Is there anything to look forward to?

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>Is there anything to look forward to?
From Friday's episode we can surmise that an evil pink haired Hillary supporter is coming into town to break up the love between Mei & Yuzu. You are the resistance. Tune in next Friday for detailed instructions on saving the love.

Lesbian sex when?

well it's a show about the importance of family and friendship and accepting to change a bit for others' sake
so I girl we'll see cute girls kissing in the next episode

Personally, this. It's gonna be fun.

Say, anyone got a webm of the eps 6 2nd kiss scene?


>that twist with the dad

What the hell is Mei's problem if her dad decided to become a hippie?

Why would anyone want a dirty hippie as a father?

How is this compared to sakura trick?

The same but instead of just one girl being hot it's both of them

Comparing yuri series:

Strawberry Panic was passionate.
Valkyrie Drive was disgusting.
Sakura Trick was stupid.
Citrus is realistic.

Then there's Yuru Yuri, which was outright silly.

don't you mean realistically stupid?

Stupid is already used. Use a different adjective.

It's not like they want him to be like that, they're accepting it for the time being.

When did Mei have sex before?


Considering who her fiance was, it shouldn't come as a surprise

She hasn't. It would have been her first time as well. Regardless, she wanted to maintain an air of dominance and control over what was happening.

She's completely inexperienced but read Yuzu's yuri mango.

Those girls remind me of

So I watched until ep 4 yesterday, and I gotta ask
Why is Yuzu in love with Mei again?
All she did so far is constantly telling her to fuck off
Like, from how I see it Mei isn't even on the "well we live together so might as well get along" level

Or can I also just walk up to a random girl and make them fall in love with me with a forced kissu?

Crazy because she is a cry baby as well

>Citrus is realistic
Maybe you meant melodramatic?

Even Sakura Trick is more realistic than Citrus.

If you are a cute anime girl, yes.

>Why is Yuzu in love with Mei again?
Pussy game too strong.

Ah, perfect.

My dad is literally an old hippy. Yeah, it's not the best.

Why did Yuzu repair Mei's torn bear and name it?

Because she's a nice girl and wants to get into Mei's pants, but not before getting into her heart.

Not quite what I was going for, but yeah, that's also true.

>Mei about to get into Yuzu's pants
>Yuzu slaps her

Yuzu shoulda put out

They should have continued into the night

They were a bit shocked by it.

We know the artist of the anthology.
>Kodama Naoko
>Osawa Yayoi
>Kiriyama Haruka
>Hisakawa Haru
>Iwami Kiyoko
>Yuino Chiri
>Takeshima Eku
>Katakura Ako
>Gotou Yuuki
>Yukio Yuki
>Takahashi Mako
>Fujieda Miyabi
>Aoto Hibiki
>Oomiya Miyami

I dunno names very well for the most part. Anyone got a quick list of their most notable works?

Because she likes her? To get closer to her? Because she generally likes to help others? Was seeing the bear put openly on her bag instead of hidden inside indicative of Mei being tsundere, but still receptive and willing to open up?
That plus being a virgin whose faasuto kissu was stolen, and a teenager awakening to her sexuality, wanting to score some punani, coupled with the whole making sad faces + mysterious loner aura thing that I guess she finds alluring?

I guess I do kind of get it, it's just that after being btfo'd so much I'd think normally you'd just give up.

>Is there anything to look forward to?
Now the plot is going to get even dumber.

>Kodama Naoko
The infamous NTR.
>Osawa Yayoi
>Kiriyama Haruka
>Hisakawa Haru
>Iwami Kiyoko
>Yuino Chiri
>Takeshima Eku
>Katakura Ako
>Gotou Yuuki
>Yukio Yuki
>Takahashi Mako
>Fujieda Miyabi
>Aoto Hibiki
>Oomiya Minami

matsuri and harumin interactions. that's all citrus was ever good for. that and it does have some bomb art for a yuri manga

If there had been distance between them, I think Yuzu could have given up. But they live in the same house, sleep on the same bed. The proximity and lack of anything/anyone else for Yuzu to shift her attention to meant that it's just too hard for Yuzu to give up even if she wanted to.

nothing, because lesbian cant have sex in anime

This shit is hella gay yo

>Kodama Naoko
Oh boy, this is going to be great.

There's one straight woman though

Is the manga for Citrus any good?

Decide for yourself before someone replies with buzzwords.


im too afraid to watch/read citrus because NTR traumatises me

Good things there's no NTR then.

Personally, I'm gonna wait for the season to end before I hit the manga. Sometimes, reading the manga or book or whatever first makes the show feel like a book report.




There is though. Mei cheats on Sara while dating her.
>B-But it doesn't count because Mei always liked Yuzu

More like no one cares if it isn't NTR between the main couple.

What was the harm? No one likes Sara

It sounds like the anime won't end with Yuzu going off like a water fountain, so I doubt it.

I beg to disagree

At least now the manga is not bimonthly anymore.

Every day until you love it.


>>Yuino Chiri
Rapey yuri stuff?

Hope we get some best pair in the anthology this time.

>>>Yuino Chiri
>Rapey yuri stuff?

Looks violent

>>Yuino Chiri

Oh god, that manga-ka did that crazy violent yuri take of Little Red Riding Hood

Harumin is best. Yuzu is blind.

That artstyle is very nice t b h

I'm on the fence about starting to watch this show. Sell it to me.

You should read the manga on dynasty-scans. Other sites miss some of the bonus chapters and have worse translations of some chapters.

And the chapter 33 fixed version won't be up until sometime in March anyway, since that's when volume 9 comes out in Japan.

I also recommend finishing the anime, since the manga version of arc 4 feels like it was done just to drag out the uncertainty of Yuzu and Mei's relationship until just before the start of their new school year. Odds are the anime version will be better, since it can incorporate feedback.

Some of the original versions of RRH were dark as hell too.

What the artist usually draws won't necessarily reflect what they write for the anthology. For example NTR's author wrote a comedy story about Matsuri buying Yuzu an 18+ yuri doujin to reference in the previous anthology.

I know, I was asking about his/her own work.

There are 7 returning author's from the previous anthology of 11 stories.

Iwami Kiyoko -
Gotou Yuuki -
Yukio Yuki -
Kodama Naoko -
Osawa Yayoi -
Aoto Hibiki -
Katakura Ako -

Good news is that the authors who wrote just about all the Matsuri/Harumin content are returning.

I think they kept the best artists. Merryhachi will be missed though, since her story was probably the funniest.

>How do I lesbian
I find this most entertaining.

It's more that Harumin was curious if the human body could really bend into the positions she was looking at on the page.

Yuri not yuribait


>What was the harm?
It makes the leads seem like unlikable people. It's pretty much the Mako/Korra dynamic when they kissed behind Asami's back.

Of the newcomers, I'd say Fujieda Miyabi is definitely the highlight.

The creator of Chatting at the Amber Teahouse and the yuri classic, Iono the Fanatics.

I wonder if latinas will try this at home considering they love the show so much


Is this like Brazilians and Dragon ball, what am I reading here?

What day does the new chapter come out?

>Is there anything to look forward to?

Much like the Eastern European Wall of Citrus, yuri is also bizarrely and disproportionately popular among Latin America as a genre, as anybody that's spent a few minutes on /u/ and noticed all the ESL tourists can attest to.

Why is she there, just to suffer?

Can't have NTR without suffering.

That's what she gets for being in Darling in the Cliché.

>implying Cocona won't win

The raws should be out this Friday due to timezones.

HaruMatsu confirmed any moment now.

I love Mei!

Reminder that just because a character is on the cover of the anthology doesn't mean they'll even show up in it at all. Glasses, Nina, and Sara were also on the cover of the last anthology, but didn't appear in it at all, while Mitsuko only got a very small cameo in one of the stories.

Also means we may get no Harumi/Matsuri stuff. Thank goodness for that.

Very unlikely, since Harumin/Matsuri authors from last anthology are all coming back in this one.

You wish, Saburouta (and other mangaka) love it.

If Saburouta loved it she would've made it canon already. At this point she only panders to it because people want it not because she likes it.

If you like shitty soap opera, then yes/

Otherwise, even /u/ hate it;