Why does this show have so many symbols? Why is it so deep?

Why does this show have so many symbols? Why is it so deep?

Because NGE ripoff

I keep seeing people making this comparison but apart from the klaxx cores I don't see how it is identical to eva.

There's literally nothing similar to NGE in Franxx, if anything it makes fun of its cliches starting with MC who maniacally wants to pilot even if it will kill him.

Just because there are some clear inspirations and references doesn't make it a "ripoff".

>tfw no gf like 02

And NGE is a Ideon ripoff for bland otaku

There are far too many pilots in this show for it to be an Eva ripoff.
They should've just cut it down to 3 per gender, that would've been way better.

Because its Karling in the Frank

Because you are trying to bait.


>people keep sperging about the symbolism
>meanwhile, every thread is full with people who already didn't get the character motivations at all because they can only understand emotions and behavior if its explained via internal monologue

Sometimes deep just kinda sounds like a word stupid people use to describe anything with a meaning

You tell them bro. How can people not understand that the robot is named after a flower used to symbolize pure love meaning it's main pilot, 02, aka O-ni, aka "oni", aka deep character, is literally the most faithful lover ever and literally my pure wife that I'm sure as heck not thinking of while masturbating? And don't get me started on Hiro, aka "hero", aka I'm the hero because I dream of fucking "oni" which btw is the most faithful wife I could ever have, did I already mention that?


pick one

The only thing deep about this is Agent 002's cavernous, used-up mango.

Reminder that Hiro is Charlemagne

It's mecha, it's 2deep4u, deals with themes of adolescence, and has an evil red-haired succubus stealing away attention from best girl.

That would have been even more though.

This show is as deep and symbolic as a class slut desperately sending intense signals in vain to the nerd guy in class so he would come and fuck her, but him not noticing anything because he is virgin busy with Pokemon Go.

Deep symbolism indeed. Just look at MC symbolically fucking a whore who had 100 partners, and now dying from AIDS.

I mean the first few seconds into the first episode they throw a motif of a Chinese symbol at us representing a one winged bird who is incapable of flying unless it finds a partner.

Heck, in this recent episode they once again pick that up when 02 is looking at a glass with a single wing of a bird which has lost almost all its feathers.

Man, they really hammered in how toxic Hiro's relationship with 02 is...

Plus, we know now she doesn't really care about him at all.

Do you still like 02 Sup Forums?

>signed, a distraught strawberry

as long as we're making comparisons to bodies of water


Allright I'll bite. What symbols are you talking about? The line in ep 2 "it's feels like stirring up your inside"?

what happens if Hiro goes deeper?

how can 2 dimensions have depth?


What if hiro goes hero and ichigo is actually the real main character.

Thats why its called franXX because the ultimate pair is actually 2 women.

Or hiro is born with too many X chromosomes thats why he is so special and have a more personality other than the orphan kids.


Because symbolism is a nice way to compress narrative information.
>Why is it so deep?
It's not deep. It's pretty straightforward.

robots are females and they are called franxx


OP is a barinlet who can't tell the difference between a symbol, a metaphor, and an allusion/innuendo.

Watch more anime.

He'll never want to cum out

It's legimately kind of deep, and it pisses me off.

>3.99 MB

That's awesome.
I agree that it's indeed deeper than it deserves to be.
It distracts you with the more blatant stuff so it's hard to notice the other subtle details.

Can Hiro make 02's pussy rain again?

Jorōgumo (絡新婦 or じょろうぐも, Jorōgumo) is a yôkai with the form of a spider, that can change its appearance into that of a seductive woman when it wants to eat a human.

I didin't need that image in my life

Ichigo is the Jorougumo confirmed.

The Jorougumo is Ichigo dumbass, not 002.
002's and Hiro's symbol is the Jian bird.

>The Jorougumo is Ichigo
>Being this much of a braindead waifufag
It's 02, deal with it

Strelizia symbolises the freedom to travel, and 002 wants to help Hiro escape. The spider's web is the bird cage the children are living in, and the spider is Ichigo, who's constantly scheming, trying to get Hiro back into the cocoon.

>Strelizia symbolises the freedom to travel,

how and why?

Due to its resemblance to a bird in flight.

How new are you?

>A common name of the genus is bird of paradise flower / plant, because of a resemblance of its flowers to birds-of-paradise.
>The bird of paradise represents faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness
>The 9th wedding anniversary for a married couple
>Freedom and the ability to travel, due to the flower’s resemblance to birds in flight
>Magnificence, excellence and success
>Joy through challenges and successes alike
>Faithfulness in romantic relationships
>Optimism towards the future

And if that weren't enough, Ichigo's mecha is named after a poisonous plant:

>Delphinium is a genus of about 300 species of perennial flowering plants in the family Ranunculaceae. All members of theDelphiniumgenus are toxic to humans and livestock. The common name"larkspur"is shared between perennialDelphiniumspecies and annual species of the genusConsolida
>In general, larkspurs denote love, affection, and ardent attachment.
>While pink larkspurs represent fickleness, white ones denote happiness, and purple flowers mean first love.
>These flowers symbolize levity, lightness, pure heart, sweet disposition, desire for laughter, etc.
>According to some other versions, larkspur flowers may mean frivolity, haughtiness, and inconsistent loyalty.
>Almost all parts of the plant have poisonous alkaloids.

>frivolity, haughtiness, and inconsistent loyalty
>all parts of the plant have poisonous alkaloids

The flower language angle has been bang on so far.

Both Hiro and 002 talk about the Jiān (鶼) bird in episode 1. It only has one eye and one wing. A pair of such birds is dependent on each other and inseparable. It represents the relationship between husband and wife.

This is 002's and Hiro's symbol. Not the Jorougumo. It can't get any more blatant than this.


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Soo...Next episode is going to be a Zorome x Miku one. After they have received enough character development they'll die dramatically in episode 7.

>Next episode is going to be a Zorome x Miku one.
No, that's episode 7.
>they'll die dramatically in episode 7.
Episode 7 is a beach episode.

>he's still trying to push this dumb equivalence when Ichigo fits it so much better

>Ichigo's the one that's killing an Hiro


She kind of is. She's the one trying to keep him from truly being alive.

Hiro isn't dying. The blue tumour on his chest is benign. Not being able to fly is what death is for Hiro, and Ichigo is indeed the one who's trying to clip his wings.

>Truly alive
>Is getting more blueAIDS
>Until you die
Sure thing.

They introduced an entire team of redshirts to die in 7. We won't see any main cast deaths until at LEAST end of first cour, probably not until the last few episodes.

>Hiro isn't dying. The blue tumour on his chest is benign.

Nice try 02, you ain't fooling me.

She truly is a deceptive whore spider isn't she?

Reposting someone else's pasta:

*Hiro's platelet count is heavily elevated, which is a unique response, as most Stamens have a platelet crash that may cause hemophilia. This suggests that where other Stamen's healing breaks down, Hiro's is accelerated. This may indicate for the "aging" and deaths of 02's previous Stamens, as their system fails to keep up with basic maintenance and injury.

*It's very possible that Hiro is not trying to reassure Goro when he's talking about feeling good: Despite his fever and cancer, he seems to be coordinated and stable with episodes of cardiovascular stress.

*02 is cognizant of Hiro's condition, and may be helping him cope: Her doting at breakfast goes beyond typical, insisting on feeding Hiro her ration, which seems slightly out of character. If we operate under the assumption she's trying to keep his energy up during a dangerously greedy metabolic process, it makes more sense. This is further supported by Hiro's initial reluctance, but immediate acceptance of 02's incredible abuse of honey: He reasonably thinks it would be disgustingly sweet, but is immediately overridden by his body demanding simple carbohydrates to fuel his change.

*02 is a emotional wreck right now based on circumstances, which explains her mood swings: She's being clingy and sweet in an attempt to keep Hiro on her side despite the significant distress she's put him through, as well as maintaining his morale. She's cold and cruel when presented with the reality that Hiro could ever fail or leave her, but when she doesn't have an enemy to keep her guard up against, she's implied to break down, staying outside at the lake to hide her anxiety. When Hiro resolves to ride with her, despite his condition and her fear, she is utterly overwhelmed with cathartic joy; discarding all dread and caution in the simple moment where she can delude herself into thinking everything is going her way this time.

>sit around all day
>can't do the one thing you're supposed to
>former friends despise or pity you
yeah that sounds way better

*It's very possible that 02's reputation is ill deserved. I expect a scene with 02's first or early Stamens with a very emotional and upset 02 trying to revive her partner, ending with the roots of her legendary image: A wild killer Pistil covered in the blood of her partner.

*02's Darling tick is rooted in this trauma: She intentionally doesn't connect with her disposable Stamen partners, but has lost the ability to personally connect with Hiro as well in that coping strategy. By objectifying Hiro as "Her Darling", she doesn't have to accept any depth in Hiro. From her perspective, he can forever be her stoic white knight: Visor down, mouth shut. A turning point in the plot will be when she's forced out of that safety blanket, and it may be a callback later when she refers to him as darling again, or... "My Hiro" (ugh).

>When you don your white knight armor for a fictional character

Hiro is a special kid who was supposed to be one of the best pilots ever, He was born and raised with the sole purpose of getting into the fucking robot. If he can't pilot it he's basically dead anyway.

Is Trigger beating Kyoani at flower language?

She's just a sexual klaxosaurus at the end of the day.

>Spider tells moth that he can sit on his comfy web, but it will kill him
>moth sits down anyway
If you thought about it for a more than 2 seconds, you would realize that your analogy doesn't fucking work

It's not even a contest.

002 needs no white-knighting. I'm just explaining the story to you since, as straightforward as it is, it looks like it's somehow 2deep4u.


>Strelitzia is a genus of five species of perennial plants [...] The genus is named after the duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, birthplace of Queen Charlotte of the United Kingdom.
>Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
>The Ravensbrück concentration camp for women was constructed in the historical area of Mecklenburg-Strelitz by order of Adolf Hitler, Nazi Supreme

>literally Hitler

Coincidence? You decide.

Hitler did nothing wrong.

>spider gives moth multiple chances to back out
>moth sits on the web anyway
Can't really blame the spider when moth has a fucking deathwish.

>stealing away attention from best girl
More like best girls


I'm missing something, is Ichigo's symbol a spider?

>Episode 7 is a beach episode.
No beaches in this post-apocalyptic world. Maybe magma beaches.

This is a world in which Doc Franxx exists. He would probably whip some bullshit out just to see bunch of girl in swimsuits

Since this episode, yes.

Correct, 02 seems like she's bad for Hiro with her attitude and all, but the intro of ep 1 and the plant analogy proves she's a better person than she lets out to be

> 02 seems like she's bad for Hiro with her attitude and all,
Does't seem like that at all.

It looks that way from the outsiders perspective, like from Ichigo and Goro.

Sure, but we are privy to more info than the other characters.

Yeah why would enabling his death wish be bad for him?

am i the only one that likes streliza doggo design

>neurotic attachment to meaningless symbols
>the elevator scene
>the escalator scene
>mecha robots need people to synch, mechas are not purely mechanical
>the tech is based on the bad guys
>one of the central character conflicts deals with young men and women resolving their emotional and sexual disturbances towards each other
If you can't see that this show is purposefully attempting to invoke Eva, you've either never seen Eva, you're being disingenuous, or you're braindead.

Because doggy style anal ensures deep penetration

With the partner not with the mech.
>>the elevator scene
That's a common meme in anime
Eva didn't invent escalators in bases
>mecha robots need people to synch
No, the partners need to synchronize with each other, not with the mecha
>mechas are not purely mechanical
Nice headcanon
>the tech is based on the bad guys
Nice headcanon #2
>one of the central character conflicts deals with young men and women resolving their emotional and sexual disturbances towards each other
Eva didn't create that and it's a common theme in anime since forever

I see it as more of an inverse (dare I say, deconstructionist) of eva.
A lot of the characters are similar the those in eva, but their traits are flipped
Hiro wants to pilot, 02 is deredere etc

The only thing that's deep is the stamens' dick inside their pistils.

02 is basically gonna have Rei's character arc.
A non-human learns to care for humanity/somebody/herself because of the MC. 02 does not care at all for human life and will probably do so at the end of the story. Then again this is a Trigger anime so i'm left to wonder if they are gonna pull something.

It's less a ripoff more retooled story aspects.

>get in the robot Shinji
>don't get in the robot Hiro
02 is right you're all weak

she can't cus it's too smol

>NGE ripoff
Being inspired by or having a couple of homages here and there on a work THAT THEY WERE ORIGINALLY STAFF OF is not a rip off.