Madchen Maerchen

Reminder that Hazuki's boobs triple in size by age 17 compared to where they are at 15, going by an illustration in the LN where she casts a spell that lets her see her future self. She grows up to have huge balloon tits that make all the other girls at the academy jealous.

Are you okay with this?


pics or it didn't happen

Why not, user?

The bigger the better, and the only way to improve a sexy dork is to turn up the sex.

Because huge balloon tits are unsexy, medium would be the best

She should become a loli.

>this is what hàzuki actually believes

As long as she gets bullied for it it's okay.

As long as she gets lesbian bullied for it it's ok

What LN?

That depends on how "balloon" we are talking about.


Why is she so flat? Why is the anime giving her huge tits?

3.11 Japan/America fanmeeting
It seems to hint the adaption pace?


Did they given up on preview and simply post the summary including spoiler onto the page?

WTF, just checked official page, seems like the anime will spoil the novel and ebd the series

I wanna fuck hazuki


Yes, I am in fact.

Is dying for people with social lives?


Death is for everyone, user. You too can have some.

What do you mean?

Hifumi size, basically.

That's still good then. I guess I'll try to find that illustration once I'm done with wagecucking