So how many Heroic Spirits are from your country, Sup Forums? Happy with your representative(s)? If not, who do you think would make for a worthy Servant and what Class would they be?

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Needs more chinks

>Still no South American Servant

I have a feeling that typemoon purposely avoided creating too many Chinese heroic spirits. Considering how much of a hard on Japan has for three kingdoms era is would be too easy to fall into a pit-hole of just including everyone from era.

Anyway, I wish Australia had a heroic spirit.

There are 7 of them, included pic related.


I don't have any representation but I doubt people care about SEA in general.

Just because the Netherlands didn't exist back then doesn't mean he's not Dutch

>tfw 0
W-We'll get Sir Edmund Hillary or John Simpson Kirkpatrick or something right? I'd even settle for the boring and obvious Ned Kelly

Well Matahari is the closest SEA related servant since Matahari literally means Sun in bahasa and she lived in indonesia for a few years.

Germany's really lacking in Servants for some reason. We only really have Mephistopheles and Siegfried as >168397227 pointed out (Xanten is in Germany, not in the Netherlands). I could think of a lot of potential servants, but I doubt we'll see any of them.

Baron Münchhausen: Berserker or Rider. NP is about riding Canonballs or just screwing with gravity.
Klaus Störtebecker: Rider
Ötzi: Berserker. While theoretically from South Tyrol, I think a caveman would make for a cool Servant.
Loreley: Caster. A mermaid Servant would be really cool
Brothers Grimm: Caster. Actually suprised they don't exist yet but they'd probably overlap too much with Hans Christian Andersson.
Frau Holle/Holda: Caster
The Pied Piper of Hamelin: Caster
Rumpelstilzchen: Caster or Assassin
Arminius/Hermann der Cherusker: Saber
Der Freischütz: Archer

How can other country even compete with our Imperial Privilege?

>Anyway, I wish Australia had a heroic spirit.
Who do we have that could possibly become one?

Steve Irwin.

Either Ned Kelley Berserker, or some Aboriginal dreamtime god thing. Maybe Sir John Monash?

Still, wouldn't mind others like Hang Tuah as Rider.

>Hang Tuah
Pls no.

there's none from wales specifically, right?

Emu are real heroes

I just want a Saber or Rider El Cid.

> disproportionately large percentage of "Heroic Spirits" are from nipland.

2/10, see me after history class.

Will Type-Moon include heroic spirits from South America, Southern Africa, Southeast Asia and even Korea?

Why not? Too obvious?

Because Hang Tuah was an absolute tool, I'd rather have Hang Jebat Avenger

Fair enough, though they might as well do all 7 brothers.

Simo Häyhä when, Nasu?!

>game made mostly with a Japanese audience in mind focuses on characters that a Japanese audience will recognise.

I am shocked, SHOCKED I say.

You forgot Götz von Berlichingen

It’s a Japanese game, what do you expect? Also, since FSN, KnK, and Prisma all take place in Japan, the original characters from those appear there as well, padding out the list.

Pretty much just Scat. Which is a pity, because there's a few potentials that could make good servants.

About 5-6. So doing pretty good, all things considered. This might just be the most my country's been represented in any anime related franchise.

Potentially unpopular opinion but I think Israel needs more representation. At the very least have Samson as a Berserker wielding an ass's jaw.

Ned Kelly I guess. Something dreamtime would be a possibility, but I don't know much about it. Monash would be nice, but as what class?

Actually, Harry Morant as Rider would be a decent one.

Chopper Reid as Berserker.

>just Scat

Your forgetting Cu, Diamurd, and the rest of her gang. Also Medb.

Can somebody translate the OP pic in English?

They're from Ireland. Scat is the only Scottish Hero.

El Cid seems like such an obvious one. His story is rich with feats that would make great abilities. Every time he's mentioned I'm surprised he hasn't been adapted yet.

Who would there be besides Simon Bolivar?

They have yet to give a proper fucking Heracles. They don't care as much about the popular ones, unless they're from the England.

Davy Crockett would be THE Texas servant
Even though he's from Tenn

>tfw even the aussies didn't get anything this time

literally the only thing valid for my country is maui anyways

>Siegfried and Mata Hari
What even is this?

Germany also has Paracelsus
Also your list is shit
>no Barbarossa
>no Otto I
>no Grim Brothers

>>New Zealand
Looking at Japanese artist's ham-fisted attempt to ethnic diversity, I'm not holding my breath.

Won't be surprised if they mistake us for Australians. Or hobbits.

Hue here, I want a Antônio Conselheiro servant.

>Nasu is a slavphobe
>Sakurai (and Narita somewhat) is a slavaboo
>he won't let them endorse their fetishes
sad t b h
Peter the Great when

Which heroic spirit is F??

Bunyan is one of my favorites.

>yfw they add gandalf

The text says Anatolian Steppes region, so some Hittite or Assyrian hero I guess?


according to some sources Arthur was a Welsh or Cornish warlord

All Einzberns are from Germany so im content with this

Thank you

>have WWII era infantry as archer class
>japanese vs Anzac

would make for a great in series rivalry and Aussie or New Zealand hero entry.

Shame Japan probably wouldn't make a WWII era historically accurate character

But if it was going to be done, fate could make it work.

>Götz von Berlichingen
This would probably be a loli demanding you to eat her ass

Paracelsus is Swiss and my list did actually have the Grimm Brothers. I give you Barbarossa and Otto though, these'd be pretty cool

Breaker Morant

Executing order 303 on all his bloody enemies mate.

>australia has no heroic spirit
japs forgetting the greatest aussie hero

Honestly given the game is Japanese its not that many. Do you complain about BBC shows all focusing on British history?

>Paracelsus is Swiss
And next you'll try to distinguish between german and austrian pre 1870

What about Russians?

Rasputin soon.

Eh, Austria's are a completly different matter though. I'd be fine with calling Mozart a German Servant, but Paracelsus is really stretching it

Che Guevara.

Wait, what is this about Astolfo being a brit ?

Now that you mention it, neither Ilya nor Kuro are nips yet they are in the nip side.

Missing Moses.
They should split "Solomon" into Solomon and Goetia.

Ivan the Terrible.

>the greatest aussie hero
>Edward Kelly was an Australian bushranger, outlaw, gang leader and convicted police murderer.
Sounds about right.

>no heroic spirits born from emu war
come on now

>Missing Moses
It's not. Moses isn't in FGO yet, and this chart is only about FGO Servants. For what it is supposed to be, it is missing nothing.

The entire continent wins. How is that even a question? Emu's don't stand a chance.
The emu war was between 3 men and a whole species of birds. That, the men lost. But when they put a bounty on emus, when the entire continent went up against them, emus lost.

I know Nero, but who are the other italian servants?

Circe, Romulus, Caesar, Caligula, Da Vinci and Christopher Columbus

Thanks. I would marry the Leonardo

Muhammad when?

Da Vinci is (was) a man, just so you're aware. He just took the form of the Mona Lisa when he was summoned because he wanted to be the little girl. Or the big girl with big tits. At least until Kotomine killed him. Now he's truly the little girl.

Andate a la mierda, colorado!

Never because forbidden and will instantly piss off muslims, IIRC.

They are still alive and well though, Emus won at the end.

>All European countries have a Servant minus Spain and Portugal

Wait, wasn't Columbus from Spain?

Don't forget Finland, user!

>no Finnish servants
Come on Japan, you love Finland. Hell, Luvia is Finnish! Just add in Väinämöinen, or I don't know, Moomins.

To be fair, the police keep fucking with him and he finally was done taking shit from them.

Admiral Yi when?


Literally russian province with a population about average major cities, not even capitals.

Historically accurate

Nobody gives a shit about Sudacas

When it comes to Type-Moon, Finland is hell a lot more relevant than Russia is. We actually have character who has played frequent part in different series.
Only Russian character that has even been mentioned in Fate is a dog.

Kinda surprised there isn't a Spanish servant yet, since we have lots of both historical and fictional heroes.

Fate has many obscure heroes to be honest. But the coverage of the world is uneven. Needs american and australian natives and black africans and muslims too.

Personally, I would love too see Tamerlan, Maximilian Habsburg and John Sobjeski with winged hussars.

San Martin, crossed the Andes, BTFO spaniards, never lost, free 3 countries.

Crocodile Dundee

Guys, if you're going to suggest someone, suggest what class(es) they could be.

>no Scotland yet

Italians claim him. Borders were weird those times.
But really, sPain has so many heroes, El Cid, Don Quixote, even Cortez or Solis.

>American Native
Pic related

>Black African
Queen of Sheba.

If you want to be loose, there's a lot of Celtic servants.

Question, I know that Quetzalcoatl represents Mexico but who's the guy in the pic?