deserve a happy ending more than wormslut

Yes, Tskeuchi was right classic maid > apron.

So Kohaku planning a revenge plan for years murdering innocents and guilty alike is fine.
Sakura getting involved against her will in war she wants no part in and being indirectly responsible is not.

What about Akiha?

I don't care about giraffes.

Kohaku used purposeful, directed violence to get revenge. Sakura was a doormat supreme until she snapped and started killing. The difference is taking some fucking agency in their life.

Who was best girl


Kohaku wasn't going to doom humanity as part of her revenge and realized she didn't want it without causing a bunch of beloved characters to die or the main character to destroy their body

Kohaku > Fujino > Sakura.

What do you want to see changed in the remake's Far Side of the Moon Arc?

Give Akiha a better ending.

Yes, being a joke character is the only way for her to make up for all the lives she ruined.

>make up for all the lives she ruined.

Whose lives?

Yes. She deserves happy ending

She got happy end as Shiki is confirmed to be alive in KT side story

Defiantely didn't deserve a smiling in a sunflower field ending. She should at least have gotten an ending akin to Akiha's.


She should've killed herself in the Near side routes to be honest, after her plan fails. I guess they thought that'd spoil too much?
At least in the Akiha route SHIKI dies and Akiha is a living corpse, so she basically wins there too.


>Akiha is a living corpse
> He didn't "kill" himself to save his waifu.
You should really kys now

You mean Kohaku did nothing but wait for Akiha to save her, then let somebody else rape her so he would kill her savior and someone she barely knew.

Meanwhile, Sakura is the one
to kill Shinji and Zouken, ensure Kotomine can’t protect the grail, and even plans to destroy the grail herself in a suicide attack.

still broken

Actually you're right, I got the endings mixed up and thought the other one was the "True" ending.


No I mean how she set her plan in motion and manipulate everyone as oppose to Sakura who didn't do anything aside letting Shinji fuck her until she got herself superpowers and let shadow do the killing.

I prefer the apron to the classic to be quite honest.

Why is she so perfect, bros?

I love Kohaku, but her plans were faulty from the beginning, as the Tohno were already going to fizzle out due to unstable blood. Kohaku just tipped an already falling, rotting tree, and betrayed two people who cared about her.

As opposed to Sakura, because her dad trusted a guy he knew to be a heretic, was chained by so many things that staging a rebellion was nigh on impossible. Kohaku didn't have Makihisa living inside her every second of every day, draining her power away.

Morever, Sakura accepted that she felt miserable and long since steered away from thinking herself as a doll to cope with the pain. Why did you think it hurt so much for her.

Hell, read why Medusa loved her in Hollow and you'll understand Sakura better. She wanted to live a normal life, and smile where she could.

While I like both characters, I like Sakura more because she acknowledges herself as a human and the frailties that come with it.

Making Akiha the antagonist in Kohaku's route made me hate Kohaku.

What happens to Akiha & maids in near side routes?

Kohaku had sister though who she protected by guilty triping Makihisa so he won't touch her. Sakura could at least tell Zouken that Shinji is raping her and she doesn't want that. She was more important to Zouken than Shinji so he would listen and tell Shinji to fuck off but I guess she enjoyed it.

More like because she's a pure angel who pities even Shinji. There's always RN where she kills Shinji the first time he tries to rape her for purityfags like you.

Anyone still play Melty Blood?

I'm not purityfag as I love Kohaku. Sakura is boring shit though

>I guess she enjoyed it.
Basically this.

Based Kohaku setting harem plan for Shiki

>let shadow do the killing
Dark Sakura is Sakura. Also, you're conveniently forgetting her saving Shirou from Zouken several times using Rider, and her going to confront Zouken all on her own.
>but her going to Zouken was stupid!
Congrats, now you know why it's stupid to complain that she didn't do anything before that.

>I was raped
>she enjoyed it, guys!

She's talking about penis worms. With Shinji it was consensual.

>Not only that, my body has been continuously violated by unknown things
That's where she talks about them. Note the "not only that".

I don't think her first time was with Shinji

You're right, it was with Shirou.

Just forget the part where she admits that wants semen more than nothing. Even when she kills Shinji, she's thirsty for sex. That's some cuck shit because Shinji said that Shirou can't satisfy her, wich is partially true.

And Saber is a slut for needing semen in Fate too, right? Shinji is the one getting cucked in HF, in case you didn't notice.

>And Saber is a slut for needing semen in Fate too, right?

well yeah


>And Saber is a slut
I couldn't agree more.

It blindingly obvious that because she was attached to AM, the regular drain was harder on her, and being attached to this being with insatiable hunger that wants to be born is another thing.

They make mother and child allegories throughout the route, and pregnancy involving cravings isn't exactly a new thing.

Further, as much as you try to make it seem like she is just wanting sex all the time, you forget two things, one, Shirou would have noticed and the symptoms would have shown themselves before this route, and Sakura would have ravished him long before then, because unlike with Shinji where she lies like a dead fish, she cums rainbows with Shirou. And two, post HF, she says that she can't keep up with Shirou, saying it's too much. If she was as you said, she wouldn't even state it as a problem. If anything, Shirou is the beast freed from his chains of the two. You ever count how many times he gazes at Saber's lips, Rin's thighs, and Sakura's entire package? Boy is true thirsty.

Is she a next level cuck, or was she trying to move on from Shiki in the roughest way possible after he forgot their promise?

She wants whole Tohno family to have a good time together.