Reminder rolling girls was aoty

reminder rolling girls was aoty

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I don't remember a single thing about it.

Thanks for reminding them OP. People seem to forget this fact a bit too often.

Rolling Girls?
More like Boring Girls

>4 years ago

3 actually

Still have GIFs saved for it.

Reminder that Ma-chan and Shiggy-sama were the best Bests

Great animation but boring most of the time.

Pleb filter at work

I was thinking on rewatching it the other day but I don't really want to see it not being as great as it was on my mind when I watched it week by week.

So rewatch an episode every week on a day where your seasonal palette is thin.

Everyone else found it hot as fuck how her bra strap was visible from the damage, right? I'm not just alone in being some kind of huge pervert, I hope.

Covers rating

Tsuki no Bakugekiki > TRAIN TRAAAAIN > Hito ni Yasashiku > Eiyuu ni Akogare > Owarnai Uta > *

Am I an absolute pleb for liking the anime girl version?

You are an absolute pleb for not liking The Blue Hearts, yes

The first 2 episodes were AOTY.
the rest was average and watchable.

No, it's good and great as the OP. It might be questionable to call it the better version though.

I suspected as much.

>one episode of buildup
>one episode of SHAMISEN SOLO