Ryuuou no Oshigoto

4 more hours until next episode! praise Queen Ginko!

Talk about Char and only Char.
Don't try to lewd her either you sick fucks.

Preparing my body for this arc.

Ginko's delicious chest!!!

Ginko is cute.
Char is too young.

Red Ai is best and Blue Ai is second best.

2hrs and 28 mins.

Great way to start the shitposting thread.


I wanna pickup ai!

Can we just get along?

Grade schoolers are really the best

>Ginko episode

Trash episode


>complain about opening topic
>then proceed to shitpost by being a falseflagger
Fuck off LRD.

>Queen Ginko's Worshipper
This thread certainly wasn't started by a false-flagger to shitpost, nope.

Triggering your autism isn't shitposting. Fuck off.

So far you're the only one who got triggered by an actual shitposter shitting on lolis. Great job keep it and make this thread a success.

Daily reminder that Ginko is canonically a JOBBER and will never win the dragonbowl.

Normal thread:

Why is Ginko so unpopular when she come from the long line of popular characters like origami, 2B, mashu, Rem, Hamakaze, Youmu and etc?

Because she is shit at shogi, shit at being a normal woman and shit being a partner to the dragon.
Even the cake is superior

She's the third most popular though from what I can tell though. The main audience of this series are JSfags, so it's a given Ai will be more popular.

>implying he wasn't triggered by OP who didn't shitpost
>admitted that he is a shitposter due to the fact he's the one doing the shitting to falseflag
Fuck off.

Ginko's actually pretty popular from what I see. She just attracts a lot of shitposting because she's an "hag" character in a seemingly lolicon show.

This is true. She is the only shogi that made it to the kono LN sugoi female poll.

If we consider only last year then yes.

Other than that, blue Ai was ranked above her in the 2016 rankings

Ah finally the trip works

Who's LRD?

Most of the shitpost come from LRD anyways.

I dunno, the two idiots Hirasaka Yomi and Sagara Sou named Ginko as their favorite.

This kills the LRD.


Because the most autistic person in Sup Forums's entire history hates her. Possibly because she's slightly older than the rest of the female cast, but it might also be for no reason.

fuck off. Ginko thread is superior than lolishit.

>because she's slightly older than the rest of the female cast
its because her actions on the ln

fuck off, you don't even read the LNs

nobody read LN, just shitty lolicon blindly hating best girl.

i agree with the other two guys

She could be a caring and loving but slightly tsundere onee-san and he'd shitpost entire threads all the same. I've seen it happen multiple times.

Just wondering, how many people actually read the LN beyond what was officially translated to actually form an opinion of the characters?

Char become the grand champion of Shogi.

Still waiting for someone to rip vol2

This. Don't know how long it took for the first volume to get ripped.

Do you mean LN raws? They're available at some places up to Vol 7.

I'm just here for Ginko.

Char you mean

>She just attracts a lot of shitposting because she's an "hag" character in a seemingly lolicon show.

A 14yr old getting this role will never cease to amuse me.

Fuck no.

Fuck yes

Ginko a shit

Ginko-sama please step on me!
She never fails to give me a boner