So when do you think we will get to see Naruto and Sasuke showcase their true power in Borutoverse? They can't use it recklessly because both of them can destroy mountains and create lakes. They didn't get to use all of their might against Momoshiki because of reasons.

who gives a shit?

The real question is why the fuck are you watching Boruto?

Who knows

>They didn't get to use all of their might against Momoshiki because of reasons.

Well have your forgot the mecha fight that they had?

Because i like it.

You think they will ever show their "full powa"?

They wont.

real question
if a narutard drops Boruto, what should he watch so it pleases his obsession?

Huh, the gaiden got animated. Noice.

They did though. They just retardedly stopped attacking in their megazord

Mitsuki Gaiden too.

Are these part of Boruto animu? Which episodes?

Kara and Kawaki won't be enough isn't it? At this point I think the only way to force the two gods to use their full power is to go against modern military with specific weaponries like chakra negation or something like that

Ep 39.


They'll use it against a big bad, lose because of Worf effect, but maybe weaken it enough for the kids to do something useful.

They can't use their true powers in places with many people or of importance. Those places will turn into flat land

It was always mentioned in Naruto that the newer generations will surpass the older ones. Like Naruto and Sasuke surpassed Hashirama and Madara.

I wouldn't be surprised if Boruto and Kawaki did the same.

A fusion between traditional ninjutsu and advanced technology could help them surpass Naruto and Sasuke. Just like how our own society works

Tech will take a huge part, i'm betting more to the Ootsutsuki giving them tatoo's than technology itself.

The tattoo reminds me a bit of Orochimaru's seal. Could be a more advance version of it or is actually a chakra sigil (equivalent to magical sigil)

>Plenty of adult fanart of nine tailed naruto
>None of final susanoo sasuke

The fuck is up with sasuke fans being underwhelming compared to narutos fans?

It can be, they can also throw Oro and Juugo on story because of these tatoos.

Hobo Sasuke is best Sasuke.