Which anime series had the best ending?

Which anime series had the best ending?

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Why? Gunbuster sucked.

Well it didn’t really suck but the character design is outdated.

Just my personal preference I’d put Inuyashiki or Devilman up there before Gunbuster.

Code geass. It's the only reason it's still relevent today.
>Inb4 pizzass
She would have been forgotten with the anime as a passing fad.

I don’t know. Geass is more of an entertainment/action series rather than a psychological/deconstruction type of series. I’d compare that against shows like Bebop before these.

The ending to Geass was definitely superior to Bebop though with that being said. Bebop is the most overrated anime in the world in my opinion.

In a way you can say Bebop is the Eva of the action genre. All style and no go.

Paranoia Agent would have been a good 2deep4u if they didn’t spoon feed the audience every chance the series had time.

You asked about best ending though, not most 2deep4u.

I thought you’d know by the series posted I was only talking about those specific shows not to mention Geass doesn’t even fall into the same category.

If you can count episode 10 as part of the ending then I would say that ef: Memories had the most satisfying conclusion to a romantic anime that I've seen.

Inuyashiki's ending felt very rushed and the ending wouldn't have been very good even if it weren't.

What the hell is this? Nobody was even talking about ef memories and ep 10 of Madoka is better anyways. We’re not talking about certain episodes though but what ending you enjoyed the most out of the four anime posted and why?


That’s a romance anime first of all and while the show was good the ending completely sucked and was a total copout.

>daughteru lives
>ending sucked
you aren't living your life correctly

>everything is magically okay
That’s not a good ending. It completely took a shit on “that” speech Nagisa gave. You know which one,


Oh I see, maybe you should have precised "between these four" then because it seems like no one understood what you meant.

>blocks your path

I thought Code Geass was complete shit throughout but even I can't deny the ending is a masterpiece. Easily one of the best endings out there, in any form of medium.

On topic, Eva is hard to beat although Madoka, Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, and Steins Gate come close. If we consider the Disappearance of Haruhi as the animes ending then that one is also up there. So since nothing else comes to mind I'd say Eva.


It took an important life lesson told brilliantly and flushed it down the toilet.

Yeah Texhnolyze final act has never been topped for me

Why was the ending to Eva good again? That’s the one that confuses me.

I really loved the Penguindrum ending. And on that note, Ginga Tetsudo no Yoru had a great ending too.


>it would be better if they remained dead
tip harder, faggot

I’ve never even seen the names to those anime series typed out before. If they’re that good you’d think I’d have at least heard about them or something. Not that I’m calling you a liar but are you sure you’re not just trying to feel special by posting a series nobody else would think of?

Princess Tutu hands down.

Every character had their own arc satisfyingly concluded and moreover the series ended with a huge "Fuck you" to mental trip the viewers.

Other than that, Aria's finale always gets me, it's just all around perfect.

Yea, it actually would have. If he had to eventually move on with his life and find another girl possibly and make the best of a bad situation the ending would have been so much better. Even if he became a drunk and killed himself it still would have been better than that fan fiction tier ending.

>anime by Ikuhara
>nobody else would think of

Fuck off back to wherever you came from


You just be talking about one real hidden gem here that somehow only you know about because I don’t think I’ve ever seen an actual princess Tutu thread while browsing Sup Forums. Usually people will name obscure anime because they want to feel special but I have a good feeling about you user.

Holy shit, how can you be so entitled while being so new?
If you aren't new, then you have no excuse whatsoever and must be mentally impaired.

You’d think if the ending was that good you’d see threads posted more than once every couple of months. I know how it is though. Everybody else is crazy except you though right?

At least the Geass guy had a legit argument.

Regarding Penguindrum, not every show has frequent threads years after they air.
I'll assume you haven't been on Sup Forums very long and you're likely comparing it to how you may still see loads of CG or NGE threads.
Penguindrum is still quite well known.
As for Night on the Galactic Railroad I don't even know what to really say, it's fucking steeped in Japanese fiction.
If you don't know it, that's on you.

Are we going back to the "popular means good" argument?
There shouldn't even be the need to debunk it, it's tautologically wrong.

Fuck off, you cancerous, shitposting faggots. Code Geass is one of the best anime ever made, and that isn't up for debate. Yes, the ending is good. But so is the series itself.

As far as happy endings go, this one is up there.

I also wanted to mention Princess Tutu.
Everything builds up to a tragedy where the main character dies or something, but somehow, they manage to save the story in a way that felt perfect and not cheap at all, and it also follows the themes perfectly. One of the best endings I've seen.

Don't know what you mean by fuck you though. Most people who hate the ending of Princess Tutu are probably just angry shippers.

There was a thread posted about it a couple days ago and like three people showed up and most of them didn’t even know what it was. It’s shit.

Not any of the people you're talking to, but popularity is an INDICATION of quality. If you move to a new city and you see one restaurant that's always busy and one restaurant that's dead, the busy restaurant has a higher probability of being good.

Fuck off, shitposter.

>Don't know what you mean by fuck you though.
Drosselmeyer's final discourse about the nature of a story and where is the limit of reality, if anything that has happened it's real or not and wheter or not there has been something higher than him manipulating his plan to fail. Which is actually, as he was the author of Princess Tutu but he himself was created by those who made the anime.
I always loved this kind of metanarration, since Alice in Wonderland and Pale Fire up to SubaHibi. Princess Tutu is just another of my favorite examples.

>If you don't like what I like as much as me you're cancer, a shitposter AND a faggot
Wew lad.

The character design will slide your eyes open with all the edges.

Pretending good things are bad does make you a cancerous, shitposting faggot, yes.

Can we even take Geass seriously as an anime when there’s only like one cute girl in the entire show? I’m not even joking. Why is that a thing?

>If you move to a new city and you see one restaurant that's always busy and one restaurant that's dead, the busy restaurant has a higher probability of being good.
False, the busier restaurant might also be cheaper, serve a specific kind of popular food (take mcdonalds or amsterdam chips), being in a better position in the city so that more people find it.

The universal method to value something is directly trying it, not taking other words on your behalf. I do believe in objective criticism, but that's why you rather choose a restaurant reviewed by a food critic rather than what has more stars on trip advisor, most of the time people gives five or one stars out of spite or just because.

A thread for which one?
Not that it matters, because the number of unique posters in a fucking Sup Forums thread contains no reliable indication of how good a Japanese series/movie/piece of fiction is.
When you see threads of people discussing memorable anime of years in the past, 2011 generally comes up with PMMM and Penguindrum.
But yes Penguindrum was ~7 years ago and it has fallen more into obscurity.
I don't see people recommending Penguindrum to other people who are new to anime, for example. It's not really that kind of show.
If you're talking about Night on the Galactic Railroad, I just don't know what to tell you if you think you not having heard of it means it's bad.

You won't trick me with your lies, satan-sama.

Can we please not compare Penguindrum to PMMM? It’s kind of ridiculous to even pretend those two series are on a level playing field in terms of quality or story. It’s one thing if it’s just your opinion but if you got somebody to review both anime there’s no chance Penguindrum stacks up. Also I was talking about galactic railroad.

Incorrect. You're attempting to argue that, because popularity can indicate things other than quality, there is no correlation between popularity and quality. This is provably false. Imagine you're tracking a wounded animal, and you see the brush disturbed. Does this conclusively mean that the animal went through there? Of course not. The brush could be disturbed for any number of reasons. But it's a good indicator that the animal may have passed that way. Any good hunter would follow that path.

I didn't make any comparison between them, good to know you passed high school level English classes.
You're quite wrong anyway, go watch more anime before you have some fit trying to praise Madoka for being revolutionary.
>I was talking about galactic railroad.
You probably don't belong on this board.

All I said is Madoka is better than Penguindrum and most would agree. That really shouldn’t even bother you. All I’m doing is calling you out for claiming a series nobody cares about somehow has a ending better than some of the most iconic anime ever made like the four in the op and Geass.

What I am sure is that you are retarded. Go get Ginga Tetsudo no Yoru and watch it and see if that helps. (Not Penguindrum though; the letdown ending retroactively ruined my enjoyment of the whole show.)

But that isn't all you said, did you read your own post?
First you implied I was comparing the two, then claimed that the idea of comparing the two is ridiculous.
I wasn't even talking about whether it was good, let alone compared to Madoka.
I said it was memorable and often brought up alongside Madoka when people think back to anime that stood out in 2011, which is completely true.
>All I’m doing is calling you out for claiming a series nobody cares about somehow has a ending better than some of the most iconic anime ever made
Quote a post where I claimed this. I'll wait.
Seems like you read my post, made up some twisted version in your mind and replied to that instead.
And listing Madoka as one of the most iconic anime ever made is a fucking disgrace, but coming from someone who disregards Ginga Tetsudo no Yoru I don't know what I expected.

Five favorites off the top of my head:
Tatami Galaxy
Rakugo Shinju (the flash forward episode was kind of lame, but the second-to-last episode of Sukeroku Futatabi is so beautiful it doesn't matter)
Shinsekai Yori
Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd Complex

That one got me good. I started crying the moment he read her comment and with every shot in the ending the tears doubled in intensity.

Don’t call me retarded and then tell me to watch an outdated show. The people in that thread I was talking about where maybe six or seven people showed up all agreed it was slow and most of them praised it for having style more than being a decent story.

>Don’t call me retarded and then tell me to watch an outdated show
I'd bet you're either under the age of 20 or have seen less than 50 shows total, maybe worked 2 jobs in your life max as well.
The way you respond to posts is so telling.
Of course if none of the above is true, you clearly never matured beyond 17, pity.

You were comparing the two of them weren’t you though? You’re putting the two of them together for no reason other than to somehow subconsciously make me think one is as relevant or in some way comparable to the other. You really didn’t have to bring it up at all.

>outdated show

Stop backpedaling so hard, you underage no-taste faggot. Shut your mouth and at least fucking Google the thing you're attempting to argue about before you dig the hole you're in any deeper.

Just because I’m telling you your favorite series is not very well known or cared about by most people on Sup Forums doesn’t mean you can’t have an opinion. I’m just saying if the ending was as amazing as you make it out to be where it’s better than all the anime in the OP which is what we’re supposed to be discussing you’d think anime experts like you would want to maybe talk about it more than once every couple of months.

No? Do you even understand what making a comparison is?
Either yourself or someone else implied it was irrelevant because they'd never heard of it.
I started talking about it because it is factually a memorable anime series from 2011.
I've seen many threads since and almost always Madoka and Penguindrum are there.
>You really didn’t have to bring it up at all
Bring what up? Penguindrum?
I didn't bring it up you dolt, someone else did saying they enjoyed the ending.

You literally called it a show yourself but whatever makes you feel better big boy.

Fucking this.

None of you retards arguing have mentioned the true best anime of 2011, so all your arguments are invalid.

When you bring it up in a thread where we’re supposed to be discussing the four anime in the OP that’s asking for trouble. Nobody cares about Penguindrum and that’s why nobody ever makes threads. You should have know that when you posted an off topic reply in the first place. If you wanted to talk about why you liked the ending of Lain, FLCL, Madoka or Eva that would be a different story.

The intro was for sure the best.

Now it will be stuck in your head.

You forget that it was based off a VN. And in the VN, you had different routes. For every good end you reached with each route (making someone's wish come true), you got a tiny fraction of a super magic wish. You were only able to unlock after story when you completed all the routes in the game and at the end, your super wish that was combined from making everyone's wishes come true came to help you in the end. Weird VN.

As you can see here, I finished 6 routes so I made 6 peoples' wishes come true. So I got 6 magic wish balls at my tree. I still haven't finished this shitty VN because going through the same scenes is boring as fuck.

>As you can see here, I finished 6 routes so I made 6 peoples' wishes come true. So I got 6 magic wish balls at my tree. I still haven't finished this shitty VN because going through the same scenes is boring as fuck.
Woops, forgot to post pic.

>Your favorite series
It's far from my favourite series.
>if the ending was as amazing as you make it out to be
I haven't made Penguindrum's ending out to be anything.
>better than all the anime in the OP
I haven't said that.
>you’d think anime experts like you would want to maybe talk about it more than once every couple of months
It aired 7 years ago. I don't think it really needs constant discussion at all.
While OP had an image with four series, the question itself can be interpreted in an open manner.
Did you read the thread?
The first 5 replies contained 4 different shows not mentioned in the OP.
It invites discussion and people discuss the topic which is anime endings.
Did you seriously fail basic English in school or something? This is ridiculous.
>Nobody cares about Penguindrum
Wow! An opinion.
>You should have know that when you posted an off topic reply in the first place.
Someone else mentioned it because they said they enjoyed the ending.
Note that guy wasn't off-topic anyway, because the thread is about anime endings.
I responded to the post claiming that the show is irrelevant entirely based on the fact they hadn't heard of the show.
>If you wanted to talk about why you liked the ending of Lain, FLCL, Madoka or Eva that would be a different story.
Even if the OP specified to discuss those four, people would discuss other shows because they want to, and because not many people who aren't new don't give two fucks about only discussing babbys-first-anime tier shows that have been discussed to death.

Ohh, I’m sorry. I forgot the thread was asking what VN series had the best ending. I accidentally thought we were supposed to be talking about what ending we like from the four anime series in the OP.

I think it’s pretty clear if you have an iq above 100 we’re talking about the anime in the op. If you want to bring up an off topic anime that’s fine but don’t have a spaz attack when somebody disagrees with you.

Oh, really?
Why is everyone else talking about other anime endings then?
You're thick as bricks cunt. No two ways about it.
>don’t have a spaz attack when somebody disagrees with you
What are you honestly talking about?
Do you even know how to follow a Sup Forums reply chain?
You were claiming shows are irrelevant because you hadn't heard of them.
You hadn't heard of them because you haven't been watching anime for very long.
You started accusing me of claiming Penguindrum is the best shit ever and better than "some of the most iconic anime ever made" when I hadn't said anything of the sort.
In fact, nobody in this thread did.
You've quite literally made up an argument in your own head insisting that I'm the one on the other side.

>ctrl + f clannad
>it's another "After Story ending sucks because it's not edgy enough" discussion

I come back to this thread and it's some newfag arguing that nobodys talking about the anime in the OP he wants to talk about?
Good job faggots.

Honestly user, thanks, that song's great.

Penguindrum's ending left me cold, but I have to give it best of that year for both OP and ED.

Have you noticed the people who have brought up unrelated anime have all been criticized? You’re not special. Just accept that nobody cares about the off topic anime you brought up in an unrelated thread. At least the Clannad and Geass guy brought something relevant even though they’re not really related the the type of anime in the OP.

I’m arguing because it’s fun. I’m not mad. If we can’t argue why are we even here? That being said it is nice when people can actually say why they liked the ending to a series instead of just saying they like it.

The ending to clannad is pretty much the definition of a cop out.

no films: Madoka
including films: EoE

If an anime is popular is generally a safe watch despite what a lot of people will tell you.

Have you even read your own thread ? No one is talking about what you put in the OP because you were not able to properly express what you wanted. Don't go blaming everyone else for your fuckup and let the thread be about anything.

Just the entire series. EoE and Rebellion were great though so it doesn’t matter if it’s the series or the movie.

Definitely not Rebellion's shitty cliffhanger ending that will never ever get resolved.

Once agin sir you can post whatever you’d like but don’t get mad when people who understand common sese call you out for posting an unrelated series you think is special when it’s really not. If the anime series in the op being the topic of discussion was too complex for you I highly doubt you were able to fully enjoy any of the anime themselves because you probably couldn’t understand them so of course you wouldn’t agree.

That’s the thing about rebellion. You either love it or you hate. I can already tell from your post you pretty much hate Homura and don’t understand her heart.

You genuinely need to watch more than 20 anime, newfriend.
Fucking bandwaggoners like you have such a weak ability to discern quality without relying on a majority opinion.
So now you resort to lying huh. Show ONE(1) post that criticizes an user for bringing up an 'unrelated' anime. And no, you don't count.

Step aside, best ending in anime coming through

Just because your favorite anime gets no love from anybody on Sup Forums doesn’t mean I’m new. It means I pay attention.

Homura is the villain of the series

I knew it. You hate her don’t you?

If you paid attention you’d see Madoka is in the wrong.

I hate Urobuchi for greenlighting the idea of making her and Madoka enemies.

Utena by far.

Several of these might have already been said but
>Cowboy Bebop
>Ping Pong the Animation
>Princess Tutu
>Revolutionary Girl Utena
>Rose of Versailles
Fuck off.
Doesn't matter.

They have to be enemies though. Unless you want Homura or Madoka to completely give up their values they will never be able to be friends like before and neither of them will back down.

How? Madoka's sacrifice was pretty noble, it redeemed her being a dumbass and doing nothing but crying and looking scared during the rest of the series before.